The space pirate was a type of starship used in the 2250s[1] of the Kelvin timeline. Space pirates were wedge shaped ships, and armed with mutliple seeking missiles. In the 2250s, as the name suggested, space pirates were involved in piracy and attacks on Federation starships. (TOS video game: D-A-C)

Background[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 D-A-C gives no date, but as it features the USS Enterprise it is presumably set after the events of Star Trek, which featured the launch of the Enterprise in 2258.
  • The space pirate, along with the ramming drone and demolition drone, only appears in the "survival mode" of D-A-C and are not available as a playable ship. Destroying a space pirate creates a large number of pickups, permitting players to achieve a higher score and attain useful systems upgrades and enhancements.
  • Space pirates fight Federation ships alongside the Romulans, it is not clear if they are meant to be allied with the Romulans, or merely taking advantage of the situation.
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