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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (or DS9) was the third live action Star Trek television series, which aired from January 1993 to June 1999. During the original broadcast of the series and after it ended, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine spawned numerous other stories in prose, comics and other media. Some of these stories were set after the final episode.


Unlike the previous Star Trek, set on starships, Deep Space Nine's primary setting is a space station, Deep Space 9, formerly the Cardassian station Terok Nor rather than a starship. The station is a key strategic location, near to the planet Bajor, itself near the Cardassian border, and most significantly (following the events of the first episode) the station is situated next to the Bajoran wormhole, giving access to the Gamma Quadrant. The station also had a complement of runabouts, and later the USS Defiant, allowing stories to take the characters away from the station itself.

Due to the mostly stationary situation of the series, DS9 tended more toward continuing stories, rather than the "alien of the week" approach common to other series. Some of the main arcs involved: the Bajorans growing from years under occupation by the Cardassians, eventually joining the Federation; Captain Sisko's role as the Emissary; and the build up to, eventual breakout, and aftermath of, the Dominion War.

The series established and developed several races and cultures, most prominently the Bajorans and Cardassians, but with significant attention also paid to the Trill, Ferengi and Klingons. The Cardassians were commonly portrayed as the series' villains, and were later supplemented by the Dominion, led by the Founders, and represented by the Vorta, and Jem'Hadar soldiers, and the Dominion's allies, the Breen.


The main characters in the series are: Benjamin Sisko, commanding officer of DS9 and the Defiant, and Emissary of the Prophets; Sisko's son, Jake Sisko; Kira Nerys, first officer and Bajoran liaison, and eventually commander of DS9 following Sisko; Odo, the station's chief of security, and a changeling, the same species as the Dominion's Founders; Jadzia Dax, a Trill and the station's science officer, until her death, when the Dax symbiont is transferred to a new host: Ezri Dax; Julian Bashir, the station's chief medical officer; Miles O'Brien, the station's chief of operations; Worf, the station's tactical officer; and Quark, the owner of Quark's, an establishment on the station's promenade.

Mission Gamma cast photo

Major characters on DS9 circa 2376.

Stories set after the Dominion War introduced, or elevated several, other major characters: Elias Vaughn, the station's new first officer once Kira takes command; Ro Laren, who takes over from Odo as chief of security; Nog, Quark's nephew, who was featured throughout the series as Jake Sisko's best friend replaces O'Brien as operations officer; Thirishar ch'Thane is the station's new Andorian science officer; Prynn Tenmei is the Defiant's new helm officer; Sam Bowers is the station's new tactical officer; and Taran'atar, a Jem'Hadar, is sent by Odo as an envoy to the Alpha Quadrant.

The series arc based story telling also established numerous recurring characters. Some of the most prominent include Cardassians such as Elim Garak, Skrain Dukat, Corat Damar and, in the post-finale novels, Akellen Macet; Bajorans including Opaka Sulan, Winn Adami, Bareil Antos, Shakaar Edon and Yevir Linjarin; representatives of the Dominion such as the Female Changeling and Weyoun; Ferengi including Rom, Zek, Ishka and Brunt; patrons and employees of Quark's such as Morn, Leeta and Treir; Klingons including Gowron and Martok; members of Starfleet such as Admiral William Ross and other station personnel, including Michael Eddington (later a leader of the Maquis), Simon Tarses and Phillipa Matthias; friends and family of the primary characters such as Keiko, Molly and Kirayoshi O'Brien, Sisko's partner Kasidy Yates and his father Joseph, and Tora Ziyal, Dukat's daughter and Kira's friend; and finally Vic Fontaine, a hologram who is a singer in the vein of Frank Sinatra.



Between January 1993 to May of 1999 there were 173 episodes of Deep Space Nine, including six direct two-part episodes over the course of seven seasons. Deep Space 9 also appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation; "Birthright" and "Firstborn", and the first episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker".

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes
Season 1 "Emissary" • "Past Prologue" • "A Man Alone" • "Babel" • "Captive Pursuit" • "Q-Less" • "Dax" • "The Passenger" • "Move Along Home" • "The Nagus" • "Vortex" • "Battle Lines" • "The Storyteller" • "Progress" • "If Wishes Were Horses" • "The Forsaken" • "Dramatis Personae" • "Duet" • "In the Hands of the Prophets"
Season 2 "The Homecoming" • "The Circle" • "The Siege" • "Invasive Procedures" • "Cardassians" • "Melora" • "Rules of Acquisition" • "Necessary Evil" • "Second Sight" • "Sanctuary" • "Rivals" • "The Alternate" • "Armageddon Game" • "Whispers" • "Paradise" • "Shadowplay" • "Playing God" • "Profit and Loss" • "Blood Oath" • "The Maquis, Part I" • "The Maquis, Part II" • "The Wire" • "Crossover" • "The Collaborator" • "Tribunal" • "The Jem'Hadar"
Season 3 "The Search, Part I" • "The Search, Part II" • "The House of Quark" • "Equilibrium" • "Second Skin" • "The Abandoned" • "Civil Defense" • "Meridian" • "Defiant" • "Fascination" • "Past Tense, Part I" • "Past Tense, Part II" • "Life Support" • "Heart of Stone" • "Destiny" • "Prophet Motive" • "Visionary" • "Distant Voices" • "Through the Looking Glass" • "Improbable Cause" • "The Die is Cast" • "Explorers" • "Family Business" • "Shakaar" • "Facets" • "The Adversary"
Season 4 "The Way of the Warrior" • "The Visitor" • "Hippocratic Oath" • "Indiscretion" • "Rejoined" • "Starship Down" • "Little Green Men" • "The Sword of Kahless" • "Our Man Bashir" • "Homefront" • "Paradise Lost" • "Crossfire" • "Return to Grace" • "Sons of Mogh" • "Bar Association" • "Accession" • "Rules of Engagement" • "Hard Time" • "Shattered Mirror" • "The Muse" • "For the Cause" • "To the Death" • "The Quickening" • "Body Parts" • "Broken Link"
Season 5 "Apocalypse Rising" • "The Ship" • "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" • "Nor the Battle to the Strong" • "The Assignment" • "Trials and Tribble-ations" • "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." • "Things Past" • "The Ascent" • "Rapture" • "The Darkness and the Light" • "The Begotten" • "For the Uniform" • "In Purgatory's Shadow" • "By Inferno's Light" • "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" • "A Simple Investigation" • "Business as Usual" • "Ties of Blood and Water" • "Ferengi Love Songs" • "Soldiers of the Empire" • "Children of Time" • "Blaze of Glory" • "Empok Nor" • "In the Cards" • "Call to Arms"
Season 6 "A Time to Stand" • "Rocks and Shoals" • "Sons and Daughters" • "Behind the Lines" • "Favor the Bold" • "Sacrifice of Angels" • "You Are Cordially Invited" • "Resurrection" • "Statistical Probabilities" • "The Magnificent Ferengi" • "Waltz" • "Who Mourns for Morn?" • "Far Beyond the Stars" • "One Little Ship" • "Honor Among Thieves" • "Change of Heart" • "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night" • "Inquisition" • "In the Pale Moonlight" • "His Way" • "The Reckoning" • "Valiant" • "Profit and Lace" • "Time's Orphan" • "The Sound of Her Voice" • "Tears of the Prophets"
Season 7 "Image in the Sand" • "Shadows and Symbols" • "Afterimage" • "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" • "Chrysalis" • "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River" • "Once More Unto the Breach" • "The Siege of AR-558" • "Covenant" • "It's Only a Paper Moon" • "Prodigal Daughter" • "The Emperor's New Cloak" • "Field of Fire" • "Chimera" • "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" • "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" • "Penumbra" • "'Til Death Do Us Part" • "Strange Bedfellows" • "The Changing Face of Evil" • "When It Rains..." • "Tacking Into the Wind" • "Extreme Measures" • "The Dogs of War" • "What You Leave Behind"



Avatar, Book One, the first novel in the DS9 relaunch series, set after the TV series

Deep Space 9 (II)

The second Deep Space 9 station, and Sisko's USS Robinson.

Pocket Books have published numerous prose works based on Deep Space Nine. These include a series of twenty-seven numbered novels published during Deep Space Nine's television run. These stories generally take place within the first four seasons of the series.

Along side the numbered series Pocket published the occasional unnumbered novels, including several novelizations of key episodes. Following the conclusion of the television series the books have continued the narrative in what is informally referred to as the "DS9 relaunch".

In addition to stand alone novels the series has had short stories and novellas, including the short story anthologies The Lives of Dax and Prophecy and Change and the series of novel anthologies, Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (which make up part of the relaunch series).

The series is also featured in a line of young adult novels, about the adventures of Jake and Nog while growing up on the station.

Deep Space Nine stories have appeared in many of the crossover miniseries Pocket Books have published, including Invasion!, Day of Honor, The Dominion War, Double Helix, The Captain's Table, The Badlands, Dark Passions, Section 31, Gateways, The Brave and the Bold, Mirror Universe, Myriad Universes and Star Trek: Typhon Pact.

Additionally the Lost Era novel Catalyst of Sorrows prominently features Sisko. There have been several direct crossovers with the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers series, which is set in the same time period as the DS9 relaunch.

In 2008 the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy established Ezri Dax as the captain of the USS Aventine, with the relaunch characters Sam Bowers and Mikaela Leishman as part of her crew. After Destiny, the Aventine also appeared in A Singular Destiny, the Typhon Pact novels Zero Sum Game and Brinkmanship and the TNG novel Takedown.

In 2011, Rough Beasts of Empire featured Sisko returning to Starfleet as the commanding officer of the USS Robinson and also established that Kira was now a Vedek. Vaughn has been critically injured in the Borg invasion.

Deep Space 9 was destroyed by rogue elements of the Typhon Pact in the novels Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn. Raise the Dawn established a new Deep Space 9 being constructed and the Star Trek: The Fall novel Revelation and Dust featured it becoming operational. Original Sin features Sisko's command of the Robinson in a mission in the Gamma Quadrant, with his wife Kasidy and daughter Rebecca aboard the Galaxy-class vessel.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine prose publications
Numbered novels EmissaryThe SiegeBloodletterThe Big GameFallen HeroesBetrayalWarchildAntimatterProud HeliosValhallaDevil in the SkyThe Laertian GambleStation RageThe Long NightObjective: BajorTime's EnemyThe Heart of the WarriorSaratogaThe TempestWrath of the ProphetsTrial by ErrorVengeanceThe 34th RuleThe ConqueredThe CourageousThe LiberatedA Stitch in Time
Unnumbered novels stand-alone WarpedLegends of the FerengiArmageddon SkyThe MistAvatar, Book OneAvatar, Book TwoAbyssDemons of Air and DarknessRising SonThe Left Hand of Destiny, Book OneThe Left Hand of Destiny, Book TwoUnityHollow MenWarpathFearful SymmetryThe Soul KeyThe Never-Ending Sacrifice • • The MissingSacraments of FireAscendanceForce and MotionThe Long MirageRevenant
miniseries Millennium (The Fall of Terok NorThe War of the ProphetsInferno) • Mission Gamma (TwilightThis Gray SpiritCathedralLesser Evil)
Young adult novels The Star GhostStowawaysPrisoners of PeaceThe PetArcadeField TripGypsy WorldHighest ScoreCardassian ImpsSpace CampHonor BoundTrapped in Time
Novelizations EmissaryThe SearchThe Way of the WarriorKlingonTrials and Tribble-ationsCall to Arms......Sacrifice of AngelsFar Beyond the StarsWhat You Leave Behind
Anthologies The Lives of DaxProphecy and ChangeWorlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Volume OneVolume TwoVolume Three)
Omnibuses MillenniumTwist of FaithThese Haunted Seas
eBooks Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found)Rules of AccusationI, The Constable
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine collected short stories, novellas and short novels
The Lives of Dax "Second Star to the Right..." • "First Steps" • "Dead Man's Hand" • "Old Souls" • "Sins of the Mother" • "Infinity" • "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor" • "The Music Between the Notes" • "Reflections" • "... and straight on 'til morning"
Prophecy and Change "Revisited" • "Ha'mara" • "The Orb of Opportunity" • "Broken Oaths" • "... Loved I Not Honor More" • "Three Sides to Every Story" • "The Devil You Know" • "Foundlings" • "Chiaroscuro" • "Face Value" • "The Calling"
Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Volume One ("Cardassia: The Lotus Flower" • "Andor: Paradigm") • Volume Two ("Trill: Unjoined" • "Bajor: Fragments and Omens") • Volume Three ("Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed" • "The Dominion: Olympus Descending")
Strange New Worlds I ("Life's Lessons" • "Where I Fell Before My Enemy") • II ("Research" • "Change of Heart") • III ("Ninety-three Hours" • "Dorian's Diary" • "The Bottom Line" • "The Best Defense..." • "An Errant Breeze") • IV ("Captain Proton and the Orb of Bajor" • "Isolation Ward 4") • V ("Fear, Itself") • VI ("Fabrications" • "Urgent Matter" • "Best Tools Available") • VII ("Infinite Bureaucracy" • "Barclay Program Nine") • 8 ("Trek" • "Gumbo" • "Promises Made" • "Always a Price") • 9 ("Shadowed Allies" • "Living on the Edge of Existence" • "The Last Tree on Ferenginar: A Ferengi Fable From the Future" • "The Tribbles' Pagh") • 10 ("So a Horse Walks into a Bar..." • "Signal to Noise") • 2016 ("The Façade of Fate" • "The Manhunt Pool" • "The Dreamer and the Dream")
Star Trek: Explorer "A Night In" • "By Special Request" • "The Mission" • "Things Can Only Get Better" • "Frontier Medicine" • "The Victim" • "You Can't Buy Fate" • "Lost and Founder" • "A Year to the Day I Saw Myself Die" • "Academy Acquisition"
Misc. short stories "The Badlands, Part IV" • "The Second Artifact" • "Mirror Eyes" • "Requital" • "The Officers' Club" • "A Terrible Beauty"
Misc. novellas & short novels "Horn and Ivory" • "Saturn's Children" • "Seeds of Dissent" • "A Gutted World"



Stowaway, the first DS9 comic

The first Deep Space Nine comics were published by Malibu Comics shortly after the series started. Malibu published a wide range of comics; A monthly series which ran for thirty-two issues; Two annuals, and four one-shots or specials; The Celebrity Series, which comprised of two one-shots written by Star Trek actors; and three miniseries, including The Landmark Crossover, a DS9/TNG crossover story co-published with DC Comics (who were publishing TNG comics at the time).

In 1996 Marvel Comics took on the Star Trek license; they too published a monthly series of Deep Space Nine comics, which ran for fifteen issues. Marvel also published a spin-off series Star Trek: Starfleet Academy which featured Nog at the Academy, and several crossovers with DS9. Both series, along with elements from Star Trek: The Next Generation, were part of Marvel's Telepathy War crossover series, which included one issue of the Starfleet Academy series, two issues of the Deep Space Nine series, a crossover issues published in the Unlimited series, and grand finale in a special one-shot crossover titled Reality's End. One further DS9 story was published in Unlimited, Issue 8.

WildStorm Comics acquired the Star Trek license in 1999; they published the Deep Space Nine miniseries N-Vector, and the DS9/TNG crossover series Divided We Fall, both set after the TV series in the same continuity as the prose DS9 relaunch. Additionally, a Benny Russell story, "When the Stars Come a-Calling", was published in Wildstorm's Star Trek: Special.

IDW Publishing did not take on the license to produce new DS9 comics until three years after they began publishing TOS and TNG comics. In 2007, however, Sisko appeared in the second Klingons: Blood Will Tell comic "Beneath the Skin". In 2009 an elder Kang appear in "Four Thousand Throats...", which partially served as a prequel to the DS9 episode "Blood Oath". 2009 also saw IDW released Best of DS9, which collected several early DS9 Malibu Comics. Finally at the end of the same year IDW began to publish their own DS9 comics, with a Cardassian themed issue of Alien Spotlight II and the start of IDW' first DS9 miniseries, Fool's Gold. The DS9 characters met the Kelvin timeline in The Q Gambit.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics
Malibu Comics Monthly series "Hostage Situation" • ""Stowaway, Part I" • "Stowaway, Part II" • "Old Wounds" • "Emanicipation, Part I" • Emancipation, Part II) • 6 ("Field Trip" • "Pickpocket" • "Program 359") • "Working Vacation" • "Requiem" • 9 ("Requiem II" • "Prelude") • "Descendants" • "A Short Fuse" • "Baby on Board" • "Lapse" • "Dax's Comet, Part 1" • "Dax's Comet, Part II") • "Shanghaied" • "Images" • 18 ("Hearts of Old" • "War Games") • "Mission of Mercy" • "Last Remains" • "Fadeout" • "Deep Space Mine" • The Secret of the Lost Orb ("The Search" • "Acceptable Losses" • "Gods of War") • 26/27 ("Genesis Denied, Part I" • "Genesis Denied, Part II" • "Mudd's Pets, Part I" • "Mudd's Pets, Part II") • "Friend and Foe Alike" • 29/30 ("Sole Asylum" • "Enemies & Allies") • 31 ("Remembrance" • "Rules of Behavior") • "Turn of the Tide"
Annuals The Looking Glass WarUltimate Annual ("No Time Like the Present" • "The Nagus's New Clothes" • "Small Victory")
One-shots LightstormTerok NorDeep Space Nine Special ("Collision Course" • "Frozen Boyhood" • "Oaths" • "Honor" • "Dangerous Times") • Worf Special ("Bonds of Honor" • "Unhappy Trails")
Celebrity series "Blood and Honor" • "The Rules of Diplomacy"
Mini-series Hearts and Minds ("For the Glory of the Empire" • "On the Edge of Armageddon" • "Into the Abyss" • "Masters of War") • The Landmark Crossover ("Prophets and Losses" • "The Wormhole Trap!" • "Encounter with... the Othersiders!" • "The Enemy Unseen") • The Maquis: Soldier of Peace ("Vacation's Over" • "Memoirs of an Invisible Ferengi" • "Rats in a Maze" • "A Tree Grows on Bajor" • "Victims of Deceit")
Marvel-Paramount Comics Monthly series "Judgment Day" • "Judgment Day, The Conclusion!" • "The Cancer Within, Part I" • "The Cancer Within, Part II" • "The Shadow Group" • "Risk" • "Public Enemies, Private Lives" • "Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom" • "Four Funerals and a Wedding" • "Command Decisions" • "Day of Honor" • "Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen" • "Requiem in Obsidian"
Starfleet Academy "Prime Directives" • "Liberty" • "Loyalty Test" • "War and Peace" • "Love and Death" • "Passages" • "Hide and Seek" • "" • "Return to the Forbidden Planet" • "A Prelude to War" • "Judgment" • "Renegades" • "Parents' Day" • "Betrayal" • "Origins" • "The Fall" • "Culture Clash" • "mangHom qaD" • "Between Love and Hate"
Unlimited "Heart of Darkness" • "The Warrior"
one-shot "Reality's End"
WildStorm Comics N-VectorDivided We Fall ("Crossfire" • "No Quarter" • "All Fall Down" • "United We Stand") • Star Trek: Special ("When the Stars Come A-Calling")
IDW Publishing "Alien Spotlight: Cardassians" • Fool's Gold (1234) • Waypoint ("Mother's Walk" • "Frontier Doctor" • "Only You Can Save Yourself" • "The First Year") • Too Long a Sacrifice (1234) • ST - Aliens comic: "Ferengi" • "Soldier On"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic omnibuses
Boxtree Deep Space NineEmancipation and BeyondRequiemHearts and MindsDax's CometThe Maquis: Soldier of PeaceShanghaiedLightstorm/Terok Nor
Titan Books The Landmark Crossover
WildStorm Comics Other Realities
Graphic Imaging Technologies The Complete Comic Book Collection
IDW Publishing Best of DS9Fool's GoldToo Long a SacrificeThe Dog of War

Audio books[]

Deep Space Nine has had no original audio productions, but to date several novels have been adapted into audiobooks.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine audiobooks
EmissaryBloodletterFallen HeroesProud HeliosWarpedStation RageObjective: BajorLegends of the FerengiThe 34th RuleThe Fall of Terok NorEnigma TalesOriginal Sin

Video games[]

Crossroads of Time title screen

Crossroads of Time, the first DS9 video game

The first Deep Space Nine game was Crossroads of Time, published in 1995. Three other DS9 games followed, the most recent being Dominion Wars, released in 2001.

Additionally, elements of DS9 appear in the crossover games Legacy, Encounters, Conquest and Infinite Space.

Deep Space 9 is a visitable location in Star Trek Online, with locations such as Quark's, the Promenade, the Replimat and the Bajoran temple rendered for the game. The Bajoran wormhole also appears.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine video games
Crossroads of TimeHarbingerThe FallenDominion WarsStar Trek Online - Victory Is LifeRed Alert


Last Unicorn Games published a series of three Deep Space Nine themed RPG books in 1999 and 2000. Decipher took on the RPG license in 2000 and published a series of eight books utilizing elements from the entire Star Trek franchise, so feature some DS9 derived content.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine RPG books
Core Game BookNarrator's ToolkitRaiders, Renegades & Rogues

Reference works[]

DS9 Technical Manual

The Deep Space Nine Technical Manual

There have been three in-universe and two real-world reference works produced for Deep Space Nine. The series is also represented in many pan-franchise reference works, including the in-universe books: Star Trek Chronology, The Star Trek Encyclopedia, Federation Passport, Q's Guide to the Continuum, The Tribble Handbook, Star Trek Cookbook, Celebrations, Starship Spotter, The Starfleet Survival Guide, Star Charts and Ships of the Line; the in-universe reference magazine Star Trek Fact Files; and real world reference books such as: The Art of Star Trek, Aliens & Artifacts, Star Trek 101 and the guide to Star Trek prose works, Voyages of Imagination

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reference works
In-universe The Ferengi Rules of AcquisitionLegends of the FerengiStar Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
Real-world The Magic of Tribbles: The Making of Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Trials and Tribble-ationsThe Making of Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion


Deep Space Nine 2001 Calendar

The 2001 DS9 calendar.

From 1993 to 2001, Pocket Books and Andrews McMeel Publishing published nine Deep Space Nine calendars, which featured episode images, as well as new images of Deep Space 9 and the Defiant by Gary Hutzel in some of the later calendars.

Deep Space Nine imagery can also be found in the Ships of the Line calendars.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine calendars
1994 calendar1995 calendar1996 calendar1997 calendar1998 calendar1999 calendar2000 calendar2001 calendar2002 calendar

Other media[]

In addition to its RPG, Decipher have also produced the Star Trek Customizable Card Game since 1994, which encompasses the entire Star Trek franchise, including numerous DS9 based cards.


Odo promo




Promo photos[]


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