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Splashdown, Part One was the first part in the story arc, Splashdown.


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Log Entries

  • Captain's log
    Voyager is in need of power. This goes beyond what has become a routine search for sources of fuel to recharge systems in general. In the last two months, the ship and crew have been subjected to several critical situations that have left literally and figuratively drained.
    It began with attempts to break free of the artificial intelligence we called
    Leviathan,[1] which depleted our energy resources across the board. We were successful in escaping the artificial habbitat it was building around us and the magneton field that was holding us there but at severe cost to our reserves.
    A resupply on the gas-giant world of Thesskira[2] brought levels up to nominal. Then we encountered the Borg.[3] Our temporary alliance with them to defeat Species 8472 resulted in significant damage and power loss to
    It took us a month to get things back to normal. That's when we came across a dual alien lifeform of Catira/Katirus, who tried to "feed" voyager to the energy-eating spatial rift that was its "parent".[4]
    Now, we are once again low on power across the board. Only this time our concern is deeper. We are in a section of the Delta Quadrant that appears to be a planetary wasteland, and there seems little hope of replenishing our systems for some time.
    Fortuneately, I haven't had to go to reduced-power protocols yet. That's one bit of luck we seem to be holding onto...
    ...Because it lets me do something I haven't done in a very long time.



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