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A group of Vulcans armed with the staff weapons

A staff is a weapon, a type of mêlée weapon composed basically a pole used to make attacks using blunt-force hitting actions or in defense by blocking a hitting action from an opponent.

The Vulcans of the Last-of-all-Cities colony on Darien 224 used a type of staff weapon; The weapons featured a long staff with elaborately designed blade at one end. The weapons also functioned as energy weapons capable of firing energy discharges and arcing with green energy when in use. The weapons energies seem to concentrate around the hands of the user and upon impact when impaling a victim. (EV comic: "Cloak and Dagger")

The Darien Vulcans originated from Vulcan prior to Time of Awakening and many of there traditions and technologies had not changed since they left, so, the weapons may have been used on Vulcan as early as the 3rd century.

In 2376 Ezri Dax engaged the Jem'Hadar Kitana'klan in a sparring session to try and gain his respect and gain a better understanding of his motives. She opted to use staffs as opposed to the more dangerous bladed weapons like the Klingon Bat'leth or Jem'Hadar Kar'takin, though she was quite aware the Jem'Hadar was more than capable of killing her with his bare hands if he so choose. (DS9 novel: Avatar, Book Two)

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