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The Star Fleet Officer's Manual was a FASA RPG supplement. It was part of the three-book basic set included in the second edition box set for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, along with the Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook and Game Operations Manual.

Publisher's description

About The Officer's Guide
This book contains all of the information a player needs to know about the rules for STAR TREK: The Role Playing Game. Sections are included here on what defines characters in this game, how to create characters, how to train them, and how to play them in the game. Also included is a glossary of game terms for players new to role-playing games.
Every effort has been made to keep the language simple, to explain things fully, and to provide examples where they will help. The Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook provides a story about a typical STAR TREK player character that will help new players generate their characters. The story is written in sections that correspond to sections in this book, and the examples given in the rules deal with the character in the story.
In preparing this edition of the game rules, some changes have been made, making the rules easier to understand, more realistic, or more simple. One of the major changes occurs in the rules for character creation, particularly those that deal with skills. Other changes may be found in the rules for tactical movement and combat, and for injury and medical aid. One of the biggest changes in this edition deals with starship combat, which has been greatly shortened here; this part of the game is covered fully in other products from FASA, as described in The Game Operations Manual.
Players familiar with the first edition are urged to adopt these rules, and to convert their first-edition characters to characters more like those created with these rules. With minor changes, this product is fully compatible with all earlier STAR TREK products from FASA.


  • Introduction
  • Defining a Character
  • Creating Player Characters
  • Training Player Characters
    • Pre-Academy Experience
    • Joining Star Fleet
    • Star Fleet Academy
    • Branch School
    • Cadet Cruise
    • Department Head School
    • Command School
    • Post-Academy Experience
    • Combat Statistics
    • Character Age
  • Tactical Movement
    • Visualizing the Action
    • Using the Tactical Movement System
    • Combat
    • Special Vulcan Attacks
  • Injury, Medical Aid, and Recovery
  • Glossary of Game Terms



Referenced only
James T. KirkMontgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghSpockLee SterlingHikaru SuluNyota Uhura

Starships and vehicles


Referenced only
Constitution-class heavy cruisers (USS EnterpriseUSS Lexington)

Other vehicles

Referenced only
aircraftaquatic vehicleautomobilebiplaneground vehiclehelicoptersailing shipshuttlecraft


Referenced only

Races and cultures

Referenced only
AndorianCaitianEdoanGornHumanKlingon (HemQuchQuchHa') • OrionRomulanTellariteVulcan

States and organizations

StarfleetStarfleet Command (Starfleet Colonial Operations CommandStarfleet Exploration CommandStarfleet Galaxy Exploration CommandStarfleet Merchant Marine CommandStarfleet Military Operations CommandStarfleet Starbase Headquarters Command) • United Federation of Planets


Starfleet Academy (Command SchoolDepartment Head School)

Science and technology

airlockanestheticarrowclubcomputerdaggerdeflector shieldelectronicsenvironmental suitGenesis deviceknifelaserlife supportlife support beltmacemessage buoyorgan transplantSCUBA gearsensorspearstarbasestarshipsubcutaneous transpondersubspace radioswordtechnologytractor beamtransportertricorderwarp drive

Fields of study

administrationarcheologyastronomyastrophysicsbionicsbotanychemistrycombat tacticscommunicationsdiplomacyecologyeconomicsengineeringexobiologyFederation lawgeneticsgeologyhistorylanguagemathematicsmedicinemeteorologyphysicspolitical sciencepsychologysecurityzoology

Applied arts


Sports and games

bowlingboxingdivinggravballjudokaratesports and gamesswimmingtrack-and-fieldweightliftingzero-G handball


arrowaxebowbulletcrossbowdaggerdisruptorfirearmGorn blasterlasermacemachine gunphaserphaser-1phaser-2phaser riflepistolprojectile weaponrifleshotgunslingweapon

Ranks and titles

ambassadorarcheologistbotanistcadetcaptainchemistchief communications officerchief engineerchief helmsmanchief medical officerchief navigatorchief sciences officerchief surgeoncommunications officercouncilordamage control officerdoctoreconomistengineering officerensignensignexobiologistgeneticistgeologisthydrologistlieutenantlieutenant, jgmathematicianmedical officermeteorologistmidshipmannavigatorofficerphysicianphysicistpilotpsychologistrankscience officersecurity chiefsecurity officersurgeonzoologist

Other references

20th centuryanimalantimatteratmosphereAugmentautopsybacteriabarbeamblack holecityclubcrystalelectromagnetismengineeringEnglish languageGalactagamblinggravityhelmhigh schoolhumanoidlifeformlightmind meldmusicnation-stateneutrinonovaplasticpoisonropeSaurian brandyspacestandard orbitstarstoneswordtelepathyvacuumvirusVulcan historyVulcan languageVulcan lyreVulcan nerve pinchwarp speedwater



  • Author credits
    • First edition game design and writing: Fantasimulations Associates (Guy W. McLimore, Jr., Greg K. Poehlein, David F. Tepool)
    • Second edition game design and development: W. John Wheeler, Jordan K. Weisman, Michael P. Bledsoe, Forest Brown, L. Ross Babcock III, Fantasimulations Associates
    • Second edition writing: W. John Wheeler

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