Sorkav, son of Goryq was a HemQuch Klingon and a member of the House of Kamarag.

By 2269, Sorkav was working as the security chief at his brother's, Kobyk, dilithium mine in Beta Thoridar's asteroid belt after being kicked out of the Klingon Imperial Guard in a scandal. While acting as security chief, Sorkav investigated the death of Krov and ruled it a suicide (while ruling the death of Gahlar as murder) and had Malvak, son of Jorq executed for the crime. This was despite the fact that Krov's death was highly suspicious and Gahlar's death was a result of Malvak's need for revenge against the suspected murderer.

The seeming injustice of the situation led to tensions from the QuchHa' workers, as both Krov and Malvak were QuchHa' and Gahlar was a HemQuch. These tensions led to a rebellion that Sorkav's security men were unable to control and resulted in the cracking of one of the mine's domes. This in turn led to the intervention of the Defense Force which was able to end the rioting after Captain Kor challenged Sorkav and killed him in combat. Kobyk cheered his brother's death, as they greatly disliked each other (Kobyk had only hired Sorkav in the first place due to family obligations). (ST - Seven Deadly Sins novella: The Unhappy Ones)

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