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The Species 8472 scout was a type of bioship used by Species 8472, designed for recon behind enemy lines.

History and specificationsEdit

Behemoths carry scoutships within their interior as auxiliary craft in case of destruction. The Und (singular of Undine) piloting the behemoth will instantly go through meiosis and split into how ever many pilots are needed. This is considered by many to be the extreme in regeneration, far superior to the Borg's methods. Scoutships were first developed during the 8472-Borg wars (the Undine are classified as "Species 8472" by the Borg Collective, and as they were the first from our galaxy to make contact, this is what they are commonly known as with the Federation) when the Undine needed desperately an escape-pod from some of the more brutal battles. While the scoutships do not posses the ability to create a fluidic nebula, they do however use a captured design of Borg cutting-laser. It is disputed why the Undine would use a tactic by a weak galactic power, but it works. [citation needed]

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