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The second season of Deep Space Nine was produced and aired in 1993 and 1994.


After the success of the first season, DS9 was renewed for another year of episodes in syndication to independent television stations, with a normal US television season running from fall to the beginning of summer in the following year. Since DS9 season 1 premiered in January 1993 and had an abbreviated run of 20 episodes, this was the first "full-length" season of DS9. While TNG had established a tradition of ending each year with a cliffhanger, making each season premiere a concluding part of a two-part episode, DS9 did not follow that structure, ending season 1 with an open-ended story arc. While "In the Hands of the Prophets" did not end with a "to be continued"-style cliffhanger, it did lead into the opening of season 2.

Notably, the season 2 premiere was the first three-part episode in Star Trek history, and the first multipart episode to not use a serial nomenclature format. "The Homecoming", "The Circle" and "The Siege" each had their own names without any numerical additions to the title to show the serial nature of the storyline. The serial episodic format (including a "recap" before the teaser) ended up being used more and more frequently during the remaining years of DS9, as well as towards the end of Enterprise, and would eventually be adopted as standard by Discovery and Picard.

The ongoing story of DS9 was expanded to include forays into Bajoran and Cardassian politics in season 2, and two long-running storylines would be built, with the slow introduction of the Dominion that would lead to the Dominion War arc of DS9's final years and the introduction of the Maquis, a plotline that was also playing out in the final year of TNG and was intended to lead into the premiere of Voyager. The second season also revisited the alternate "mirror" universe of the original series for the first time.

Season 2 would end with "The Jem'Hadar", another open-ended finale that would lead into the multipart "The Search" in DS9 season 3.


The cast of DS9 season 1 all returned to their roles, including DS9's growing ensemble of recurring guest players in the roles of Rom, Nog, Elim Garak, Skrain Dukat, Bareil Antos and Winn Adami, among others. Enabran Tain was introduced in the second season and "Blood Oath" brought back three Klingon enemies of Captain Kirk, Kang, Koloth and Kor.

Licensed publications

After the successful beginning of tie-in publications by Pocket Books and Malibu Comics, both novels and comic books were produced in conjunction with the production of this season.


Novels set during the second season



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