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Species 8472 cruiser

The Species 8472 cruiser was an Undine (Species 8472) bioship class, a Palisade-class cruiser in Groundskeeper service in the 2370s decade. (ST video game: Armada II)


The Species 8472 cruiser was a non-sapient, spaceborne lifeform utilized by the Undine in the defense of their realm, fluidic space, and the offense against species of the Milky Way Galaxy. The bioship was grown from a Species 8472 embryo, which itself was produced by the Species 8472 mothership.

As a cruiser, the Undine Palisade-class bioship was a mid-level assault organism, equipped with bio-pulse weapons and the psionic disruption ability. It was lightly armored, fast and maneuverable. Instead of a crew complement, only one Uninde pilot was needed to control this craft. (ST video game: Armada II)

Unlike the Palisade-class frigates employed by the Voth and Turei, the Species 8472 cruiser was brown in color instead of metallic grey/silver, and its ventral hull caved inward. (ST video games: Armada II, Star Trek Online)


Ships of the class were first encountered in the primary universe when the Undine - referred to as Species 8472 - invaded the galaxy in the year 2377, launching a two-pronged assault on the Delta and Alpha Quadrants. The Borg Collective first fought them in their own territory before Starfleet met them there as well, while rogue Cardassian Union forces unter Gul Kentar triggered their arrival in he Alpha Quadrant. A joint Federation-Borg fleet traveled through a rift into fluidic space and destroyed the Rift Maker, thereby forcing all Undine ships back into their own realm. (ST video game: Armada II)

When the Undine returned to the galaxy in 2409, Palisade-class cruisers were no longer part of their fleet. Instead of copying the Voth, the Undine imitated Starfleet's Defiant-class escort. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



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