Squeeb, son of Been, was a male Ferengi businessman.

Squeeb was a member of the Ferengi Alliance military during the Ferengi-Lytasian conflict. During that conflict, he suffered a serious head injury, and had to have a duridium plate grafted to his skull.

Following the Lytasian Conflict, he became involved in gouge mining, and in his later years became known as the latinum mining king. In Ferengi year 18,083, Squeeb's wife Jubbletta and his accountant Vinx, who were having an affair together, conspired to murder Squeeb and take over his business. Jubbletta knocked her husband unconscious and put his body in a skimmer programmed to crash in one of his own mines. However, Squeeb's duridium plate lessened the blow, and allowed him to regain consciousness and avoid death at the last moment. Jubbletta was arrested for attempted murder, but Vinx was released at Squeeb's request.

After his brush with death, Squeeb gained an appreciation for life greater than that for latinum. During this period, he viewed a holodocumentary about the plight of gouge miners, and Squeeb developed concern for his workers. He decided to visit one of his mines to listen to his employees grievances, and was killed in the process. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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