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Star Trek: Early Voyages was an original comic series written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton and published by Marvel Comics in 1997 and 1998. The seventeen issue series depicted the voyages of the USS Enterprise under command of Captain Christopher Pike, as established in the Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode "The Cage".


The series begins prior to "The Cage"; however after three issues-per references in "The Cage"-Pike's yeoman is killed on Rigel VII and replaced the following issue by J. Mia Colt. Colt's introductory issue, "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" is presented as an alternate point-of-view of "The Cage".

Kaaj intro

Pike's first encounter with Kaaj, his recurring Klingon nemesis in the series

The series was structured with single and multipart stories, including story arcs that recurred throughout the series, or gradually built up over several issues: A Klingon, Kaaj, was introduced in the second issue of the series as a recurring nemesis to Pike; unusual behavior in early issues by Doctor Boyce is explained in the eighth issue, "Immortal Wounds"; references to an ongoing conflict with the Tholians built to a head with the two part story "The Fallen", featuring the Tholian's shock troops, the Chakuun; and issue twelve began a four-issue story arc set in an alternate future version of 2293, where Pike had continued on to command the USS Enterprise-A.

Issue twelve also began a story arc picked up in issues sixteen and seventeen, however the arc was never completed as the series was abruptly canceled.

ST Omnibus 2

IDW's omnibus of the series

The entire series was republished on The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD published by Graphic Imaging Technologies in 2008, or as a single paperback omnibus, Star Trek Omnibus, Volume 2, published by IDW Publishing in 2009. According to an interview with the Early Voyages writer Ian Edginton published in the 2009 Comics International Star Trek Special there were discussions towards writing an afterword for the IDW collection, to explain how the series might have played out; specifically the conclusion of story arc begun in "Thantos" and "Nemesis". Unfortunately "there wasn't time in the end".


The series built upon the characters established in "The Cage": commanding officer Captain Christopher Pike; first officer Number One; chief medical officer Doctor Phillip Boyce; science officer Spock; and navigator José Tyler. Pike's previous yeoman, referred to in "The Cage", is established as Dermot Cusack, and features prominently in the series until his death and replacement by J. Mia Colt, also originating from "The Cage".

To flesh out the crew the series also introduces several other Enterprise personnel: Moves-With-Burning-Grace, the ship's Masai chief engineer; Nano, a Lirin communications officer; Sita Mohindas, an Indian helm officer; and Italian Nurse, Gabrielle Carlotti.

The first issue of the series "Flesh of My Flesh" makes use of "The Cage"'s Nils Pitcairn as transporter chief. However he only appears in two panels of that issue out of the whole series. Pitcairn's assistant from "The Cage", Yamata also appears in a single panel. The Early Voyages Sketchbook published in the back of the fourth issue of the series also includes illustrations of chief petty officer Garrison, also established in "The Cage", but the character make no appearances in the series.

Additionally there are a number of recurring characters in the series: The Enterprise's previous commander, Robert April appears in three issues; issue twelve establishes a new assistant to Chief Grace, Shane Samson, who is established as a nuisance to Grace later in the series, but not properly fleshed out before the series' cancellation. The Klingon Kaaj appears in four issues of the series, with his helm officer Virka also a significant presence.

In the alternate future version of 2293 visited in the four-issue story arc in the series we also encounter alternate versions of many of the Original Series cast: James T. Kirk commands the Bounty, whose crew includes Montgomery Scott; while Spock, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura and Saavik all serve under Captain Pike on the Enterprise-A. In this timeline General Chang also appears as a familiar opponent of Pike's.


Prior to Star Trek: Discovery, the era of the 2250s was depicted in only one canon production, TOS episode: "The Cage", and many of the specific depictions of the style and technology of that era was adopted by this series. Notably, the familiar Enterprise sets were all differently colored than the redesigned TOS versions, and the technological interfaces took on slightly different forms. Also, the uniforms were of a different design, with ribbed turtleneck collars rather than the black-collared versions used in TOS.

While EV artists correctly depicted the 2250s uniform collars and set dressings, such as the adjustable telescoping intercom screens, they did miss a few points. The uniforms of "The Cage" came in three colors, which included a verdant gold for the command division, a soft teal-blue for the sciences division, and a pale beige for the operations division. In the comic, the similar-looking gold and beige both ended up being colored yellow, regardless of the division. Also, the onscreen rank insignia in "The Cage" had not been refined, and all commissioned officers wore a single sleeve stripe, with a special broken braid for chiefs and no stripes for junior personnel. In what was later admitted in the 10th issue letter column to be a conscious editorial decision, the artists used TOS rank insignia with multiple wavy-braided sleeve stripes to show the hierarchy between the regular characters. After a letter published in the sixth issue pointed out the inaccuracy, the editors commented that the insignia would be changed, except for Pike, who would wear two stripes, which was a captain's insignia worn by Captain Kirk in a similar uniform style in TOS episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before".


The series was written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton under the editor Bobbie Chase. The series used several artists, starting with Patrick Zircher and Greg Adams. Mike Collins replaced Zircher as penciler for issues nine to twelve, while Steve Moncuse took over from Adams as inker from issue thirteen. The final two issues of the series were penciled by Javier Pulido. The entire series was colored by Marie Javins, and lettered by Janice Chiang, who worked along side The Human Touch for the final four issues of the series.

In the 2009 Comics International Star Trek Special both writers, and the artist Mike Collins, looked back on the Early Voyages series fondly, although with some regret the series never had a proper conclusion. Abnett commented that of all the Star Trek comics he had worked on Early Voyages was "the work [he] was proudest of".


Issue Title Writers Notes Published Cover
1 Flesh of My Flesh Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Extended forty page premier issue. Includes flashbacks to Pike taking command of the Enterprise and Spock being recruited to join the crew. February 1997 EV1
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
2 The Fires of Pharos Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Takes place shortly after the previous issue, which delayed the Enterprise's scheduled mission to the Marrat Nebula seen here. Introduces Kaaj, Pike's recurring Klingon nemesis. March 1997 EV2
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
3 Our Dearest Blood Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Takes place shortly before "The Cage", showing events on Rigel VII referenced in that episode. Final appearance by Dermot Cusack. April 1997 EV3
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
4 Nor Iron Bars a Cage Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Set concurrently with "The Cage", with flashbacks to shortly before the episode. Introduces J. Mia Colt as Cusack's replacement as captain's yeoman. May 1997 EV4
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
5 Cloak & Dagger Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Part one of a two-part story featuring a lost colony of ancient Vulcans. June 1997 EV5
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
6 Cloak and Dagger, Part 2 of 2 Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Conclusion of the story begun in previous issue. Offers an explanation of the change in Spock's behavior; from outward displays of emotion in "The Cage", to the familiar logical Spock of later periods. July 1997 EV6
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
7 The Flat, Gold Forever Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Second appearance by Kaaj. First use of smaller stardates in the hundreds rather than thousands. August 1997 EV7
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
8 Immortal Wounds Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Conclusion to recurring story arc from previous issues involving Doctor Boyce's behaviour. September 1997 EV8
Patrick Zircher & Greg Adams
9 One of a Kind Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Story based around Nano as he returns to his homeworld Liria. First change in creative team as Mike Collins steps in as "guest penciler" in place of Patrick Zircher. October 1997 EV9
Michael Collins & Greg Adams
10 The Fallen, Part One Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton First of a two-part story featuring the Chakuun. The Enterprise makes a return to Earth in preparation for conflict with the Chakuun. Issue revolves around the crews' families and relationships. November 1997 EV10
Michael Collins & Greg Adams
11 The Fallen, Part Two Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Conclusion of the story begun in previous issue. December 1997 EV11
Michael Collins & Greg Adams
12 Futures, Part One Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton The Enterprise is undergoing repairs following the events of the previous issue. Begins a story arc continued in issue 16, following another story arc begun here that sees J. Mia Colt travel in time to 2293. January 1998 EV12
Michael Collins & Greg Adams
13 Future Tense Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Continuation of Colt time travel story; in an alternate future Colt encounters versions of James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott and Klingon General Chang as well as the USS Enterprise-A under command of Captain Pike. Patrick Zircher returns as penciler, while Greg Adams is replaced by Steve Moncuse as inker. February 1998 EV13
Patrick Zircher & Steve Moncuse
14 Futures, Part Three Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Continuation of Colt time travel story. Number One is established as the commander of the USS Excelsior in this timeline. March 1998 EV14
Patrick Zircher & Steve Moncuse
15 Now and Then Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Conclusion of Colt time travel story. April 1998 EV15
Patrick Zircher & Steve Moncuse
16 Thanatos Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Following Colt's return, the story in 2254 continues with an undercover mission to the planet Temazi. Kaaj makes his third appearance, along with his subordinate Virka in an expanded role. Javier Pulido takes over as penciler. May 1998 EV16
Javier Pulido & Steve Moncuse
17 Nemesis Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton Continuation of the story begun in previous issue, and final issue of the series. The Temazi story arc remains incomplete as the Early Voyages series was canceled before its conclusion. May 1998 EV17
Javier Pulido & Steve Moncuse


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From its origins in "The Cage", the Pike era has been depicted in multiple formats across Star Trek media. The Early Voyages series represents the largest body of work depicting Captain Pike and his crew, but he has also appeared in several other comics, as well as prose novels and short stories. Pike has also appeared in mirror universe and alternate reality stories.

The majority of works featuring Pike do not make use of his expanded crew as established in Early Voyages. One character to buck this trend is Moves-With-Burning-Grace, who has also appeared in the SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still and the novel Burning Dreams. Several years later, Sita Mohindas featured in the novel Child of Two Worlds, while Nano briefly appeared in the Star Trek: Discovery novel Drastic Measures.

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