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In the Kelvin timeline mirror universe, Spock was a half-Vulcan, half-Terran male who lived during the 23rd century. In 2249, he decided to enter the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire and eventually rose to the position of captain of the ISS Enterprise in 2258.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Spock then oversaw the Terran Empire's victory over the Klingon Empire on Qo'noS. He then personally oversaw the execution of Chancellor Gorkon. Spock gave Gorkon the choice to swear fealty to the Terran Empire, undergo Terran re-education, and take a low administrative post in the Klingon colonies. When Gorkon refused his offfer, Spock ordered Sulu to behead the chancellor. Spock was then informed that Commander Kirk had taken Praxis, but had left and went to the Klingon penal colony of Rura Penthe to settle a vendetta against Nero. (TOS comic: "Mirrored, Part 1")

While Kirk was boasting about ruling the new Terran Empire, Uhura secretly beamed Spock off the Enterprise shortly before Kirk orders it to be destroyed, giving the impression that he had killed Spock.

Spock later freed a captured Spock Prime from the Narada, and with the help of Uhura, beamed to the surface of Vulcan in order to stop Kirk from killing the Vulcan elders, with his plan to wipe out the planet with red matter from Spock Prime's ship. Spock shot Kirk in the back with a phaser and decided to remain on Vulcan, along with Spock Prime, in order to keep the alliance between Vulcan and the Terran Empire intact. (TOS comic: "Mirrored, Part 2")

The official motto of the Empire, shown on the logo behind Spock, appears to read 'Terra Regnum Imperium' (Imperial Reign of Earth).

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