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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was an fifteen part comic series by Marvel Comics published from 1996 until 1998.

Issues[edit | edit source]

  1. "Judgment Day" by Howard Weinstein
  2. "Judgment Day, The Conclusion!" by Howard Weinstein
  3. "The Cancer Within, Part I" by Mariano Nicieza
  4. "The Cancer Within, Part II" by Mariano Nicieza
  5. "The Shadow Group" by Mariano Nicieza
  6. "Risk, Part One" by Howard Weinstein
  7. "Risk, The Conclusion" by Howard Weinstein
  8. "Public Enemies, Private Lives" by Mariano Nicieza
  9. "Public Enemies, Private Lives, Conclusion" by Mariano Nicieza
  10. "Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom" by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
  11. "Four Funerals and a Wedding" by Michael Martin and Andy Mangels
  12. Telepathy War Part 2: "Command Decisions" by Michael Martin and Andy Mangels
  13. Telepathy War Part 3: "Day of Honor" by Michael Martin and Andy Mangels
  14. "Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen" by Michael Martin and Andy Mangels
  15. "Requiem in Obsidian" by Michael Martin and Andy Mangels

Connections[edit | edit source]

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