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Star Trek: Communicator was a licensed Star Trek magazine published by Decipher/FANtastic Media with cover dates of December 1994/January 1995 to April/May 2005. The publication was initially titled as the Star Trek Official Fan Club Magazine in 1982, after two years as a fan newsletter/magazine, and ran for 155 total issues. Editors included founder Dan Madsen (1980-1998) and then Larry Nemecek (1998-2005). Contributors included Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Mark A. Altman, Richard Arnold, Rick Berman, Terry Hiller, Rich Handley, Salman Nensi, Kevin Stevens, J. Kelley Burke, and Bjo Trimble.

It was the main publication of the Official Star Trek Fan Club. Its first 99 issues were published under the title of Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine. Its original publisher, FANtastic Media, was purchased by Decipher in February 2001, with an announcement of the merge appearing in issue #132. A "Quark's Bazaar" merchandise catalog was featured in each bimonthly issue. Originally available as a membership perk only, the magazine added newsstand sales in 1998.

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Number Published Contents Cover
101 February/March 1995 STC101.jpg
105 December 1995/January 1996 STC105.jpg
108 August/September 1996 STC108.jpg
109 November/December 1996 STC109.jpg
110 January/February 1997 STC110.jpg
111 March/April 1997
112 May/June 1997 STC112.jpg
113 August/September 1997 STC113.jpg
114 December 1997/January 1998 STC114.jpg
115 February March 1998 STC115.jpg
116 April May 1998 STC116.jpg
117 June July 1998 STC117.jpg
118 August September 1998 STC118.jpg
119 October November 1998 STC119.jpg
120 December 1998/January 1999 STC120.jpg
121 February/March 1999 STC121.jpg
122 April/May 1999 STC122.jpg
123 June/July 1999 STC123.jpg
124 August/September 1999 STC124.jpg
125 October/November 1999 STC125.jpg
126 December/January 2000 STC126.jpg
127 February/March 2000 STC127.jpg
128 April/May 2000 STC128.jpg
129 2000 STC129.jpg
130 October/November 2000 STC130.jpg
131 December 2000/January 2001 STC131.jpg
132 February/March 2001 STC132.jpg
133 June/July 2001 STC133.jpg
134 August/September 2001 STC134.jpg
135 October/November 2001 STC135.jpg
136 December 2001/January 2002 STC136.jpg
140 October/November 2002 STC140.jpg
141 December 2002/January 2003 STC141.jpg
142 [[February/March 2003 STC142.jpg
145 August/September 2003 STC145.jpg
152 October/November 2004 STC152.jpg
155 April/May 2005 STC155.jpg




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