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This article is about the GE Fabbri publication. You may be looking for Star Trek Magazine.

Logo of Star Trek: The Magazine.

Star Trek: The Magazine was a licensed monthly Star Trek magazine published by the American division of GE Fabbri with cover dates of May 1999 to April 2003. Content was split between real-world interviews and in-universe material sourced from the publisher's sister magazine Star Trek: Fact Files. Issues were edited by Ben Robinson. Forty-eight regular issues were published, including 24 in volume 1, 12 in volume 2 and 12 in volume 3, as well as four test issues prior to launch in 1998 and 1999.

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Volume 1 (Issues 1-12)[]

Number Published Real-world features In-universe features Cover
1 May 1999 STTM 1.jpg
2 June 1999 STTM 2.jpg
3 July 1999 STTM 3.jpg
4 August 1999 STTM 4.jpg
5 September 1998 STTM 05.jpg
6 October 1998 STTM 06.jpg
7 November 1998 STTM 07.jpg
8 December 1998 STTM 08.jpg
9 January 2000 STTM 09.jpg
10 February 2000 STTM 10.jpg
11 March 2000 STTM 11.jpg
12 April 2000 STTM 12.jpg

Volume 1 (Issues 13-24)[]

Number Published Real-world features In-universe features Cover
13 May 2000 STTM 13.jpg
14 June 2000 STTM 14.jpg
15 July 2000 STTM 15.jpg
16 August 2000 STTM 16.jpg
17 September 2000 STTM 17.jpg
18 October 2000 STTM 18a.jpg STTM 18b.jpg
19 November 2000 STTM 19.jpg
20 December 2000 STTM 20.jpg
21 January 2001 STTM 21.jpg
22 February 2001 STTM 22.jpg
23 March 2001 STTM 23c1.jpgSTTM 23c2.jpg
24 April 2001 STTM 24.jpg

Volume 2[]

Number Published Real-world features In-universe features Cover
1 May 2001 STTM v2-1c1.jpgSTTM v2-1c2.jpg
2 June 2001 STTM v2-2.jpg

Volume 3[]

Number Published Real-world features In-universe features Cover
5 September 2002
6 October 2002 STTM v3-6.jpg
7 November 2002 STTM v3-7.jpg
8 December 2002 STTM v3-8.jpg
9 January 2003 STTM v3-9.jpg
10 February 2003 STTM v3-10.jpg
11 March 2003 STTM v3-11.jpg
12 April 2003 STTM v3-12.jpg




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