Space Bug X-4 was a shuttlecrawler, a specialized type of space bug in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. The vehicle was assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the mid-2260s.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

Space Bug X-4 was specifically constructed for hazardous, all-terrain ground transport as well as spaceflight. It had four aft engines, two landing thrusters and a hatch on the starboard side. Tractor cylinders extended during landing and were capable of crawling over any terrain. The unarmed vessel was manned by a crew of five. Windows were cross-braced.

Early in 2266, Space Bug X-4 brought a landing party to a tropical rainforest on the planet Coltac. The team's mission was to locate herbs which were the main ingredient of an antidote to a plague occurring on neighboring world Zargot. As the space bug began traveling through the dense underground, it was discovered by a gigantic bipedal lizard which had to be repelled by hand-held type-2 phasers. After ten minutes of travel, the herbs were located. After collecting samples, Space Bug X-4 blasted off hurriedly to avoid an attacking pterodactyl, then returned to the Enterprise. (TOS comic: "Target: Zargot")

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