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The Special Security Division (SSD) was originally a division within Starfleet and was established during its early development. It was spun off into a separate organization.

Its members wore black clothing and were classed as elite security investigators that were sometimes referred to as the United Federation of Planets equivalent of Texas Rangers. Despite this jovial attitude, many had an underlining fear and dislike of the SSD as well as their relationship with Starfleet. This stemmed from accusations of ruthless authoritarian techniques compared to the Gestapo with the feeling that the SSD believed that the ends justified the means. The close knit relationship of the members of the Special Security Division was also deemed frightening by many of the Federation's other ranking officers. This was because the division felt no loyalty to anything beyond the Federation and the SSD itself. Thus, they did not show any mercy in their investigations and did not bargain with even high-ranking officials of the Federation who were implicated in a crime or misdeed.

This single minded view of justice was the SSD's motto, and they held no respect for anyone with their loyalty only to their code of ethics which they saw as being unbreakable. Though deemed a necessary force, they were also a feared one within the Federation. Children were selected from SSD creches and were expected to devote their entire lives to the Special Security Division.

Officers of the SSD wear a gold embroidered scale of justice over the right breast in order to remind others of their goal in the Federation. Ranks and the clothing of the position included:

  • Cadet : Gray Tunics and slacks with a black collar and stripe.
  • Second Lieutenant : Black tunic and slacks with a black stripe and collar.
  • First Lieutenant : Black tunic and slacks with a black stripe and gold collar.
  • Captain : Black tunic and slacks with a gold stripe and collar.
  • Major : Black tunic and slacks with a red stripe and collar.
  • Lieutenant Colonel : Black tunic and slacks with a red collar and turquoise stripe.
  • Colonel : Black tunic and slacks with a turquoise collar and stripe.
  • General : Black tunic and slacks with a white collar and stripe along with a gold sword insignia fastened to the collar indicating each of the four ranks of general. A single sword was shown for each rank (comparable to the stars worn by current real-world generals).

(TOS novel: Death's Angel)


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