Gorn saboteur Ssarkoss

Ssarkoss was a member of a Gorn diplomatic delegation sent to the Federation to partake in a conference to discuss a peace treaty between the Federation and the Gorn Government.

The delegation was to be transported to the location of the conference by the USS Enterprise rather than by a Gorn ship to prevent any possible acts of hostility while the Gorn were present in Federation space, as factions on the Gorn homeworld did not desire peace with the Federation.

Ssarkoss was a member of such a faction, and was instructed to place a Gorn sabotage device on board the Enterprise that would have destroyed the vessel and killed all of the crew and the Gorn delegation, possibly reigniting hostilities between the Gorn and the Federation.

He was exposed by Ambassador Shrakiss as being the saboteur as she trusted Chief Delegate Krassass with her life, and Ansstass who had cleared himself of all suspicion when he assisted Commander Scott and his engineers by helping deal with the sabotage device and repairing the damage it had done to the Enterprise before it flew at warp speed directly into the star Capricanus Major.

When exposed he attacked Krassass but was stunned by a security officer's phaser before he could attack anyone else or cause more damage to the Enterprise, after which he was taken to the ship's brig. (TOS comic: "More of the Serpent Than the Dove")

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