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Star Trek: Prometheus is a novel miniseries created by Christian Humberg and Bernd Perplies. It is a sequel to the events of Star Trek: The Fall. Prometheus will feature tensions on the frontier between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, and will center on the USS Prometheus (NX-74913) and the IKS Bortas as they investigate the threat of terrorism in the Lembatta Cluster.


Cross Cult negotiated for two years with CBS and received the rights to participate in the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise by writing and publishing a trilogy of novels set in the year 2385 of the ongoing novel continuity.

The series was originally published from July to September 2016 in German. English translations began to be released in November 2017, with Keith R.A. DeCandido providing editorial assistance.[1] Audiobooks of the English-language editions were announced from Big Finish Productions, and began release, in July 2018.[2]


The novels were announced by Cross Cult's "Star Trek Romane" account on the social media platform Facebook on 23 November 2015. Bernd Perplies, one of the authors, elaborated on the series in online posts. The three novels would feature Captain Richard Adams of the USS Prometheus facing of against Klingons, aliens and terrorists in the Lembatta Cluster, shortly after the assassination of President Nanietta Bacco and the election of President Kellessar zh'Tarash.

title author published cover
Feuer gegen Feuer Christian Humberg
& Bernd Perplies
July 2016 Feuer gegen Feuer cover
Der Ursprung allen Zorns Christian Humberg
& Bernd Perplies
August 2016 Der Ursprung allen Zorns cover
Ins Herz des Chaos Christian Humberg
& Bernd Perplies
September 2016 Ins Herz des Chaos cover

Main characters[]

Crew manifest[]

CV of Captain Adams[]

Richard "Dick" Adams is born in 2325. Enrolling in Starfleet Academy in 2344, he graduates as ensign four years later. His first assignment his the USS Wyoming as security officer under Captain Leonard James Akaar, participating in the Tzenkethi War. Soon after the promotion to lieutenant, Adams is made deputy security chief.

In 2355, Lieutenant Adams transfers to the USS Alamo. Following training for the command track, the Human is promoted to lieutenant commander in 2359, and named security chief of the Alamo. He holds the same post after transferring to the USS Sutherland in 2361, and becomes second officer, too. Adams becomes a commander in 2366. Another transfers leads to the newly-commissioned USS Akira, prototype of a new class of heavy cruisers. Adams is the Akira's first officer.

An opportunity in 2371 allows Adams to gain command of his first ship, the USS Geronimo. The ship is tragically lost in the First Battle of Chin'toka in 2374. The majority of its crew is lost. During the convalescence, Adams begins teaching at Starfleet Academy, meeting fellow teacher and Dominion War veteran Rhea Kadani. They marry in 2376. In 2377, she assumes command of the USS Red Cloud (NCC-63306). Adams' old friend Fleet Admiral Akaar provides Richard with the USS Prometheus (NX-74913).[3]



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