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Star Trek: New Frontier is a series chronicling the adventures of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur. Created by Peter David in 1997, it was the first Star Trek book series to prominently feature characters created directly for print rather than for the screen.

Series history[]

New Frontier was created in 1997 by Pocket Books Editor John Ordover and writer Peter David. It was considered to be an experiment, to see how readers would react to novels which did not center on major characters or the settings featured in the television series.

Ordover conceived of New Frontier as an analogue to the post-Soviet USSR, where numerous forces once kept in check by the central government began to battle to fill the power vacuum, and old conflicts begin to resurface. (Voyages of Imagination)

David created three original characters for New Frontier novels: Mackenzie Calhoun, formerly known as M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, leader of the Xenexian rebellion against the alien Danteri; Si Cwan, a former Thallonian nobleman now out of power; and Burgoyne 172, the Hermat Chief Engineer of the USS Excalibur. Three more characters -- Soleta, Zak Kebron, and Mark McHenry -- were created by David for his trilogy of Starfleet Academy novels featuring Worf, and brought back to the new series as adult officers. Elizabeth Shelby, Robin Lefler, and Dr. Selar were also included due to their status as "one-shot favorites" of Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.

The first four titles were released as shorter (and cheaper) "chapbooks", in much the same manner as Stephen King's The Green Mile was originally published the year prior. These four books were later re-released in a single hardbound omnibus.

The New Frontier series has been quite successful, and includes some of the best selling of the recent Star Trek novels. Its success is directly responsible for other similar lit-only Trek series, such as Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Star Trek: IKS Gorkon.

New Frontier stories regularly appear in crossover miniseries and short story anthologies. The series has also expanded into the realm of comics; In 2000 WildStorm Comics published the first New Frontier comic and approached David about creating a second but lost the license before that came to fruition. In 2008 the new comics licenser, IDW Publishing, approached David about a new New Frontier comics project, resulting in the publication of a five-part miniseries. [1]

New Frontier logo2

21st century New Frontier logotype.

Beginning in July of 2015, New Frontier returned in a series of eBooks published by Pocket. [2]



Published order[]

Title Author(s) Format Published Cover
#1 House of Cards Peter David novel
(reprinted in New Frontier)
July 1997 NF1 House of Cards cover
#2 Into the Void Peter David novel
(reprinted in New Frontier)
July 1997 NF2 Into the Void cover
#3 The Two-Front War Peter David novel
(reprinted in New Frontier)
August 1997 NF 3 The Two Front War
#4 End Game Peter David novel
(reprinted in New Frontier)
August 1997 NF 4 End Game Cover
#5 Martyr Peter David novel
(reprinted in Prometheans)
March 1998 NF 5 Martyr Cover.jpg
#6 Fire on High Peter David novel
(reprinted in Prometheans)
April 1998 NF 6 Fire on High
The Captain's Table #5 Once Burned Peter David novel
(reprinted in The Captain's Table)
October 1998 Once burned
Double Helix #5 (TNG #55) Double or Nothing Peter David novel August 1999 Double or Nothing cover
#7 The Quiet Place Peter David novel November 1999 The Quiet Place cover
#8 Dark Allies Peter David novel November 1999 Dark Allies cover
Excalibur #1 #9 Requiem Peter David novel September 2000 Requiem cover
Excalibur #2 #10 Renaissance Peter David novel September 2000 Renaissance cover
Excalibur #3 #11 Restoration Peter David novel Hardcover: November 2000 Paperback: November 2001 Restoration cover
Double Time Peter David Art by: Mike Collins & David Roach comic
(reprinted in Other Realities)
November 2000 Double Time Cover
Gateways #6 Cold Wars Peter David novel October 2001 Cold Wars cover
Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond: "Death After Life" Peter David novella Hardcover: November 2001 Paperback: October 2002 What Lay Beyond
#12 Being Human Peter David novel November 2001 Being Human cover
Gods Above Peter David novel October 2003 Gods Above cover
Stone and Anvil Peter David novel October 2003 Stone and Anvil cover
No Limits Editors: Peter David, with Keith R.A. DeCandido anthology October 2003 NoLimits
Tales of the Dominion War "Stone Cold Truths" Peter David short story August 2004 Tales of the Dominion War
After the Fall Peter David novel Hardcover: November 2004 Paperback: December 2005 After the Fall
Tales from the Captain's Table "Pain Management" Peter David short story June 2005 TalesCaptainsTable
Missing in Action Peter David novel Hardcover: February 2006 Paperback: January 2007 Trade paperback: April 2008 Missing in action
Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances "Cutting Ties" Peter David novel March 2007 Mirror2
Turnaround Peter David Art by: Stephen Thompson Five-part comic miniseries Issues: March-July 2008 Omnibus: October 2008 NewFrontiercollection
Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows "Homecoming" Peter David short story January 2009 Shards and Shadows
Treason Peter David novel Trade paperback: April 2009 Mass market paperback: March 2010 Treason
Blind Man's Bluff Peter David novel Trade paperback: April 2011 Blind Man's Bluff cover
The Returned, Part 1 Peter David eBook July 2015 The Returned 1 cover
The Returned, Part 2 Peter David eBook August 2015 The Returned 2 cover
The Returned, Part 3 Peter David eBook September 2015 The Returned 3 cover

Chronological order[]


  • New Frontier - Collector's Edition Hardcover of Books 1-4.
  • Prometheans - Exclusive book club hardcover omnibus of Martyr and Fire on High.

Related works[]

  • Starfleet Academy - Trilogy featuring Kebron, Soleta, and McHenry as classmates of Worf at Starfleet Academy.
  1. Worf's First Adventure
  2. Line of Fire
  3. Survival



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