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There are currently sixteen books in the Star Trek: Enterprise novel series.


Title Author(s) Published Cover
Broken Bow Diane Carey November 2001 Broken Bow cover
Shockwave Paul Ruditis October 2002 Shockwave cover
The Expanse J.M. Dillard October 2003 The Expanse cover

Original novels

Set during the series

Title Author(s) Published Cover
By the Book Dean Wesley Smith
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
January 2002 By The Book cover
What Price Honor? Dave Stern November 2002 What Price Honor? cover
Surak's Soul J.M. Dillard March 2003 Surak's Soul cover
Daedalus Dave Stern December 2003 Daedalus cover
Daedalus's Children May 2004 Daedalus's Children cover
Rosetta Dave Stern February 2006 Rosetta cover
Last Full Measure Andy Mangels
Michael A. Martin
April 2006 Last Full Measure cover

Set after the series

Title Author(s) Published Cover
The Good That Men Do Andy Mangels
Michael A. Martin
February 2007 The Good That Men Do cover
Kobayashi Maru September 2008 Kobayashi Maru cover
The Romulan War:
Beneath the Raptor's Wing
Michael A. Martin October 2009 Beneath the Raptor's Wing cover
The Romulan War:
To Brave the Storm
October 2011 To Brave the Storm cover
Rise of the Federation:
A Choice of Futures
Christopher L. Bennett June 2013 A Choice of Futures cover
Rise of the Federation:
Tower of Babel
March 2014 A Tower of Babel cover
Rise of the Federation:
Uncertain Logic
March 2015 Uncertain Logic cover
Rise of the Federation:
Live by the Code
March 2016 Live by the Code cover
Rise of the Federation:
Patterns of Interference
August 2017 Patterns of Interference cover




Star Trek: Enterprise prose publications
Novelizations Broken BowShockwaveThe Expanse
Original novels set during the series By the BookWhat Price Honor?Surak's SoulDaedalusDaedalus's ChildrenLast Full MeasureRosetta
set after the series The Good That Men DoKobayashi MaruThe Romulan War (Beneath the Raptor's WingTo Brave the Storm) • Rise of the Federation (A Choice of FuturesTower of BabelUncertain LogicLive by the CodePatterns of Interference )
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