For the primary universe counterpart, see Sovak (Ferengi).

In the mirror universe, Sovak was a Ferengi archaeologist for hire and a rival of Jean-Luc Picard during the late 24th century.

On September 28, 2371, Sovak followed Picard to the ruins of a Vulcan monastery on New T'Karath so that he could procure the second fragment of the Stone of Gol for himself with a minimum of either effort or risk. However, when he attempted to remove the fragment from the sarcophagus, he inadvertently activated a trap left by the ancient Vulcans, namely a gravitron inverter which caused his body to liquefy. As the trap had been triggered, Picard was able to safely retrieve the fragment, which he presented to his patron Gul Madred, the governor of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance world Celtris III. (TNG - Mirror Universe novella: The Worst of Both Worlds)

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