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Splashdown, Part Two was the second part in the story arc, Splashdown.


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Log Entries

Captain's log
An hour ago, my main concern of the day was Voyager 's low power reserves and our search to replenish them in the middle of a stellar wasteland. That was before we encountered a swarm of automated drone ships intent on our immediate destruction. They broke off their attack when we entered this world's thick, volcanic atmosphere. But now we're in deeper trouble. We've crashed- rather "splash"-landed- in the planet-wide ocean.[1]
Now my concern is how to stop
Voyager from sinking. We're going down like a scuttled aqua-cruiser and approaching cresh depth. The ship is taking on water through hull breaches incurred by the drones, emergency force fields and containment doors have failed, and main power is off-line.
Bridge integrity may be intact for now-but the rest of
Voyager is flooding fast...



Michael BarrstonJoseph CareyChakotayThe DoctorKathryn JanewayHarry KimNeelixTom ParisSeven of NineSherwoodB'Elanna TorresTuvokVorik
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Starships and vehicles

Aerowing shuttleUSS Voyager (Intrepid-class cruiser)
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Delta Quadrant

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Jefferies tubeoptical data network relayreaction control systemstructural integrity fieldumbilical interconnect subprocessor


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