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17:49, June 28, 2009Jellico2369.jpg (file)23 KBSci (Edward Jellico in 2369, then a Federation Starfleet Captain. ({{e|TNG|Chain of Command, Part II}}) {{imageparamount}})
00:31, May 25, 2009USS Kelvin.jpg (file)64 KBSci (The ''USS Kelvin'' in attacked by the Romulan mining vessel ''Narada'' in 2233 of the alternate reality. (''Star Trek''.))
21:41, May 12, 2009USS Enterprise alt.jpg (file)30 KBSci (The {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701|alternate reality}} in the 2258 of an alternate reality. (''Star Trek''.) {{imageparamount}})
00:23, February 13, 2009Ardana-r.jpg (file)46 KBSci (The {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} orbits the Federation Member world of Ardana in 2269. ({{e|TOS|The Cloud Miners}}.) {{imageparamount}})
20:42, January 25, 2009Deneva-r.jpg (file)45 KBSci (The {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} orbits Deneva in 2267. ({{e|TOS|Operation -- Annihilate!}}.) {{imageparamount}})
17:36, January 25, 2009MemoryAlphaPlanet.jpg (file)74 KBSci (Memory Alpha in 2269. ({{e|TOS|The Lights of Zetar}}.) {{imageparamount}})
06:48, January 3, 2009USA52stars.jpg (file)10 KBSci (Uploaded new version: Color correction.)
03:34, January 2, 2009FederationCouncil2286.jpg (file)80 KBSci (Klingon Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets Kamarang and Federation Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan spar on the Speaker's Floor of the [[Federation C)
04:55, December 29, 2008Flag of the Terran Empire.JPG (file)14 KBSci (The Flag of the Terran Empire. ({{e|ENT|In A Mirror, Darkly}}.) ''Image created by Sci, based upon Terran Empire flag seen in opening credits of {{e|ENT|In A Mirror, Darkly}}.'')
03:16, October 12, 2008T'Pau.jpg (file)48 KBSci (Former Vulcan First Minister T'Pau in 2267. ({{e|TOS|Amok Time}}.))
13:36, April 9, 2008TerranEmpire.jpg (file)14 KBSci (Seal of the Terran Empire. ("In A Mirror, Darkly" [''ENT''].))
22:14, September 2, 2007Thoris.jpg (file)20 KBSci (Andorian Ambassador to United Earth Anlenthoris "Thoris" ch'Vhendreni at United Earth Starfleet Headquarters during the Terra Prime incident)
21:52, April 11, 2007Nathan Samuels.jpg (file)9 KBSci (United Earth Prime Minister Nathan Samuels in 2155. ("Demons" [ENT].) {{imageparamount}})
07:23, December 30, 2006UnitedEarthEmbassy.jpg (file)102 KBSci (The United Earth Embassy on Vulcan in 2154. (ENT: "The Forge.") {{imageparamount}})
07:15, December 30, 2006SovalClaps.jpg (file)96 KBSci (Vulcan Ambassador to United Earth Soval gives a standing ovation to United Earth Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer after a speech in support of the creation of the Coalition of Planets on Earth in [[21)
07:13, December 30, 2006SovalIsTortured.jpg (file)99 KBSci (Vulcan Ambassador to United Earth Soval is tortured aboard the Andorian ship ''Kumari'' by Imperial Guard Commander Thy'lek Shran in 2154. (ENT: "Awakening.") {{imageparamount}})
07:10, December 30, 2006Soval2154.jpg (file)14 KBSci (Confederacy of Vulcan Ambassador to United Earth Soval in 2154. (ENT: "Awakening.") {{imageparamount}})
07:09, December 30, 2006BattleOfAndoria.jpg (file)22 KBSci (''Enterprise'' NX-01 at the Battle of Andoria in 2154. (ENT: "Kir'Shara.") {{imageparamount}})
20:59, December 26, 2006Flag of France.svg (file)601 BSci (Flag of France. ''(Source: [ Wikimedia Commons]; public domain.)'')
20:29, December 26, 2006Flag of the European Union.svg (file)1 KBSci (Flag of the European Union. ''(Source: [ Wikimedia Commons]; public domain.)'')
19:40, December 26, 2006Flag of the United Nations.svg (file)72 KBSci (Flag of the United Nations. ''(Source: [ Wikimedia Commons]; public domain.)'')
18:03, December 26, 2006Flag of the Soviet Union.svg (file)3 KBSci (Flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. ''(Source: [ Wikimedia Commons]], public domain.)'')
16:11, August 22, 2006FederationFlag.jpg (file)69 KBSci (The Flag of the United Federation of Planets. (DS9: "Take Me Out to the Holosuite," et. al.) Based upon graphic created by [ Shisma]; modified with permission by Sci.)
19:18, August 9, 2006FlagFlying.jpg (file)131 KBSci ()
04:37, August 4, 2006WilliamRoss.jpg (file)5 KBSci (Federation Starfleet Vice-Admiral William J. Ross in 2375. ''(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)'' {{imageparamount}} )
03:47, July 24, 2006NX01patch.jpg (file)25 KBSci 
04:44, July 10, 2006TheGoodThatMenDo.jpg (file)39 KBSci (Cover for the upcoming ''Star Trek: Enterprise'' novel ''The Good That Men Do''. {{imageparamount}})
00:34, June 2, 2006Al-Rashid.jpg (file)72 KBSci 
21:50, May 27, 2006PatrickWest.jpg (file)19 KBSci (Federation Starfleet Vice Admiral Patrick West in the Presidential Office in 2293. (''Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country''.) {{imageparamount}})
18:32, May 23, 2006SummonTheThunder.jpg (file)39 KBSci (Cover of ''Summon the Thunder''. {{imageparamount}})
16:28, May 23, 2006Daedalus'sChildren.jpg (file)28 KBSci (Cover of ''Daedalus's Children''. {{imageparamount}})
16:22, May 23, 2006Surak'sSoul.jpg (file)27 KBSci (Cover of ''Surak's Soul''. {{imageparamount}})
16:15, May 23, 2006Daedalus.jpg (file)182 KBSci (Cover of ''Daedalus''. {{imageparamount}})
15:28, May 23, 2006LastFullMeasure.jpg (file)29 KBSci (Cover of ''Last Full Measure''. {{imageparamount}})
18:06, May 21, 2006EarthVulcanFirstContact.jpg (file)19 KBSci (The ''T'Plana-Hath'' landed in Bozeman, Montana, on 5 April 2063, officially making first contact between Earth and Vulcan. (''Star Trek: First Contact''.) {{imageparamount}})
17:49, May 21, 2006Gareb.jpg (file)15 KBSci (Gareb, an Aenar ''thaan'', in 2154. ("United" [ENT].) {{imageparamount}})
17:36, May 21, 2006Thy'lekShran.jpg (file)11 KBSci (Thy'lek Shran, an Andorian ''thaan'', in 2152. ("Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT].) {{imageparamount}})
16:22, May 21, 2006StarfleetHeadquarters.jpg (file)32 KBSci (The main Starfleet Headquarters building in 2372. ("Homefront" [DS9].) {{imageparamount}})
19:03, May 20, 2006Mars.jpg (file)23 KBSci (Mars in 2032. ("One Mall Step" [VOY].) {{imageparamount}})
10:07, May 16, 2006RisianEmblem.jpg (file)129 KBSci (Emblem of the Risian Hedony. ''(Source: ''Star Trek: Star Charts.) {{imageparamount}})
08:06, May 14, 2006Vkruk.jpg (file)14 KBSci (Vkruk, the Reman male who raised Shinzon of Remus and served as his viceroy, in 2379. (''Star Trek Nemesis''.) {{imageparamount}})
17:35, May 13, 2006IRWValdore.jpg (file)27 KBSci (The ''IRW Valdore'', ''Mogoai''-class Romulan warbird and future flagship of the Imperial Romulan State, in 2379. (''Star Trek Nemesis''.) {{imageparamount}})
04:22, May 10, 2006Luna.jpg (file)22 KBSci (Luna in 2371. ("Past Tense, Part I" [DS9]].) {{imageparamount}})
21:32, May 4, 2006FederationAnthem.ogg (file)
757 KBSci (The Anthem of the United Federation of Planets. ''(Source: "Take Me Out To the Holosuite" [DS9], via [ Memory Alpha].)'' ''This composition is co)
21:08, May 4, 2006Trill.jpg (file)28 KBSci (The ''USS Defiant'' in orbit of Trill in 2371. ("Equilibrium" [DS9].) {{imageparamount}})
01:26, May 4, 2006Tellar.jpg (file)20 KBSci (Tellar from orbit in 2155. ("Babel One" [ENT].) {{imageparamount}})
01:18, May 4, 2006Vulcan.jpg (file)23 KBSci (Vulcan in 2154. ("The Forge" [ENT].) {{imageparamount}})
00:55, May 4, 2006CBSParamountTelevision.jpg (file)12 KBSci (The logo of CBS Paramount Television.)
02:48, May 1, 2006Remus.jpg (file)4 KBSci (Remus in the 2350s. (''Star Trek Nemesis''.) {{imageparamount}})
06:58, April 14, 2006DTI.gif (file)112 KBSci (Emblem of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations. ''(Source: [ Star Trek Minutiae].)'')

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