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!!iikb& a'na 21 to 1:1:1
1:1:2 to 2273
2274 to 8 Canum Venaticorum
8 January to Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise
Adam and Eve on a raft to Al Rijil (star)
Al Rijil IV to Alonis
Alonis (planet) to Amorphous
Amos to Antares B III
Antares B IV to Argelian tree snake
Argelius to Astrophysicist
Astrophysics to B'huto
B'kaazi to Barolia
Barolia system to Benchmarking
Bendalion Iamor to Beyond Antares
Beyond Horizons to Bolarus III
Bolarus IV to Breakaway
Breakdowns to Byzantine
Byzantine Empire to CDS Imgard
CDS Imgarthand to Cadillac
Cadillac Eldorado to Cardassia (planet)
Cardassia (star) to Cenotaph
Cenotaph (disambiguation) to ChR Narrocian (Skyhawk class)
ChR Narrocian (Swarm class) to Chantal Zaheva
Chao-Anh Aleakala to Chris Renaud
Chris Richards to Cliffs of Bole
Clifton Detzel to Conqueror
Conqueror (Mezartine warship) to Crew, Issue 3
Crew, Issue 4 to D10 class light cruiser
D12 class to Darrow (disambiguation)
Darryl Adin to Deepspace Research Facility 39
Deeth mok to Der Karminrote Schatten
Der Letzte Schachzug to Disruptor nacelle
Disruptor pistol to Dratrak
Draxis II to East Berlin
East Germany to Elkins Judy
Ella to Enwlar
Enwright (disambiguation) to Ex astris, scientia
Exalted Ones to Fassig Drift
Fast Friends to Ferenginar Credit Exchange
Ferenginar Liquidators vanity shield to Folded space transporter
Foley (disambiguation) to Full Circle (novel)
Full Circle (short story) to Gamma Amar
Gamma Amar IV to Gentariat
Gentarist system to Go'en C'ullho to Gravity's End
Gravity-coaster to H'Ta, son of Kahmar
H'a'e'd't'd'o'i'r to Harrapa
Harrapa IV to Hesh-Sosoral
Hesperan thumping cough to Hormoos
Horn and Ivory to I472-48541
I472-48746 to IKS Daw'meh DuhlvDi
IKS De'Garaz to IKS NaS'puchpa' (D3 class)
IKS NaS'puchpa' (D7 class) to IKS Wov'etlh
IKS WuQ to IRW Pacestius
IRW Paeso to Iliad (mirror)
Iliana Ghemor to Io Facility
Iodine to Jade Dixon
Jadzia to Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 4
Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 5 to John Muir
John Nee to K'enn Thalman
K'hanakh class to Kappa Delphini
Kappa Fornacis to Kelad
Kelak to Khulli
Khulr to Klingonese glossary
Klingonese glossary (') to Kowalski (24th century Admiral)
Kowalski (Admiral) to L'Nar
L'Nel to Lauren
Lauren (24th century) to Liberty
Liberty (disambiguation) to Lone Pine, California
Loneel Mountains to M'Kec
M'N'Alli to Malhotra (mirror)
Mali to Markus Rohde
Markus Seidel to McKay University
McKee to Messier 80
Messier 87 galaxy to Miranuri asteroid belt
Mirarg to More Tribbles, More Troubles
More of the Serpent Than the Dove to N-Vector, Chapter 3
N-Vector, Chapter 4 to NCC-39272
NCC-400 to Narik
Narisia to New France
New France colony to Noraikghe (animal)
Noran Tuk to Oida age
Oikeniwa to Organized crime
Orgi to Pai (planet)
Paibok to Pel-tar'uk
Pel-tar'uk berry to Pholiotina cyanopus
Phongsit to Pompeii
Pompeii (disambiguation) to Prometheus (myth)
Prometheus Science Center to Queen
Queen's Borg Cube to RIS Fortiter
RIS Fralellia to RIS Squalus (Snipe class)
RIS Squalus (disambiguation) to Rajat
Rajatha to Reference stardate 1995
Reference stardate 1996 to Requiem
Requiem (NF novel) to Right of Statement
Right of Vengeance to Rolor nebula
Rolt to Ruzhe
Ruzhe Avell to Sailing
Sailing Down That Golden River to Saweoure
Sawmill to Sedín
See No Evil to Shadows in the Garden (poem)
Shadows of P'Jem to Shubbite
Shul Aba to Skirmish near Threllvia IV
Skitterer to Soske Busk
Sossamirak to Star Fleet Command
Star Fleet Intelligence Manual to Starbase 19
Starbase 193 to Starfleet ship losses
Starfleet tanker to Stronger Bird class
Stronghold Ortikant to Synthetic-fiber
Synthetic Revolt to TV (disambiguation)
TV Guide to Targeting array
Targeting sensor to Temporal Integrity Commission
Temporal Intervention Agency to The Apple
The Arduous Journey of T'lana on the Road to Enlightenment, or Vulc... to The Impossible Box
The Impostor to The Spectrum War, Issue 5
The Spectrum War, Issue 6 to Thomas Jackson McCoy
Thomas Jefferson to ToDSah
ToQDuj to Trading Tongue
Trading vessel to Truntis
Truntis (disambiguation) to UK comic strips, 1st story arc
UK comic strips, 25th story arc to USS Arimathea
USS Aristarchus to USS Callisto (NCC-4474)
USS Callisto (NCC-80109) to USS D. Robinson
USS Da-Teplan to USS Essex (NCC-1727)
USS Essex (NCC-173) to USS Hann
USS Hannibal to USS K'ushui
USS Ka'thela to USS Majestic (Ouroboros class)
USS Majestic (Sovereign class) to USS Nobel (Nebula class)
USS Nobel (disambiguation) to USS Rajendra
USS Raleigh to USS Serpentine
USS Sevastopol to USS Titian Plain
USS Titov to USS Wyoming (NCC-43730)
USS Wyoming (Steamrunner class) to Unnamed Draylaxians
Unnamed E class space stations to Valhalla V
Valhalla system to Verapnerharmon
Verathan to Volker
Volna Vrinia to Wanderers
Wanderlust to Whorfin class
Wic Adler to Xarantine system
Xaraxian to Yridian yak
Yrigar to Zimmer
Zimmerman to 狂気の世界への旅
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