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Star Trek: Enterprise (originally entitled Enterprise during the entirety of its first two seasons) was the fifth live-action incarnation of Star Trek. As a television series it ran from 26 September, 2001 to 13 May, 2005, spanning four seasons before it was canceled due to network ratings concerns. The series continues in novels and other media.


Taking place a century before Kirk and Spock's five-year mission, the series depicts the voyages of Earth's first warp five starship, the Enterprise (NX-01). The series began with a focus on Humanity's early deep space exploration. Recurring story arcs in the series included: the interstellar-politics of the era, pointing towards the eventual formation of the United Federation of Planets; growing hostilities with the Romulan Star Empire, building up the Earth-Romulan War; and the Temporal Cold War.

In addition to the Enterprise itself settings for the series include: The Enterprise's sister ship, the Columbia and Earth and its galactic neighbors, including the Confederacy of Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. Other antagonists in the series have included the Suliban Cabal and the Xindi.


The primary characters in the series are the crew of the Enterprise: Captain Jonathan Archer; Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, the chief engineer; Subcommander (later Commander) T'Pol, the Vulcan first officer and science officer; Dr. Phlox, the Denobulan chief medical officer; Lt. Malcolm Reed, the tactical officer come Section 31 spy; Ensign Hoshi Sato, a linguist and communications officer; and Ensign Travis Mayweather at the helm.

Prominent recurring characters include: The Andorian Imperial Guard Commander Thy'lek Shran; Ambassador Soval of Vulcan; Starfleet Admiral Maxwell Forrest; Erika Hernandez, captain of the Columbia; Future Guy, and his Suliban henchman Silik; and the enigmatic time traveler Timot Danlen, known as Crewman Daniels on the show.



Star Trek: Enterprise aired ninety-eight episodes (including five two-parters) over the course of four seasons. Due to declining ratings, the series was canceled during its fourth season.

Star Trek: Enterprise episodes
ENT season 1 "Broken Bow" • "Fight or Flight" • "Strange New World" • "Unexpected" • "Terra Nova" • "The Andorian Incident" • "Breaking the Ice" • "Civilization" • "Fortunate Son" • "Cold Front" • "Silent Enemy" • "Dear Doctor" • "Sleeping Dogs" • "Shadows of P'Jem" • "Shuttlepod One" • "Fusion" • "Rogue Planet" • "Acquisition" • "Oasis" • "Detained" • "Vox Sola" • "Fallen Hero" • "Desert Crossing" • "Two Days and Two Nights" • "Shockwave"
ENT season 2 "Shockwave" • "Carbon Creek" • "Minefield" • "Dead Stop" • "A Night in Sickbay" • "Marauders" • "The Seventh" • "The Communicator" • "Singularity" • "Vanishing Point" • "Precious Cargo" • "The Catwalk" • "Dawn" • "Stigma" • "Cease Fire" • "Future Tense" • "Canamar" • "The Crossing" • "Judgment" • "Horizon" • "The Breach" • "Cogenitor" • "Regeneration" • "First Flight" • "Bounty" • "The Expanse"
ENT season 3 "The Xindi" • "Anomaly" • "Extinction" • "Rajiin" • "Impulse" • "Exile" • "The Shipment" • "Twilight" • "North Star" • "Similitude" • "Carpenter Street" • "Chosen Realm" • "Proving Ground" • "Stratagem" • "Harbinger" • "Doctor's Orders" • "Hatchery" • "Azati Prime" • "Damage" • "The Forgotten" • "" • "The Council" • "Countdown" • "Zero Hour"
ENT season 4 "Storm Front" • "Home" • "Borderland" • "Cold Station 12" • "The Augments" • "The Forge" • "Awakening" • "Kir'Shara" • "Daedalus" • "Observer Effect" • "Babel One" • "United" • "The Aenar" • "Affliction" • "Divergence" • "Bound" • "In a Mirror, Darkly" • "Demons" • "Terra Prime" • "These Are the Voyages..."



By the Book, the first original Enterprise prose story, published in 2002

Star Trek: Enterprise has so far spawned only a limited number of stories in novels and short stories. Some have been released in Explorer magazine.


ENTlogo-9781476726991 hr

ENT logotype.

Enterprise novels have expanded the series beyond its television ending. Novels in the Enterprise Relaunch initially focused on the events leading up to the Romulan War, before moving on to the events of the war itself and are currently exploring the early days of the Federation.

Crossover with other series[]

Enterprise stories have also featured in several multi-series prose projects. The first crossover Enterprise tale was a short prelude to the The Brave and the Bold duology. Enterprise short stories and novels have also been published in the Mirror Universe and Myriad Universes series. The starship Columbia and crew play a significant role in the Destiny crossover trilogy.

The Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations novel Watching the Clock also concludes the Temporal Cold War arc started in the series, revealing the true identity of Future Guy.

Star Trek: Enterprise prose publications
Novelizations Broken BowShockwaveThe Expanse
Original novels set during the series By the BookWhat Price Honor?Surak's SoulDaedalusDaedalus's ChildrenLast Full MeasureRosetta
set after the series The Good That Men DoKobayashi MaruThe Romulan War (Beneath the Raptor's WingTo Brave the Storm) • Rise of the Federation (A Choice of FuturesTower of BabelUncertain LogicLive by the CodePatterns of Interference )
Star Trek: Enterprise collected short stories, novellas and short novels
Strange New Worlds V ("Remnant" • "A Girl for Every Star" • "Hoshi's Gift") • VI ("Savior" • "Preconceptions" • "Cabin E-14") • VII ("Earthquake Weather") • 8 ("Egg Drop Soup" • "Hero" • "Insanity") • 9 ("Rounding a Corner Already Turned" • "Mother Nature's Little Reminders" • "Mestral") • 10 ("The Dream" • "Universal Chord" • "You Are Not in Space")
Misc. short stories "Prelude: Discovery" • "Have Beagle, Will Travel: The Legend of Porthos" • "Nobunaga" • "The Offer" • "Control"
Misc. novellas & short novels "Age of the Empress" • "A Less Perfect Union"
Comics "The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty"
Phlox flashback

Phlox's comic book debut.

Enterprise has not had any video games based purely on it, but the series does feature in the franchise-spanning games such as Legacy and Encounters, while storylines and events from the series are sometimes mentioned in Star Trek Online.


Cover of "Waypoint, Issue 4".

Enterprise is the only legacy Star Trek series not to have any comic series based on it. IDW's Waypoint miniseries released a 10-page comic story featuring Jonathan Archer and Porthos in 2017, "The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty". Otherwise, the most Enterprise has so far achieved in comics are a handful of references in IDW Publishing publications: A shuttlepod appeared in TNG comic: "Captain's Pleasure" and flashback to the ENT episode: "Divergence" was included in TOS comic: "Against Their Nature" in 2007, Phlox's debut in a comic. The NX-01 features as a hologram in young Kirk's bedroom in the comic "Operation: Annihilate, Part 1". In LD comic: "All in a Sea of Wonders", the Lower Decks characters ran a holodeck program of the NX-01 bridge manned by T'Pol, Tucker, and Reed.

Enterprise references can be found in several of the RPG books published by Decipher, and the Star Trek Customizable Card Game. Mōdiphiüs Entertainment has released a small ENT-specific sourcebook, Enterprise Player Characters. In their Adventures RPG roleplay modules, A World With a Bluer Sun featured the NX class Atlantis (NX-05) and A Cure Worse Than the Disease took place aboard an NX class vessel.

Whilst there are no reference works based solely on the series, elements from the series are incorporated into the Star Charts book, and Star Trek Fact Files and Star Trek: The Collector's Edition part-work publications. Images based on Enterprise have also appeared in the Ships of the Line calendars and Ships of the Line book.

The reference book Federation: The First 150 Years heavily details the events of Enterprise in the first few chapters. The Shipyards reference series showcases starships from the series, with Starfleet Ships 2151 - 2293 focusing on its Federation vessels, Federation Members its Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite ships, and The Klingon Fleet its Klingon vessels.

The Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary features a large section on Star Trek: Enterprise. The USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual features a chapter on the Enterprise (NX-01).

Real world information about the series is detailed in Star Trek 101, and Enterprise prose is listed in Voyages of Imagination.



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