Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the title of a series of books for young readers, published from 1994 to 1998. Images in eleven of the twelve novels were illustrated by Todd Cameron Hamilton.

The series, based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, features Jake Sisko and Nog in leading roles. The exception is Day of Honor: Honor Bound, which focuses on Alexander Rozhenko and ties in with the adult novels' "Day of Honor" crossover event in 1997. The majority of the series takes place during the first and second series of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, with Honor Bound and Trapped in Time being set in the fourth season. Each novel featured a schematic of Deep Space 9.


  1. The Star Ghost by Brad Strickland (1994)
  2. Stowaways by Brad Strickland (1994)
  3. Prisoners of Peace by John Peel (1994)
  4. The Pet by Mel Gilden and Ted Pedersen (1994)
  5. Arcade by Diana G. Gallagher (1995)
  6. Field Trip by John Peel (1995)
  7. Gypsy World by Ted Pedersen (1996)
  8. Highest Score by Kem Antilles (Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, 1996)
  9. Cardassian Imps by Mel Gilden (1997)
  10. Space Camp by Ted Pedersen (1997)
  11. Day of Honor: Honor Bound by Diana G. Gallagher (1997)
  12. Trapped in Time by Ted Pedersen (1998)

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