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This article is about the magazine. You may be looking for the stardrive section of a starship.

StarDrive was a magazine publication licensed by FASA Corporation, which was itself licensed as the producers of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. StarDrive was a 1988 relaunch of Stardate Magazine and included stats and material to expand FASA's RPG publications, particularly for TOS.

Only one issue was published, in February 1988. The magazine was discontinued around the time that FASA stopped publishing licensed Star Trek content.


Issue 1

Roleplay modules



Article references


Helen AldrichJimmy BuffettTracy HendersonKazKijaKilistzKininKizanti zantai-PillonKostantin epetai-KolorKulnKutan zantai-LissonLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluStephanie Thomas

Starships and vehicles

USS Bismarck (Constitution-class cruiser) • USS Dallas (Loknar-class frigate) • Emperor's FistIKV Falcon (V'kar Zadan-class destroyer) • SS HeidelburgUSS Montgomery (Larson-class destroyer) • QX-12 (Aakenn-class freighter) • USS Yamato (Constitution-class cruiser)

Klingon starship classes

Cruiser classes

D7-classD7A K't'agga-classD7G K't'alla-classD7M K't'inga-classD7R K't'rika-classD7S K't'mara-classD10/D10A/D10H Riskadh-classD20 Death Rite-classD21A-classD32C Z'gavva-class

Destroyer classes

D2/D2A/D2B V'kar Zadan-classD14/D14B D'esta Kar-classD18/D18A Lara'atan-class

Escort classes

K24 Kom Ka'des-classK27 Mortum Hesta-classL6 T'h'lar-classL9 Sivista-classL42/L42A/L42B Z'gavasta-class

Miscellaneous classes

K28 B'rel-classL13D K'el Ri'anda-classL24 Komo Val-classS4 K'nall-classS5 Eakin K'nall-classT5 Mas To Gal-classT12 Na Ra'den-class

Other vehicle types

assault shipattack helicopterbattleshipcolony shipcorvettedestroyerescortflagshipfreighterguardshipgunboatmobile repair facilityscoutsloopsurvey shiptendertransport V4 Vastam Cl'vangas-class Romulan cruiserV8 Vas Hatham-class Romulan bird-of-preyYellow Grav-Cab


Sector Alpha 19Alpha CygniDeneb II (Deneb II research station) • Deneb IV (BerasNew HawaiiNew Oslo) • Deneb VEarth (FranceNew EnglandScandinavia) • Federation-Klingon Neutral ZoneGenesis PlanetOrion ColoniesOrion Neutral ZoneKlingon-Romulan borderSolStarbase 12the TriangleWrigley's Pleasure Planet

Races and cultures

Human (ArabicEuropeanRoman) • humanoidKlingonOrionRomulan

States and organizations

Brisbane Mining and Development CompanyDeneb Travel CorporationGorn AllianceImperial Klingon Marines Imperial Klingon NavyKlingon EmpireKlingon High CommandKlingon-Romulan Technological ExchangepoliceStar FleetStar Fleet Public RelationsStar Fleet Training CommandTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets

Klingon military units

Klingon assault groupKlingon assault squadronKlingon battle group (Klingon Battle Group 1Klingon Battle Group 5Klingon Battle Group 10) • Klingon squadron (Kaz's SquadronKija's SquadronKilistz's SquadronKinin's SquadronKolar's SquadronKuln's Squadron) • war fleet

Starfleet military units

Task Force 41

Romulan military units

Romulan First Flotilla

Science and classification

antitoxinarcheologyauto destructclass A starclass M planetcloaking devicecomputercoordinateshologrammissilephoton torpedoplanetary defense systemplanetary trade profileplasma torpedopressure domeprobereference stardatesciencesensorsupergiant startechnological/sociopolitical indextransporterwarp enginewhite star

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptaincolonistcommanderdoctorengineering officerenlistedgeneralgeologistmarine biologistofficerpetpirateprivateersquadron leadertacticiantailorthought admiral

Klingon language



The Battle for Freighter QX-12Border Incident #45612Four Years WarOperation DixieThe Romulan Incident

Other references

18th century23rd centuryagriculturealcoholalert status (battle stations) • alienamphibianamusement parkapartmentarcadearchitectureatmospherebarBasic Naval Unitsbattle groupblack marketbookbridgeCatholicismCelsiuscemeteryChristmaschurchcityclothingcolonyconifercontinentcreditcrimecriminalcrystalculturedancingdeathDenebian slime devildesertevergreenevolutionfarmFederation lawfernfishfishingflea marketfoliagefoods and beveragesforestfossilFour Years WargalaxygamblinggovernmentgravityGuiness Library of Federation RecordshistoryhomeworldhotelinsectislandjailkilometerlawlogicmafiaThe Mailed Fist: Warfare in Spacemetermilitarymillions of years agominermineralminingminutemonumentmoonmountainmuseummusicnuclear warheadoceanofficerbillions of years agoorbitOrganian Peace TreatyplanetplantquadrantreligionrestaurantRigellian feverryetalinSaurian brandysecondsectorshore leavesports and gamessquadronstarstar chartstardatestarportswampswimmingtaverntheatretombtour agencytreeuniversewarwarp factor (warp two) • weaponwildlifeyear





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