The Star Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent's Orientation Sourcebook was an RPG reference book released by FASA as part of a two-book set along with the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual (which was labeled as "Game Operations")


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Reginald EhrenburgJon HussRichard MorvehlSardixKhan Noonien SinghShiarth ThrevanThortathanal


Colonies and planetary locationsEdit

Outposts and space stationsEdit

Arcanis Four Research Station

Planets and planetoidsEdit

Alpha CentauriAndorCestus IIIEarthLunaMaxwell's PlanetRigelRigel VIITh'alltTellarVegaVulcan

Stars and star systemsEdit


Stellar regionsEdit

Romulan Neutral Zone

States and organizationsEdit

Andorian Council of ClansBureau of Interstellar Trade and CommerceCentral Intelligence AgencyClan of EnforcersClan of CombatFederation AssemblyFederation CouncilFree CommandoesKlingon High CommandKlingon High CouncilOrion ColoniesSecret ServiceScience Council of LunaStar Empire of Epsilon IndiStarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceTerran Intelligence AgencyUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited KingdomUnited NationsUnited Nations Space ForceUnited States of AmericaVegan TyrannyVulcan Science Academy

Races and culturesEdit


Cases and operationsEdit

Case LoreleiOperation ArchimedesOperation BrutusOperation CalpysoOperation CassandraProject GenesisProject Grey GhostProject MercuryProject RearguardProject Roundtable

Weapons and technologyEdit

Adhesive Plasticene TapeAgonizerAhn WoonAnti-laser aerosolAuditory filterBelt MonitorCollar translatorCombat SimulatorElectronics Warfare TricorderGillpackHolocubeIndustrial glovesKlugatLirpaMAM ChargeNeural Inhibitor ImplantNeural neutralizerPersonal Aerial Descent SystemPortable antigravPortable on-site fusion reactorPsionic Shielding HelmetPsychotricoderProtoplaserRudjaSenceiver ImplantShathraSpecial-Purpose Gravitic Load-Carrying DeviceTelescan Cephalic ImplantThruster SuitUniversal translatorZhal Sta


Battle of PrantaresBattle of Gamma HydraColonel Green's WarEugenics WarsFirst Babel ConferenceFour Years WarRomulan WarScandal of ArchimedesTreaty of AxanarTreaty of PeaceUnknown War

Materials and radiationsEdit


Starships and vehiclesEdit

Botany BayDY-100Model GP-12 All-Terrain VehiclePrototype OneUSS Atlas

Other referencesEdit

Articles of FederationBenjisidrineCentral Navigation BeaconChoriocytosisCylaniteEmperor of the Klingon EmpireGeneral Order 1President of the United Federation of PlanetsRigelian feverSakuro's diseaseSteriliteTri-ox compoundUnited Space InitiativeVegan choriomeningitisVenus Drug

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