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The Sphere Builders were a species of sentient humanoids native to a transdimensional realm. They were not ordinarily capable of surviving in normal space, but still desired to do so, and to that end began converting it to an environment that could support them; they started placing their spheres in a region that would become the Delphic Expanse in about the 12th century. By the 22nd century the Expanse had formed into a region of unusual spatial anomalies, with the first pockets of the Sphere Builders' modified space starting to form. (ENT episodes: "Harbinger", "Azati Prime")

Originally, the Sphere Builders were known as the Tuterians. At one time, the Tuterians existed within the Delta Quadrant and were close with the Krenim. One notable member was Clauda, who fell in love with and married a Krenim named Noye. As the Iconian War ravaged the known galaxy, the two worked with the Delta Alliance to build a weapon to help stop the Iconians. However, using the weapon caused the Borg to rise in power and the attempt to prevent this altered the Tuterians' history. Their experimentation with Solanae technology, which saved them from the Iconians and the Vaadwaur originally, nearly wiped out the race, but a number hide themselves within their transdimensional realm. (STO mission: "Butterfly", STO mission: "Time and Tide")

The Sphere Builders had a technology which allowed them to examine alternate timelines, allowing them to discover the probable outcomes and consequences of their actions. Through this technology they learned that their ambition to invade the galaxy would be stopped by the Federation. To prevent this they plotted to destroy the Federation before it formed by wiping out Humanity in the 22nd century. They appeared to members of the Xindi following the Xindi Civil War in the 21st century and guided them to habitable planets and resources, saving the Xindi from extinction and establishing themselves as allies to the Xindi, earning themselves the title of Guardians. This position allowed the Sphere Builders to manipulate the Xindi in the 22nd century, making them believe Humans would be responsible for future destruction of the Xindi. (ENT episodes: "Azati Prime", "The Council")

In 2410, Noye learned of Clauda and the fate of the Tuterians and vowed to free them from their space. (STO mission: "TIme and Tide")

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