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07:16, December 8, 2012Trill Internal Anatomy.jpg (file)413 KBLieutenant Ayala 
21:16, August 6, 2010Ghee PTrell - STO.jpg (file)18 KBLieutenant Ayala (Ghee P'Trell of Andoria, a Federation doctor serving in the Korvat system. ({{g|STO|Star Trek Online}}))
20:23, July 2, 2008Rach.jpg (file)23 KBLieutenant Ayala (clearer picture)
19:59, July 2, 2008Iaron on Damiano.jpg (file)71 KBLieutenant Ayala (Iaron, the capital city of Damiano. (''TNG'' comic: ''Perchance to Dream'': "To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles") {{imageparamount}})
14:43, June 18, 2008Ready room.jpg (file)25 KBLieutenant Ayala (The Ready room aboard the {{USS|Voyager}}. (''VOY'' video game: ''Elite Force'') {{imageparamount}})
14:39, June 18, 2008Briefing room.jpg (file)28 KBLieutenant Ayala (The Briefing room aboard the {{USS|Voyager}}. (''VOY'' video game: ''Elite Force'') {{imageparamount}})
03:16, June 10, 2008T'Uerell works with Romulans.jpg (file)58 KBLieutenant Ayala (T'Uerell forms an unholy alliance with the Romulans. ({{g|ST|{{nd1|Legacy|game}}}}) {{imageparamount}} )
03:15, June 10, 2008Tiburon Legacy.jpg (file)6 KBLieutenant Ayala (The planet Tiburon, home of the Tiburon people, in the late 24th century. ({{g|ST|{{nd1|Legacy|game}}}}) {{imageparamount}})
03:07, June 10, 2008T'Uerell head on.jpg (file)56 KBLieutenant Ayala (T'Uerell, a Vulcan scientist. ({{g|ST|{{nd1|Legacy|game}}}}) {{imageparamount}})
05:13, June 9, 2008Jenkth SFA 1.jpg (file)79 KBLieutenant Ayala (Sssthss, a Jenkth threatens a cadet. (''SA'' comic: ''Prime Directives'') {{imageparamount}})
15:03, April 6, 2008Omicron Ceti III Spore Plant.jpg (file)40 KBLieutenant Ayala (Diagram of the internal components of a spore plant from Omicron Ceti III. (''Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual'') {{imageparamount}})
15:01, April 6, 2008Terrestrius Manus.JPG (file)49 KBLieutenant Ayala (Diagram of the internal components of a Terrestrius manus plant. (''Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual'') {{imageparamount}} )
15:53, March 11, 2007Capella - Alpha Aurigae IV.jpg (file)50 KBLieutenant Ayala (Capella IV from orbit. ''(Star Trek: Star Charts)'' {{imageparamount}})
15:24, March 11, 2007Deneb V - orbit.jpg (file)46 KBLieutenant Ayala (Deneb V, fifth planet in the Deneb Kaitos system from orbit, homeworld of the Denebians. ''(Star Trek: Star Charts)'' {{imageparamount}})
19:15, March 3, 2007Boslic trader - Borderland.jpg (file)23 KBLieutenant Ayala (A Boslic slave trader, in 2154. ''(ENT episode: Borderland, background material)'' {{imageparamount}})
16:32, February 18, 2007Varchuk.jpg (file)12 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''varchuk'' bladed-chain. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
16:31, February 18, 2007Tishrul.jpg (file)9 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''tishrul'' bow set. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
16:30, February 18, 2007Kal hris.jpg (file)11 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''kal'hris'' battle-axe. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
16:30, February 18, 2007Hrisal.jpg (file)5 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''hrisal'' sword. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
16:29, February 18, 2007Dosalnar blade.jpg (file)10 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''dosalnar'' blade. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
16:25, February 18, 2007Andorian Chaka.jpg (file)9 KBLieutenant Ayala (replace uncited image)
16:12, February 18, 2007Andor Sector.jpg (file)60 KBLieutenant Ayala (The Andor Sector, showing such locations as Andoria, Trilith, Ejul Thelni and the Ushilev Nebula. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}} )
05:25, February 17, 2007Canya bird and engoru.jpg (file)101 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''canya'' captures an ''engoru''. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
05:22, February 17, 2007Tishratin class fighter.jpg (file)37 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''Tishratin''-class fighter. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
05:19, February 17, 2007Krotus the conqueror.jpg (file)71 KBLieutenant Ayala (Krotus, "the conqueror of Andoria," considered the greatest leader in galactic history. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
04:46, February 17, 2007Mitchell.jpg (file)27 KBLieutenant Ayala (larger image so it doesn't have to stretch to fit into standard box)
04:33, February 17, 2007Captain Tucker.jpg (file)12 KBLieutenant Ayala (Captain Charles Tucker III, in an alternate timeline. (ENT: "Twilight") {{imageparamount}})
04:31, February 17, 2007Lorian.jpg (file)14 KBLieutenant Ayala (Lorian, half-Vulcan Captain of ''Enterprise'' in an alternate timeline. (ENT: "") {{imageparamount}})
04:12, February 17, 2007Kirk2293.jpg (file)19 KBLieutenant Ayala 
04:00, February 17, 2007Kirk David and Carol Marcus.jpg (file)63 KBLieutenant Ayala (James T. Kirk, Carol Marcus, and their son David. (''Star Trek: The Manga: "Orphans"'') {{imageparamount}})
17:27, February 14, 2007Kaferian apple - cover.jpg (file)9 KBLieutenant Ayala (A Kaferian apple diagram, part open to show inside. (''Background material, taken from cover of Elizabeth Cutler's guide book in "Strange New World") {{imageparamount}})
23:02, February 13, 2007Andoria surface - Among the Clans.jpg (file)85 KBLieutenant Ayala (The surface of Andoria. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
03:51, February 13, 2007Umarev class survey vessel.jpg (file)39 KBLieutenant Ayala (A ''Umarev''-class Andorian surveyor of the early 23rd century. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
03:49, February 13, 2007Omtil class Andorian starship.jpg (file)24 KBLieutenant Ayala (A ''Omtil''-class Andorian starship of the mid-23rd century. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
01:43, February 13, 2007Shras Endilev.jpg (file)74 KBLieutenant Ayala (Andorian Ambassador to the Federation, Shras Endilev. (''TOS episode: "Journey to Babel"'') {{imageparamount}})
01:06, February 13, 2007Sector 004.jpg (file)56 KBLieutenant Ayala (A chart of Sector 004, with 22nd century Federation boundary. (''ST'' reference book: ''Star Trek: Star Charts'') {{imageparamount}})
19:40, February 11, 2007Atlira class escort vessel.jpg (file)55 KBLieutenant Ayala (A ''Atlira''-class Andorian escort vessel of the late 24th century. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
10:37, February 11, 2007Lelva Athrun.jpg (file)12 KBLieutenant Ayala (Lelva Athrun, Andorian renegade. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
10:35, February 11, 2007Meveleth GPhov.jpg (file)13 KBLieutenant Ayala (Meveleth G'Phov, an Andorian astronomy professor. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
10:32, February 11, 2007Thris class science vessel.jpg (file)43 KBLieutenant Ayala (A ''Thris''-class Andorian science vessel. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
10:30, February 11, 2007Phellnun Endilev.jpg (file)13 KBLieutenant Ayala (Phellnun Endilev, an Andorian clan-scholar. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
10:26, February 11, 2007Gaalen Polt.jpg (file)15 KBLieutenant Ayala (Gaalen Polt an Andorian smuggler. (''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
08:24, February 11, 2007Data internal components.jpg (file)104 KBLieutenant Ayala (A diagram of Lieutenant Commander Datas internal components. (FASA RPG: ''Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual'') {{imageparamount}})
20:42, February 10, 2007USS Leonov - burning.jpg (file)58 KBLieutenant Ayala (The USS ''Leonov'' narrowly avoids a warp core breach, as it's crew evacuates to a Class L planet in the escape pods. (''Ships of the Line Calander, 2003'') {{imageparamount}})
19:59, February 10, 2007Science tricorder.jpg (file)99 KBLieutenant Ayala (Internal components of a tricorder, type used in 2364. (FASA RPG: ''Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual'') {{imageparamount}})
19:46, February 10, 2007Mr Scotts Guide to the Enterprise.jpg (file)35 KBLieutenant Ayala (''Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise'' cover. {{imageparamount}})
00:50, February 8, 2007USS Eagle.jpg (file)60 KBLieutenant Ayala (The USS ''Eagle'' (NCC-956) near a planet. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
03:04, February 7, 2007Andorian atlirith eagle.jpg (file)18 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''atlirith''. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
03:03, February 7, 2007Andorian preshava lake monkey.jpg (file)20 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''preshava''. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})
02:59, February 7, 2007Andorian makra.jpg (file)27 KBLieutenant Ayala (An Andorian ''makra''. (RPG book: ''The Andorians: Among the Clans'') {{imageparamount}})

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