In an alternate timeline, Ssrax was a male Gorn in service as agent to the Federation Temporal Intervention Agency in the mid-31st century. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)


On Day 266, 3051, Agent Ssrax was part of a strike team assembled by Supervisor Jena Noi in TIA Headquarters on Tandar Prime. Supervisor Noi and Agents Ssrax and Darro flanked Federation Temporal Agent Jena Noi, who came from a possible future of the primary universe, after she tried to escape by throwing a time-dilation grenade. Agent Noi escaped, with Ssrax and the others giving chase. She stunned him with his sidearm, which she grabbed from his holster as Ssrax was temporarily put into slow motion. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)



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