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Discovery 1st

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The second season of Star Trek: Discovery was produced in 2018 and released in 2019.


DSC season 2 was announced following the season 1 finale, which had a cliffhanger reception of a distress call from Captain Christopher Pike aboard the USS Enterprise.


  1. "Brother" (premiere)
  2. "New Eden"
  3. "Point of Light"
  4. "An Obol for Charon"
  5. "Saints of Imperfection"
  6. "The Sounds of Thunder"
  7. "Light and Shadows"
  8. "If Memory Serves"
  9. "Project Daedalus"
  10. "The Red Angel"
  11. "Perpetual Infinity"
  12. "Through the Valley of Shadows"
  13. "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part I"
  14. "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II"



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