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Star-Crossed was a comic book story arc trilogy within the second monthly TOS series from DC Comics. Published in 1995, it comprised issues #73-75. The arc spanned 16 years and focused on the relationship between James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus, and the birth of their son David Marcus. The story arc was written by Howard Weinstein, his final story arc for DC Comics, and was illustrated by Rachel Ketchum and Mark Heike.

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During their time at Starfleet Academy, Marcus helped Kirk pass his Kobayashi Maru scenario. They became a couple for three months in 2260 while serving together aboard the USS Eagle. But Marcus realized she felt too constrained by rules, and resigned from Starfleet while two months pregnant.

A year later, Kirk met their son during a layover on Earth, but was forced to shorten the visit when he was ordered to report to the USS Oxford as its new CO. Before he left, he proposed to Carol, but she declined and asked Kirk to stay out of their lives, since it was clear that they were never going to be together.

In 2270, when the USS Enterprise returned to the Sol system at the completion of its five-year mission, the crew witnessed the loss of an experimental starship, part of covert intra-warp drive experiments that prompted Spock and Leonard McCoy to resign from Starfleet. When Kirk disembarked from the Enterprise, he rekindled his relationship with Carol. He accepted a promotion to admiral partly to have the authority to investigate the warp experiments and partly to stay on Earth with Carol and David.

Kirk and Montgomery Scott piloted a shuttlecraft to witness a test flight of another ship, but its warp field destabilized and they were only able to rescue some of its crew before the XP exploded. Leading an investigation gave Kirk a renewed sense of purpose as the new Chief of Starfleet Operations, but Carol realized that he took the post on Earth not for her and David, and she broke off their relationship.

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