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ST The Card Game logo

Star Trek: The Card Game logo.

Star Trek: The Card Game was released in 1996. There were only two series released, Basic and Starfleet Maneuvers. A third series was rumored to be in the works, Alien Encounters, it was never released. There is also a German printing version of the Basic Set called Star Trek: Das Card Game, was released by Modern Graphics. The set composition is believed to be the same, although there are different promos for that set.

Expansion sets[]



The Inquest Factor[]

Inquest #9 - January 1996

The Final Frontier
The coolest Star Trek cards you'll never see.
Not enough half-naked green chicks or extraneous personnel who can be sucked dry by salt creatures. That's our biggest complaint about Decipher's Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game. While it's pretty cool and all, it needs more of the hokey stuff that only the original Trek can provide. Since Skybox is working on a game based on the classic TV show ("Where No Game Has Gone Before", Notes & News, Inquest#8), we thought we'd clue them in to the kind of stuff we want to (but probably never) see in Star Trek card games. We think you'll fined that we've captured that special magic that made the TV show so...special. Are you taking notes, Skybox? Here we go!
Worn-Out Premise All Space Roads Lead to Rome
Plot Cliché Red Shirt Syndrome
Hackneyed Dialogue Damn it I'm a Doctor Not a...
Beefcake Shirtless Kirk
Hammy Acting Get Off My Shirt, Mister!
Familiar Scenery Home Court Advantage
Cheesy Camerawork Direct Hit!
Cheap Prop Styrofoam Rock Weapon
Interrupt Commercial Break

Skybox took Notes[]

Skybox took what Inquest stated in their article and used several of the suggestions. They also created several cards based on their "suggested" cards. One of the funniest suggestions that was used was "Shirtless Kirk". This became a promo that was given to Inquest which they distributed to subscribers and at the newsstands in issue #19. What is even funnier is the abilities of the "Shirtless Kirk" cards is nearly identical.

Other suggested cards were changed to suit the game:

Doctor Not a... I'm a Doctor, Not a ...
Cheesy Camerawork - Direct Hit! Direct Hit
Familiar Scenery - Home Court Advantage Oddly Familiar Culture

The other are area Skybox took notes was with the crew card. They created a lot of crew cards. This included using unnamed crewman pictures and giving them names. They also used employees of Paramount Pictures/Viacom and Fleer/Skybox.

Name Employed By Card Name
Steve Domzalski Fleer/Skybox Game Designer & Director of Card Games Lieutenant Steve Domzalski
Ron Perazza Fleer/Skybox Game Designer & Creative Manager Lieutenant Ron Perazza
Lieutenant Karen Greene Fleer/Skybox Employee Yeoman Karen Greene
Cheryl Thomas Paramount/Viacom employee Nurse Cheryl Thomas
Thom Parham Paramount/Viacom Writer for Paramount/Viacom TV shows Lieutenant Thom Parham
Chip Carter Paramount/Viacom Approved comic book scripts between 1995 and 2000 Lieutenant Chip Carter


Cryogenic Chambers Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
Emergency Distress Call Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
He's Dead Jim Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
Organians Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
Phaser Mishap Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
Turbolift Doors Star Trek 30th Anniversary Phase 3 packs.
Ensign Pavel A. Chekov (Varient) Gen-Con 1996(?) and a few other places. This is considered to be the hardest card to find in this set.
Shirtless Kirk Inquest Magazine Issue #19 - Subscription & Newsstand
Arena (W) Wild Star Trek Communicator #109. This was available only to subscribers. A few were available to non-subscribers by request. The second rarest card in the set.
Gorn Captain The "promo" was available in Combo #20, Star Trek Communicator #109, Overstreet' Fan #15, Inquest #17. This card is identical to the card in the set.
Living in the Past Combo Magazine Issue #22

Sell Sheets[]

Sell sheets exist for the Basic/Starter set and for the unproduced Alien Encounters Expansion Set. It is unknown is a sell sheet exists for Starfleet Maneuvers or the German Das Card Game version.

Box and Pack Breakdown[]

Set Description Qty Price/Each Price/Box Pack/Box Total Fixed Common Uncommon Rare VeryRare
Basic Starter Desks 12 Decks/box $8.95 $107.40 65 cards/1 book 8 30 15 8 4
Basic Booster Pack 36 packs/box $2.75 $99.00 15 cards 0 8 4 2 1
SFM Booster Pack 36 packs/box $2.75 $99.00 15 cards 0 8 4 2 1

Set Composition[]

Series Promo Fixed Common Uncommon Rare VeryRare Total
Basic/The Card Game 10/1 9 121 89 59 30 318
Das Card Game 6/4 9 120 89 59 30 317
SFM 0 0 50 39 41 30 161
Alien Encounters 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
  • I may have a couple of cards listed incorrectly for Starfleet Maneuvers

Star Trek das Card Game German Promo Cards and Merchandise[]

Card Title Regular Size Card Information
Medikit (L) - Logik +3 Menschlichkeit instead of +2 found on the regular card: Medikit (L) - Logik
Pers�nliche Herausforderung Text on the bottom of the card has been moved as compared to the regular card: Pers�nliche Herausforderung
Pokerspiele (M) - Mission +3 EP instead of +2 found on the regular card: Pokerspiele (M) - Mission
Card Title Over sized Size Card Information
Biem Mich hoch, Scotty! Larger version of the card
Schutzschilde auf Maximum! Larger version of the card
Gorn Captain Uncertain if this card exists
Merchandise Title Merchandise Information
Bag Full color with image on them
Matches Match book with full color image on them
T-Shirt Star Trek Das Card Game full color image on white T-Shirt
Sticker 10 cm sticker with image of Kirk, Spock and McCoy and name of card set

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