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Star Trek: Phase II was an unproduced TV series developed in the late 1970s. It depicted an alternate version of the events of Captain Kirk's second five-year mission aboard the refurbished USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).


In this continuity, the Enterprise was refitted as a Jefferies-class starship, a different configuration than the Enterprise-class seen in TOS movie: The Motion Picture. Warp engines, support pylons, and the interconnecting strut appeared to have the most differences. The primary hull closely resembled its pre-refit design, although there were two turbolifts connected to the bridge. (The Official Starships Collection Issue Bonus Edition 08: "USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Phase II Concept")

Regarding the crew complement, Most of Kirk’s senior staff from his first five-year mission returned. However, Lieutenant Xon replaced Commander Spock as science officer. Commander Willard Decker served aboard the ship as executive officer. Lieutenant Ilia served as the ship’s navigator. In this version of events, Decker and Ilia survived their encounter with V’Ger in 2273 and continued to serve aboard the ship. (ST reference: Phase II: The Lost Series)

Uniforms were nearly identical to the Starfleet uniform (2265-2270). A thin stripe matching the shirt color ran through the middle of the black collar. The insignia was the same as in the Starfleet uniform (early 2270s). Female security officers wore pants and a shirt with a tight collar. Ilia wore a short-sleeved gold shirt. (TOS comic: "The Fear")


The pilot script for Star Trek: Phase II, In Thy Image, was adapted to become the script for TOS movie: The Motion Picture when Paramount chose to produce a major motion picture instead of a TV series. The first half-season of episode scripts had been prepared for the TV series. Complete scripts for "In Thy Image" and "The Child" were published, along with detailed summaries of the other episodes. (ST reference: Phase II: The Lost Series)


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