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Space Station Diamandis 1 was a Federation space station operated by Starfleet in the 24th century.

Service history[]

In the 2380s decade, the station's CO was Commander Travers and its crew of 35 also included Ensign Hava.

About 18 months after the station had become operational, it hosted a conference organized by Starfleet, attended by over 70 Starfleet doctors, including the EMH Mark I, simply called the Doctor, formerly of the starship USS Voyager. Radical elements within the Tholian Assembly attempted to sabotage the conference by way of releasing a contagion aboard the station by means of directing a low-warp escape pod full of infected personnel towards the station. However, their efforts were thwarted by the Doctor, as well as Doctors Julian Bashir of Deep Space 9, Beverly Crusher of the USS Enterprise-E and Katherine Pulaski of the USS Repulse.

The three humans had still been on approach to the station in a runabout by the time the contagion had infected and incapacitated the station's crew and the remaining conference attendees (with the exception of the EMH) and had therefor been able to enlist the aid of Doctor Leonard McCoy, formerly of the USS Enterprise to identify the contagion. The EMH was then able to begin treating the infected and also managed to incapacitate a human mercenary who had been planning to detonate the warp cores of four of the station's complement of Type-9 shuttlecraft, incase the contagion failed. (ST comic: "Flesh and Stone")

Crew manifest[]

Support vessels[]


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