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Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar Trade was an RPG reference book released by FASA in 1987. It was Included with the second edition release of the Trader Captains and Merchant Princes FASA RPG supplement.

In-universe, Spacelanes was a 23rd century trade magazine edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jackson McLain. It was published monthly by the UFP/ITA with regional editions, and this issue from 2289 featured several articles contributed by members of that trade association.


From Trading Tribbles to Outwitting Orions
Enter the world of high finance and low dealing in the STAR TREK universe, and enjoy the freewheeling life of the independent trader.
This supplement to FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game enables players to buy private ships, obtain cargoes, and turn profits no man has turned before. In addition, players and gamemasters will learn the ins and outs of the Federation economy — from pricing goods to trading on the UFP stock exchange, and more.
The players' book, a copy of the 23rd century trade magazine Spacelanes, gives an inside look at the ways and means of merchant life.
The gamemaster's book provides details on generating trader characters, and all the necessary information for running trader adventures.
Start plying the space lanes today.


  • Advertising
  • Departments
    • In This Issue, by Jackson McLain
    • Glossary of Terms, by Bernard Reynolds
    • UFP/ITA Guide to Equipment
  • Columns
    • Editorial: The Merchant in Space
    • The Law and the Profits
      • The Trader and the Law, by Leonard Lawrence Llewellyn
      • The Trader's Law, by Captain Rita Martinez
    • The Black Market
      • Shadow Alley, by Roger Blacke
      • What is the Black Market?, by Jessup van der Heeurn
    • Making Your First Million: Investments, by Roberta S. Kominsky
  • Feature Articles
    • A Capsule History of Interstellar Trade, by Paul Jesse
    • Becoming a Merchant Spaceman, by Kevin Devlin
    • The Corporate Merchant, by Jackson McLain
    • The Independent Merchant, by Paul Jesse
    • Making the Freeloader Run, by Captain Anson Robertson

In Our Next Issue

  • Feature Articles
    • Trade, Diplomacy, and the Klingon Empire, by Gallagher Hansen
      • The Imperial Way of Trade, by Kalvz tai-Hauvak
    • The Road Paved with Sharp Stones (Gorn/UFP trade conference preview), by Quentin Carlyle
    • The Riches of Romulan Trade, and Other Lies, by Colonel Janet Levine
    • The Maze (Complexities of trading in the Organian Treaty Zone), by Chris Faltini and T'pan
    • Changes in testing procedures for standard pay grades, by Bernard Reynolds
  • Columns
    • The Law and the Profits, by Leonard Lawrence Llewellyn and Captain Rita Martinez
    • Making Your First Million, by Roberta S. Kominsky



Roger BlackeKevin DevlinGarggash DlumpphegJym GgavittchhSarah HastingsHhervvJaan HolonaPaul JesseRoberta S. KaminskyKinndaLeonard Lawrence LlewellynLockridgeLovakJanet MacReedyRita MartinezJackson McLainBernard ReynoldsAnson RobertsonBob TaplinOlvar TarrelsenT'pavaJessup van der HeeurnLinn Yland
Referenced only
ArnokP.T. BarnumQuentin CarlyleJanet Chong-ArmstrongZephram CochraneIsadore CohenRachel CohenAbraham DannonHansel deVriesChris FaltiniFajBoris FalsworthGallagher HansenHanzKalvz tai-HauvakHak HhallapphisgJaarod HolonaJames William Hopper IVE.A. JacobyLisolette JessupCyrano JonesJames T. KirkKrauseOzcar KyngBeauregard LeeJasmine LeeJ.K. LelandJanet LevineJeffrey MacLeodHarry MuddStella MuddDiana O'DayJon O'DayOvrullChristopher PikeDal RigdrrE.M. RogersJames C. SaterluySehekSilakJ.W. SwiftLargi TavrinalJ'mm T'lasT'panHansel deVriesLeo WalshMadam Zali


Colonies and planetary locations

AlphaportBakersportBethlinsgateComstock CityCorbieDeepshaft SpaceportFounders' LodgeGalish Central StarfieldGgravvisht TavernGoldportJavlisigLakeland Tourist BureauLandokLanroche City Commerce CenterLeesburgLithanportLunavillePort SereneSan FranciscoShadow AlleySilverglow

Outposts and space stations

Deep Space Station K-7

Planets and planetoids

Alpha Centauri IIAndorArchibald IIBaker's WorldCaitCarwile's WorldComstockCoridan IIIDaran VDenevaDenro IVEdoEplieyFreeman's PortFreeloaderGalish IVHootJav VIIJemisonLakelandLanroche VIIILaxalaMantievMerimeeMorning GardenNew AberdeenNewlin IIIOpen DoorRashileRemfryRigel VIITellarTerraVulcanWallWrigley's Pleasure PlanetZannaduu IV

Stars and star systems

DenroGamma DemetriusOrganian Treaty ZoneRigelSchullSiriusThe TriangleUngethiem

States and organizations

Affiliation of Outer Free WorldsAndorian EmpireAndorian Imperial NavyAssociation of Star MerchantsFederation CouncilImperial Klingon StatesKlingon EmpireLakeland Tourist BureauLoyal States Industrial AllianceMantiev Colonial AssociationOrion ColoniesOrion Frontier Mercantile AssociationRomulan Star EmpireRoyal Newlin Atmospheric ProjectStarfleetStar Fleet MarinesTholian AssemblyT'las Memorial Academy for Interstellar MerchantsUnited Federation of PlanetsUFP/ITA


Al's Intergalactic Bar & Grill ShoppeAnthrax Minerals, Inc.Atlas CargoCohen, T'tavria and GlagFarley Horse FarmsFirst Vulcan Interplanetary Securities and LoansGeneral Entertainment ConceptsHighliner CruisesJav Freetrade CorporationJean Carislon BrokerageLost Secrets PublishingMarsfoods CorporationMerimee Mining CorporationNew Age DynamicsO'Day's Midnight RangersPaladin Flexible Spacefreight, Inc.Perculator FurriersPhasers Are Us!Rashile Gourmet FoodsRantura Shipping LinesRemfry Plaza Hotel/CasinoSaterluy Trading CompanyTavrinal Trade BrokerageTriangle ShippingUsar Mining and IndustryWaggajj Brothers

Races and cultures


Science and technology

aqualanternbiocomputerdisruptorenvironmental suitgillpakgreen plagueID forgery unitlaserlaser scalpellife support maskmedical tricorderphaserpolice stunnerprotoplaserstun clubtricorder


Four Years WarRomulan War

Materials and substances

amino acidaphrodisiaccarrotinecoradrenalinedextrosedilithiumdylaveneglucosehemlockhyronalinMasiform Dplasteelsilicasterilitetri-ox compoundvanillawaterzathium


Andorian chowantelopeanything-on-a-shinglebeefbossy-on-a-boardCaitian chowchewable tabletcubesfrench dressinggoo-goo ga joobhelium-a-roniinstant waterkhol-rabiKlingon-ayselizard bitsLuna piemangomangonaissenoodles-vinopeanutquadrotriticale thinsRigellian winerocky roadsavoy trufflesheep dipspiffsplunge-on-a-stickspudstyro chipsyntho-nummiesTerran chowTerran chow with cheeseturkeyVulcan chowwalruszot tamale

Starships and vehicles

Referenced only
AlisaUSS AtlasUSS BohrUSS DefiantIKV DevisorEndless PrairieUSS EnterpriseFflaadFinagle's LawUSS Flying FortressJohn Paul JonesUNSS Marco PoloMillie SueOregon TrailUSS PekingUSS PhantomUSS SentryArgon-classLaweya-classLiberty-classLotus Flower-classMission-classMonarch-classNilron-classSS SheowulfStarroamerSunshine-classZeus-class

Other references

Andorian chittermousecreditdatanetFederation Medal of ValorGalaxy WeekglommerherbholozineInterstellar MerchantmagazineOrganian Peace TreatyQuadrilateral Trade PactRigellian fevertribbleTriventure Trade PactThe UFP/ITA Guide to Goods and Services, Edition XXXVIIYouth Life





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