Sphere 634 was a Borg sphere ship of the collective in the 24th century.

During USS Voyager's attempt to get home in 2377, Voyager was chased by this Borg sphere, one of the few the Borg Queen had managed to keep in contact with after being infected by Admiral Kathryn Janeway's neurolytic pathogen.

The sphere managed to weaken Voyager inside the collapsing transwarp corridors before capturing the ship.

In order to be able to escape Captain Janeway decided to send an away team mission to the Borg sphere with the order of shutting down the generators that were generating a dampening field that was preventing Voyager from fighting its way out of the holding area of the sphere.

An away team made up of Hazard Team members Lieutenant Alexander Munro, Ensign Telsia Murphy, Ensign Austin Chang, and Ensign Chell were transported over but got separated from each other due to interference. The team managed to reunite with another and find their way through the sphere to the areas where the controls of the generators were located to shut these down. But during this mission Ensign Chang was captured and almost assimilated by the Borg. The leader of the away team: Munro managed to save him just in time and sent him back to Voyager.

While shutting down the generators Ensign Murphy also managed to recover information about new Borg drone technology, but both these activities alerted the Borg to the away team's presence on their ship.

When the away team was transported back to Voyager, Munro had to be sent back to the sphere as Voyager's transporter was unable to retrieve his signal through anti lepton interference. Munro reappeared in the sphere's central plexus where he was forced to confront a new type of powerful Borg Drone that sought to capture and assimilate him.

After defeating the drone the interference problem was resolved and Munro could be brought back to Voyager after which the ship could escape the holding area.(TNG video game: Elite Force II)

When the sphere arrived in the Alpha Quadrant, a fleet of 27 Federation starships opened fire on the sphere. It took a transphasic torpedo fired from Voyager to destroy it. (VOY episode: "Endgame"; Decipher RPG module: Starships)

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