Star Trek: Assignment: Earth is a five-part comics miniseries published by IDW Publishing from May 2008. The series is written and illustrated by John Byrne. Each issue takes place a year after the previous issue, starting in 1968, depicting the adventures of Gary Seven, from the episode "Assignment: Earth".


His code name is Gary Seven. On the world where he was raised, he is known as Supervisor 194. Where that world is, only the inhabitants know - but for thousands of years these inhabitants have been taking people from Earth and training them, preparing them for a desperate mission: to save the people of Earth from their own foolish and warlike nature.
Assisting Gary Seven in his assignment on Earth are Roberta Lincoln, Earth-born, twenty-something, sometimes flighty, sometimes erratic, but with a keen mind and a high IQ; and the Beta Five computer, capable of analytical decisions and not at all shy about informing Supervisor 194 of what it views on his shortcomings.
Oh, yes - and Isis.

Star Trek: Assignment: Earth is intended to be a version of the Assignment: Earth television series that never was - taking the original episode (which was planned as a backdoor pilot to a spin-off series) as a jumping off point for a series of stories on 20th century Earth.

The series explores the science and politics of era, such as nuclear weapons, the Vietnam War and President Nixon's visit to China in 1972. The series also featured a cross-over with the TOS episode: "Tomorrow is Yesterday" and a direct sequel to "Assignment: Earth".

Following the success of the first series a second series is planned, Assignment: Earth II will feature five more stories spread over the same span of time, 1968 to 1972.


Title Brighter Than a Thousand Suns Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow My Name Is Legion We Have Met The Enemy... Too Many Presidents
John Byrne
21 May 2008
4 June 2008
2 July 2008
6 August 2008
Septemebr 2008
Primary cover
(John Byrne)
Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
My Name Is Legion
We Have Met The Enemy
Too Many Presidents
Retail incentive virgin cover
Assignment Earth 1
Assignment Earth 2
Assignment Earth 3

In addition to the main stories, two of the issues featured very short extra stories bring the page counts up. These are Isis in issue four, and Ah-Ha! in issue five.


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