Spacing to Byzantium: Travels in the Orion Colonies was a book that told of E. D. Fitzgerald's travels through the Orion Colonies, particularly at one unnamed Colony (excerpts neglect to say which). He wrote of scenes of Orion life and expressed his surprise at Orion culture and its hidden depths.

Fitzgerald saw an Orion city; rather than slave hovels around grand mansions, there were tidy, modest communities with plenty of parks and gardens, with no sign of poverty. He met contented Orion slaves who were proud of the families that owned them, such as the Glachies and the Yungots.

He was given lunch and a grav-car tour of the estate of an important family by his host, Tahedri Unlot, who said to call him "Hugh". Unlot represented a company that made (possibly defective) nose-filters. Unlot's villa was 200 years old, replacing the 300-year-old structure that been destroyed by fire; the later villa was considered 'modern' and Unlot missed the old one.

Later he was mugged outside a bistro, and charged a 25 credit fee for the return of his transactor and passport from the guardsman who apprehended the thief. Expecting to have to haggle, he was informed that this would result in a 100 credit fine from the District Commissioner. He was also charged 5 credits for a complementary wine he didn't ask for from a waiter who helped him.

He also witnessed an attempted theft by a Human disguised as a Rigellian, of a cargo ship unloading neoheroin, which was legal by local law but still a matter of secrecy. The thief was disabled when his nose-filters became clogged, and customs officers arrested him. They expected to interrogate him for his associates, if he survived.

One evening Fitzgerald attended a grand Orion banquet with Unlot, lasting over four hours and presenting thirty Orion dancing girls. In these conditions, he risked neuro-intoxication if it weren't for his nose-filters. He also observed a subtle competition of banquet etiquette between the Gamashes and the Flugol Corporation.

Spacing to Byzantium: Travels in the Orion Colonies was written by E. D. Fitzgerald, and published in Cleante, New Paris, by Imprimerie de Sorbonne Neue, on reference stardate 1/8201 (c. 2241) (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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