Yeoman Prentiss with a splint.

A splint is a device that immobilizes part of an individual's body — usually the spine or a limb — to promote healing or provide extra support.

By the 23rd century splints had largely been replaced by bone-knitting lasers and similar devices. (TAS episode: "The Terratin Incident"; DSC novel: Drastic Measures)


In 2152, Travis Mayweather was fitted with a splint while injuring himself during shore leave on Risa. (ENT episode: "Two Days and Two Nights")

In 2269, Hikaru Sulu broke his left leg during buffeting endured by the USS Enterprise as it was engulfed by the cosmic cloud creature. Kirk ordered him to report to sickbay, but Sulu asked to remain at his station. Leonard McCoy applied a splint so the helmsman could remain on duty. (TAS - Log One novelization: One of Our Planets Is Missing)

Sulu broke his right leg while miniaturized by spiroid epsilon rays emitted from Terratin. When he was reduced to 6 inches tall and standing on the helm console, a dial struck his leg and knocked him off the console, giving him a compound fracture. James T. Kirk and Arex fashioned a splint for him, then carried him to sickbay. (TAS episode: "The Terratin Incident")

A splint was applied to the forearm of Yeoman Prentiss aboard the Enterprise after he tried to capture Ewass, Moauvian Ambassador Oavid’s pet waul. (TOS comic: "Passage to Moauv")

In the 24th century aboard Galaxy-class vessels, medikits came stocked with a variety of medicine and equipment, including four 4.5 centimeter-long plasticene splints. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual)

In, 2365 the bone knitters on board the USS Enterprise-D stopped working due to an Iconian computer program running wild through the ship's systems. Doctor Katherine Pulaski ordered her staff to use splints on crew members with broken bones until the ship's systems could be repaired. (TNG episode: "Contagion")

In 2378, after an emergency beam-out from a crashing shuttle, Chakotay's leg was put in a splint by tribal Ventu on Ledos. He had suffered a hairline fracture. (VOY episode: "Natural Law")




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