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Star Trek: The Next Generation was the third Star Trek television series to be created, after Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Animated Series.

The show premiered the week of 28 September 1987 and came to a conclusion the week of 23 May 1994. There were 178 episodes produced over seven seasons, making it the longest running Star Trek series to date, and the adventures continued onto the big screen in four motion pictures. There are numerous novels, comics, and games set within and after the series.


TNG chronicled the voyages of the starship Enterprise-D, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on its continuing mission of exploration through the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in the 2360s decade. In that period the Enterprise often found herself in the middle of situations with old enemies (some now friends) such as the Klingons and the Romulans and with new threats including the omnipotent Q, the Ferengi, and a threat that would change Star Trek forever, the Borg.

In 2007, The Next Generation celebrated its 20th Anniversary.


Episodes and movies[]

During its seven-year run, 178 episodes were produced, usually 26 per season (the second season had 22 episodes). After the series ended, four films were created between 1994 and 2002.

The first film, Star Trek Generations was a bridge between The Original Series and The Next Generation. An animated series crossover series was planned in the early 1990s, but canceled in pre-production.

The television series Deep Space Nine and Voyager were spin-offs of the TNG era, and many concepts were carried over into the prequel series Enterprise.

Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and movies
Season 1 "Encounter at Farpoint" • "The Naked Now" • "Code of Honor" • "The Last Outpost" • "Where No One Has Gone Before" • "Lonely Among Us" • "Justice" • "The Battle" • "Hide and Q" • "Haven" • "The Big Goodbye" • "Datalore" • "Angel One" • "11001001" • "Too Short a Season" • "When the Bough Breaks" • "Home Soil" • "Coming of Age" • "Heart of Glory" • "The Arsenal of Freedom" • "Symbiosis" • "Skin of Evil" • "We'll Always Have Paris" • "Conspiracy" • "The Neutral Zone"
Season 2 "The Child" • "Where Silence Has Lease" • "Elementary, Dear Data" • "The Outrageous Okona" • "Loud as a Whisper" • "The Schizoid Man" • "Unnatural Selection" • "A Matter of Honor" • "The Measure of a Man" • "The Dauphin" • "Contagion" • "The Royale" • "Time Squared" • "The Icarus Factor" • "Pen Pals" • "Q Who" • "Samaritan Snare" • "Up the Long Ladder" • "Manhunt" • "The Emissary" • "Peak Performance" • "Shades of Gray"
Season 3 "Evolution" • "The Ensigns of Command" • "The Survivors" • "Who Watches the Watchers?" • "The Bonding" • "Booby Trap" • "The Enemy" • "The Price" • "The Vengeance Factor" • "The Defector" • "The Hunted" • "The High Ground" • "Deja Q" • "A Matter of Perspective" • "Yesterday's Enterprise" • "The Offspring" • "Sins of the Father" • "Allegiance" • "Captain's Holiday" • "Tin Man" • "Hollow Pursuits" • "The Most Toys" • "Sarek" • "Ménage à Troi" • "Transfigurations" • "The Best of Both Worlds"
Season 4 "The Best of Both Worlds" • "Family" • "Brothers" • "Suddenly Human" • "Remember Me" • "Legacy" • "Reunion" • "Future Imperfect" • "Final Mission" • "The Loss" • "Data's Day" • "The Wounded" • "Devil's Due" • "Clues" • "First Contact" • "Galaxy's Child" • "Night Terrors" • "Identity Crisis" • "The Nth Degree" • "Qpid" • "The Drumhead" • "Half a Life" • "The Host" • "The Mind's Eye" • "In Theory" • "Redemption"
Season 5 "Redemption" • "Darmok" • "Ensign Ro" • "Silicon Avatar" • "Disaster" • "The Game" • "Unification" • "A Matter of Time" • "New Ground" • "Hero Worship" • "Violations" • "The Masterpiece Society" • "Conundrum" • "Power Play" • "Ethics" • "The Outcast" • "Cause and Effect" • "The First Duty" • "Cost of Living" • "The Perfect Mate" • "Imaginary Friend" • "I, Borg" • "The Next Phase" • "The Inner Light" • "Time's Arrow"
Season 6 "Time's Arrow" • "Realm of Fear" • "Man of the People" • "Relics" • "Schisms" • "True Q" • "Rascals" • "A Fistful of Datas" • "The Quality of Life" • "Chain of Command" • "Ship in a Bottle" • "Aquiel" • "Face of the Enemy" • "Tapestry" • "Birthright" • "Starship Mine" • "Lessons" • "The Chase" • "Frame of Mind" • "Suspicions" • "Rightful Heir" • "Second Chances" • "Timescape" • "Descent"
Season 7 "Descent" • "Liaisons" • "Interface" • "Gambit" • "Phantasms" • "Dark Page" • "Attached" • "Force of Nature" • "Inheritance" • "Parallels" • "The Pegasus" • "Homeward" • "Sub Rosa" • "Lower Decks" • "Thine Own Self" • "Masks" • "Eye of the Beholder" • "Genesis" • "Journey's End" • "Firstborn" • "Bloodlines" • "Emergence" • "Preemptive Strike" • "All Good Things..."
Movies GenerationsFirst ContactInsurrectionNemesis
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From the very beginning, TNG has had a series of novels within its setting. Pocket Books produced sixty-three number paperbacks, fourteen young adult novels, several hardbacks, unnumbered paperbacks, novelizations, eBooks, as well as a popular so-called "relaunch series" set after Star Trek Nemesis.

Every multi-series anthology has featured at least one short story with a Next Generation setting. The novel series Titan, Stargazer, and to a lesser extent Klingon Empire and New Frontier were direct spin-offs of TNG, with many characters crossing over.

The establishment of TNG elements was the central element of the Star Trek: The Lost Era mini-series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation prose publications
Novelizations Encounter at FarpointUnificationRelicsDescentAll Good Things...GenerationsKlingonFirst ContactInsurrectionNemesis
Numbered novels Ghost ShipThe PeacekeepersThe Children of HamlinSurvivorsStrike ZonePower HungryMasksThe Captains' HonorA Call to DarknessA Rock and a Hard PlaceGulliver's FugitivesDoomsday WorldThe Eyes of the BeholdersExilesFortune's LightContaminationBoogeymenQ-in-LawPerchance to DreamSpartacusChains of CommandImbalanceWar DrumsNightshadeGroundedThe Romulan PrizeGuises of the MindHere There Be DragonsSins of CommissionDebtors' PlanetForeign FoesRequiemBalance of PowerBlaze of GloryThe Romulan StratagemInto the NebulaThe Last StandDragon's HonorRogue SaucerPossessionThe Soldiers of FearInfiltratorA Fury ScornedThe Death of PrincesIntellivoreTo Storm HeavenQ-SpaceQ-ZoneQ-StrikeDyson SphereInfectionVectorsRed SectorQuarantineDouble or NothingThe First VirtueThe Forgotten WarGemworld, Book 1Gemworld, Book 2Tooth and ClawDiplomatic ImplausibilityDead ZoneForever Dark
Unnumbered novels MetamorphosisVendettaReunionImzadiThe Devil's HeartDark MirrorQ-SquaredCrossoverKahlessShip of the LineTriangle: Imzadi IIThe Best and the BrightestPlanet XDujonian's HoardI, QThe ValiantRogueDoors Into ChaosImmortal CoilA Hard RainThe Battle of BetazedDo Comets Dream?Death in WinterResistanceQ & ABefore DishonorGreater Than the SumLosing the PeaceIndistinguishable from MagicCold Equations (The Persistence of MemorySilent WeaponsThe Body Electric) • The Light FantasticTakedownArmageddon's ArrowHeadlong FlightHearts and MindsAvailable LightCollateral DamageShadows Have Offended
The Genesis Wave (123Genesis Force)
Young adult novels Starfleet Academy: Worf's First AdventureLine of FireSurvivalCapture the FlagAtlantis StationMystery of the Missing CrewSecret of the Lizard PeopleStarfallNova CommandLoyaltiesCrossfireBreakawayThe Haunted StarshipDeceptions
eBooks Slings and Arrows (A Sea of TroublesThe Oppressor's WrongThe Insolence of OfficeThat Sleep of DeathA Weary LifeEnterprises of Great Pitch and Moment) • The Stuff of DreamsQ Are Cordially Uninvited
Short story anthology The Sky's the Limit
Star Trek: The Next Generation collected short stories, novellas and short novels
Strange New Worlds I: ("What Went Through Data's Mind 0.68 Seconds Before the Satellite Hit" • "The Naked Truth" • "The First" • "See Spot Run" • "Together Again, for the First Time" • "Civil Disobedience" • "Of Cabbages and Kings") • II: ("I Am Klingon" • "Reciprocity" • "Calculated Risk" • "Gods, Fate, and Fractals" • "I Am Become Death") • III: ("Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Story" • "A Private Victory" • "The Fourth Toast" • "One of Forty-seven" • "A Q to Swear By" • "The Change of Seasons" • "Out of the Box, Thinking") • IV: ("Flight 19" • "The Promise" • "Flash Point" • "Prodigal Son" • "Seeing Forever") • V: ("Bluff" • "The Peacemakers" • "Efflorescence" • "Kristin's Conundrum" • "The Monkey Puzzle Box" • "The Farewell Gift" • "Dementia in D Minor") • VI: ("The Soft Room" • "Protecting Data's Friends" • "The Human Factor" • "Tribble in Paradise") • VII: ("Life's Work" • "Adventures in Jazz and Time" • "Future Shock" • "Full Circle" • "Beginnings" • "Solemn Duty") • 8: ("Morning Bells Are Ringing" • "Passages of Deceit" • "Final Flight") • 9: ("Staying the Course" • "Home Soil" • "Terra Tonight" • "Solace in Bloom") • 10 ("Wired" • "A Dish Served Cold" • "The Very Model") • 2016 ("A Christmas Qarol" • "The Sunwalkers" • "The Seen and Unseen")
The Sky's the Limit "Meet with Triumph and Disaster" • "Acts of Compassion" • "Redshift" • "Among the Clouds" • "Thinking of You" • "Turncoats" • "Ordinary Days" • "'Twould Ring the Bells of Heaven" • "Friends With the Sparrows" • "Suicide Note" • "Four Lights" • "'Til Death" • "On the Spot" • "Trust Yourself When All Men Doubt You"
Misc. short stories "The Captain and the King" • "Last Words" • "Bedside Matters" • "On the Scent of Trouble" • "Life Itself is Reason Enough" • "What Dreams May Come" • "Twilight's Wrath" • "Eleven Hours Out" • "Darkness" • "The Sacred Chalice" • "For Want of a Nail" • "Q and False" • "Quality of Life" • "Broken Oaths" • "Prey" • "Growing Pains" • "Pulaski 2.0" • "The Disavowed" • "Paghabi" • "The Expert" • "Scramble" • "Attempted Break-in"
Misc. novellas & short novels "The Other Side" • "The Worst of Both Worlds" • "Brave New World"
Star Trek: The Next Generation prose omnibuses
Signature Editions: PantheonThe Q ContinuumWorlds in CollisionImzadi ForeverDuty, Honor, RedemptionThe Hand of KahlessSand and Stars


TNG comics have been published since 1988 by a variety of companies. Between 1988 and 1996, DC Comics held the license, where they produced an eighty-issue monthly series, six annuals, eight special issues, and five miniseries.

Marvel Comics was awarded the license in 1996, around the release of Star Trek: First Contact. They produced five special one-shot comics, as well as numerous stories within their Star Trek Unlimited series.

WildStorm Comics produced two graphic novels, four four-part miniseries, and two Star Trek: Special issues.

IDW currently owns the license, and produced The Space Between, a six-part miniseries in 2007. Numerous issues, such as Star Trek: Countdown are set in the post-TNG era and arguably are TNG stories as well.

Star Trek: The Next Generation comics
DC Comics Original mini-series: "... Where No One Has Gone Before!" • "Spirit in the Sky!" • "Q Factor" • "Q's Day" • "Q Affects!" • "Here Today"
Monthly series: "Return to Raimon" • "Murder, Most Foul" • "The Derelict" • "The Hero Factor" • "Serafin's Survivors" • "Shadows in the Garden" • "The Pilot" • "The Battle Within" • "The Pay Off!" • "The Noise of Justice" • "The Impostor" • "Whoever Fights Monsters" • "The Hand of the Assassin!" • "Holiday on Ice" • "Prisoners of the Ferengi" • "I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing" • "The Weapon" • "Forbidden Fruit" • "The Lesson" • The Star LostThe Return of Okona • "Honor Bound!" • "The Rift!" • "Kingdom of the Damned" • "Wet Behind the Ears" • "The Way of the Warrior" • "Devil's Brew" • "The Dogs of War" • "Shore Leave in Shanzibar!" • "Consorting With the Devil!" • "Dirty Work" • "Bridges" • "Bone of Contention" • "Separation Anxiety" • "Second Chances" • "Strange Bedfellows" • "Restoration" • "Childish Things" • "The Maze" • "The Worst of Both Worlds" • "The Belly of the Beast" • "The Armies of the Night" • "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" • "Lifesigns" • "The Rich and the Dead!" • "Reductions & Deductions" • "Hidden Agendas!" • "The Good of the Many" • "Companionship" • "Of Two Minds" • "Bodies of Evidence" • "Children of Chaos" • "Mother of Madness" • "Brothers in Darkness" • "The Victim" • "A Matter of Conscience" • "The Deceivers" • "The Truth Elusive" • "Just Desserts" • "Friends and Other Strangers" • "The Bajoran and the Beast" • "Dreams Die" • "The Last Verse" • War and Madness • "Suspect" • "Gateway" • "The Unconquered" • "Artificiality" • "The Abandoned"
Annuals: "The Gift" • "Thin Ice" • "The Broken Moon" • "A House Divided" • "Brother's Keeper" • "Future Imperfect"
Specials: #1 ("Good Listener" • "A True Son of Kahless" • "Spot's Day") • #2 ("The Choice" • "Cry Vengeance" • "Out of Time") • #3 ("Pandora's Prodigy" • "Old Debts")
Miniseries: The Modala Imperative: ("In Memory Yet Green..." • "Lies and Legends!" • "Prior Claim" • "Game, Set and Match!") • The Landmark Crossover: ("Prophets and Losses" • "The Wormhole Trap!" • "Encounter with... the Othersiders!" • "The Enemy Unseen") • Shadowheart: ("The Lion and the Lamb" • "Dealers in Darkness" • "My Brother's Keeper" • "The Prince of Madness" • Ill Wind
Marvel-Paramount Comics Unlimited: "Directives" • "The Unkindest Cut" • "Sins of the Fathers" • "Inheritance" • "Secret Lives" • "Heart of Darkness" • "An Infinite Jest" • "The Boy" • "A Piece of Reaction"
One-shots: "First Contact" • "Operation Assimilation" • "The Enemy of My Enemy" • "Second Contact"
WildStorm Comics Perchance to Dream: ("To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles" • "By a Sleep to Say We End" • "In the Sleep of Death, What Dreams May Come" • "Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment") • "Embrace the Wolf" • The Killing Shadows ("The Trap" (Part 1) • "The Hunted" • "The Trap" (Part 3) • "The Secret") • Divided We Fall: ("Crossfire" • "No Quarter" • "All Fall Down" • "United We Stand") • Star Trek: Special: ("A Rolling Stone Gathers No Nanoprobes" • "The Legacy of Eleanor Dain") • "The Gorn Crisis" • "Forgiveness"
IDW Publishing The Space Between: ("History Lesson" • "Captain's Pleasure" • "Strategy" • "Light of the Day" • "Space Seeds" • "An Inconvenient Truth") • "The Old Ways" • "Alien Spotlight: Borg" • Intelligence Gathering: ("Valued Intelligence" • "A Matter of Dates" • "Chasing Shadows" • "Matters of the Mind" • "Disgrace") • The Last Generation: ("Do Not Close Your Eyes" • "No Cure For That" • "What Happens Now" • "Inevitability" • "The End of History") • Countdown: (Number OneNumber TwoNumber ThreeNumber Four) • "Alien Spotlight: Q" • Hive: (Issue 1) • Waypoint: ("Puzzles" • "Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror")
Star Trek: The Next Generation comic omnibuses
DC Comics DC Comics: The Modala ImperativeThe Star LostThe Best of Star Trek: The Next GenerationBeginningsTitan Books: The Hero FactorThe Battle WithinMaelstromIDW Publishing: Best of the Borg
WildStorm Comics Enemy Unseen
IDW Publishing The Space BetweenAlien Spotlight, Volume IIntelligence GatheringThe Last GenerationCountdownGhosts

Audio books[]

Twenty-five abridged audiobooks, and one unabridged audiobook have been adapted from TNG novels. One audiobook was adapted from a TNG video game (Star Trek: Borg).

Star Trek: The Next Generation audiobooks
Alien Voices Spock vs. QSpock vs. Q: The Sequel
Adaptations Gulliver's FugitivesContaminationReunionImzadiQ-in-LawRelicsThe Devil's HeartDark MirrorQ-SquaredAll Good Things...Star Trek GenerationsCrossoverKahlessKlingonBorgStar Trek: First ContactShip of the LineTriangle: Imzadi IIStar Trek: InsurrectionI, QThe ValiantThe Genesis Wave, Book 1The Genesis Wave, Book 2The Genesis Wave, Book 3Star Trek NemesisGenesis Force

Video games[]

Thirteen video games have been produced for The Next Generation.

Star Trek: The Next Generation video games
The Transinium ChallengeFuture's PastEchoes from the PastA Final UnityKlingonBorgKlingon Honor GuardStarship CreatorBirth of the FederationHidden EvilConQuest OnlineArmadaAway TeamArmada IIStarfleet Command IIIBridge CommanderElite Force IIConquest


The Next Generation has had a strong presence in Star Trek RPGs. FASA, the first company to produce Star Trek RPG books, produced two manuals set within the TNG era before losing its license (FASA RPG modules: First Year Sourcebook, Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual). When Last Unicorn Games took on the RPG license, they released fifteen manuals within their Next Generation roleplaying game.

The most recent company to publish Star Trek RPGs, Decipher released no exclusively TNG books, instead publishing a series of supplements incorporating elements from the entire Star Trek franchise.

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Reference works[]

TNG material was first used in the 1989 reference work The Worlds of the Federation. The first solely TNG reference work was the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual released in 1991. No new TNG reference work has been published since 1998, although a number of franchise-spanning works have been released.

Pan-franchise works include the Star Trek Chronology, The Star Trek Encyclopedia, Federation Passport, Celebrations, Starship Spotter, The Starfleet Survival Guide, Star Charts and Ships of the Line. TNG content can also be found in Star Trek reference magazines such as the Star Trek Fact Files and Star Trek: The Collector's Edition.

As well as in-universe reference works there have also been a number of behind-the-scenes books detailing the production of the series, starting with Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, published by Pocket Books in 1992. They followed this with Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission and Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies. Books on the whole Star Trek franchise include The Art of Star Trek, Aliens & Artifacts, Star Trek 101 and the guide to Star Trek prose works Voyages of Imagination.

Star Trek: The Next Generation reference works
In-universe Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical ManualUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-D BlueprintsQ's Guide to the Continuum
Real-world Star Trek: The Next Generation CompanionMake-Up FX JournalThe Making of Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing MissionStar Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies

Other media[]

In addition to its RPG, Decipher have also produced the Star Trek Customizable Card Game since 1994, which encompasses the entire Star Trek franchise, including numerous TNG based cards. TNG imagery can also be found in the Ships of the Line calendars.



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