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The crew.

Star Trek: The Next Generation novels.

Novels by Pocket Books


title author(s) published cover
Encounter at Farpoint David Gerrold October 1987 Encounter at Farpoint cover.
Unification Jeri Taylor November 1991 Unification cover.
Relics Michael Jan Friedman November 1992 Relics cover.
Descent Diane Carey October 1993 Descent cover.
All Good Things... Michael Jan Friedman June 1994 All Good Things... cover.
Star Trek: Generations J.M. Dillard December 1994 Star Trek: Generations cover.
Star Trek: First Contact J.M. Dillard December 1996 Star Trek: First Contact cover.
Star Trek: Insurrection J.M. Dillard November 1998 Star Trek: Insurrection cover.
Star Trek: Nemesis J.M. Dillard December 2002 Star Trek: Nemesis cover.

Unnumbered hardcovers and trade paperbacks

title author(s) published cover
Metamorphosis Jean Lorrah March 1990 Metamorphosis cover.
Vendetta Peter David May 1991 Vendetta cover.
Reunion Michael Jan Friedman November 1991 Reunion cover.
Imzadi Peter David August 1992 Imzadi cover.
The Devil's Heart Carmen Carter April 1993 Devil's Heart cover.
Dark Mirror Diane Duane December 1993 Dark Mirror cover.
Q-Squared Peter David July 1994 Q-Squared cover.
Crossover Michael Jan Friedman December 1995 Crossover cover.
Kahless Michael Jan Friedman July 1996 Kahless cover.
Ship of the Line Diane Carey October 1997 Ship of the Line cover.
Triangle: Imzadi II Peter David October 1998 Triangle: Imzadi II cover.
The Best and the Brightest Susan Wright February 1998 The Best and the Brightest cover.
Planet X Michael Jan Friedman 1998 Planet X cover.
I, Q John de Lancie and Peter David 1999 I, Q cover.
The Valiant Michael Jan Friedman April 2000 The Valiant cover.
The Genesis Wave, Book 1 John Vornholt September 2000 The Genesis Wave, Book 1 cover.
The Genesis Wave, Book 2 John Vornholt April 2001 The Genesis Wave, Book 2 cover.
The Genesis Wave, Book 3 John Vornholt January 2002 The Genesis Wave, Book 3 cover.
Genesis Force John Vornholt April 2004 Genesis Force cover.
Imzadi Forever Peter David December 2003 Imzadi Forever cover.
Pantheon Michael Jan Friedman September 2003 Pantheon cover.
The Q Continuum Greg Cox October 2003 The Q Continuum cover.
The Sky's the Limit Edited by Marco Palmieri October 2007 The Sky's the Limit cover.
Klingon Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch 1996 Klingon cover.

Numbered paperbacks

title author(s) published cover
1) Ghost Ship Diane Carey July 1988 Ghost Ship cover.
2) The Peacekeepers Gene DeWeese September 1988 The Peacekeepers cover.
3) The Children of Hamlin Carmen Carter November 1988 The Children of Hamlin cover.
4) Survivors Jean Lorrah January 1989 Survivors cover.
5) Strike Zone Peter David March 1989 Strike Zone cover.
6) Power Hungry Howard Weinstein May 1989 Power Hungry cover.
7) Masks John Vornholt July 1989 Masks cover.
8) The Captains' Honor David Dvorkin and Daniel Dvorkin September 1989 The Captains' Honor cover.
9) A Call to Darkness Michael Jan Friedman November 1989 A Call to Darkness cover.
10) A Rock and a Hard Place Peter David January 1990 A Rock and a Hard Place cover.
11) Gulliver's Fugitives Keith Sharee May 1990 Gulliver's Fugitives cover.
12) Doomsday World Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger July 1990 Doomsday World cover.
13) The Eyes of the Beholders A.C. Crispin September 1990 The Eyes of the Beholders cover.
14) Exiles Howard Weinstein November 1990 Exiles cover.
15) Fortune's Light Michael Jan Friedman January 1991 Fortune's Light cover.
16) Contamination John Vornholt March 1991 Contamination cover.
17) Boogeymen Mel Gilden July 1991 Boogeymen cover.
18) Q-in-Law Peter David October 1991 Q-in-Law cover.
19) Perchance to Dream Howard Weinstein December 1991 Perchance to Dream cover.
20) Spartacus T.L. Mancour February 1992 Spartacus cover.
21) Chains of Command Bill McCay and Eloise Flood April 1992 Chains of Command cover.
22) Imbalance V.E. Mitchell June 1992 Imabalance cover.
23) War Drums John Vornholt September 1992 War Drums cover.
24) Nightshade Laurell K. Hamilton December 1992 Nightshade cover.
25) Grounded David Bischoff March 1993 Grounded cover.
26) The Romulan Prize Simon Hawke May 1993 The Romulan Prize cover.
27) Guises of the Mind Rebecca Neason September 1993 Guises of the Mind cover.
28) Here There Be Dragons John Peel December 1993 Here There Be Dragons cover.
29) Sins of Commission Susan Wright March 1994 Sins of Commission cover.
30) Debtors' Planet W.R. Thompson May 1994 Debtors' Planet cover.
31) Foreign Foes Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur August 1994 Foreign Foes cover.
32) Requiem Michael Jan Friedman and Kevin Ryan October 1994 Reqiuem cover.
33) Balance of Power Dafydd ab Hugh January 1995 Balance of Power cover.
34) Blaze of Glory Simon Hawke March 1995 Blaze of Glory cover.
35) The Romulan Stratagem Robert Greenberger May 1995 The Romulan Stratagem cover.
36) Into the Nebula Gene DeWeese July 1995 Into the Nebula cover.
37) The Last Stand Brad Ferguson October 1995 The Last Stand cover.
38) Dragon's Honor Kij Johnson and Greg Cox January 1996 Dragon's Honor cover.
39) Rogue Saucer John Vornholt March 1996 Rogue Saucer cover.
40) Possession J.M. Dillard and Kathleen O'Malley May 1996 Possession cover.
41) Invasion!:
The Soldiers of Fear
Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch June 1996 The Soldiers of Fear cover.
42) Infiltrator W.R. Thompson September 1996 Infiltrator cover.
43) A Fury Scorned Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski November 1996 A Fury Scorned cover.
44) The Death of Princes John Peel January 1997 The Death of Princes cover.
45) Intellivore Diane Duane April 1997 Intellivore cover.
46) To Storm Heaven Esther Friesner December 1997 To Storm Heaven cover.
47) The Q Continuum:
Greg Cox August 1998 Q-Space cover.
48) The Q Continuum:
Greg Cox August 1998 Q-Zone cover.
49) The Q Continuum:
Greg Cox September 1998 Q-Strike cover.
50) Dyson Sphere Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowski May 1999 Dyson Sphere cover.
51) Double Helix:
John Gregory Betancourt June 1999 Infection cover.
52) Double Helix:
Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch July 1999 Vectors cover.
53) Double Helix:
Red Sector
Diane Carey July 1999 Red Sector cover.
54) Double Helix:
John Vornholt July 1999 Quarantine cover.
55) Double Helix:
Double or Nothing
Peter David August 1999 Double or Nothing cover.
56) Double Helix:
The First Virtue
Michael Jan Friedman and Christie Golden August 1999 The First Virtue cover.
57) The Forgotten War William R. Forstchen September 1999 The Forgotten War cover.
58) Gemworld, Book 1 John Vorholt February 2000 Gemworld, Book 1 cover.
59) Gemworld, Book 2 John Vornholt February 2000 Gemworld, Book 2 cover.
60) Tooth and Claw Doranna Durgin February 2001 Tooth and Claw cover.
61) Diplomatic Implausibility Keith R.A. DeCandido February 2001 Diplomatic Implausibility cover.
62) Maximum Warp:
Dead Zone
Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur March 2001 Dead Zone cover.
63) Maximum Warp:
Forever Dark
Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur March 2001 Forever Dark cover.

Young adult novels

title author(s) published cover
1) Worf's First Adventure Peter David August 1993 Worf's First Adventure cover.
2) Line of Fire Peter David October 1993 Line of Fire cover.
3) Survival Peter David December 1993 Survival cover.
4) Capture the Flag John Vornholt June 1994 Capture the Flag cover.
5) Atlantis Station V.E. Mitchell August 1994 Atlantis Station cover.
6) Mystery of the Missing Crew Michael Jan Friedman February 1995 Mystery of the Missing Crew cover.
7) Secret of the Lizard People Michael Jan Friedman April 1995 Secret of the Lizard People cover.
8) Starfall Brad Strickland and Barbara Strickland October 1995 Starfall cover.
9) Nova Command Brad Strickland and Barbara Strickland December 1995 Nova Command cover.
10) Loyalties Patricia Barnes-Svarney April 1996 Loyalties cover.
11) Crossfire John Vornholt December 1996 Crossfire cover.
12) Breakaway Bobbie JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss April 1997 Breakaway cover.
13) The Haunted Starship Brad Ferguson and Kathi Ferguson December 1997 The Haunted Starship cover.
14) Deceptions Bobbie JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss April 1998 Deceptions cover.

Unnumbered paperbacks

title author(s) published cover
Star Trek: The Captain's Table - Dujonian's Hoard Michael Jan Friedman June 1998 Dujonian's Hoard cover.
Section 31: Rogue Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin June 2001 Section 31: Rogue cover.
Gateways: Doors into Chaos Robert Greenberger September 2001 Doors into Chaos cover.
Immortal Coil Jeffrey Lang February 2002 Immortal Coil cover.
A Hard Rain Dean Wesley Smith March 2002 A Hard Rain cover.
The Battle of Betazed Susan Kearney and Charlotte Douglas April 2002 The Battle of Betazed cover.
Do Comets Dream? S.P. Somtow July 2003 Do Comets Dream? cover.

A Time to... miniseries

title author(s) published cover
A Time to Be Born John Vornholt February 2004 A Time to Be Born cover.
A Time to Die John Vornholt March 2004 A Time to Die cover.
A Time to Sow Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore April 2004 A Time to Sow cover.
A Time to Harvest Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore May 2004 A Time to Harvest cover.
A Time to Love Robert Greenberger June 2004 A Time to Love cover.
A Time to Hate Robert Greenberge July 2004 A Time to Hate cover.
A Time to Kill David Mack August 2004 A Time to Kill cover.
A Time to Heal David Mack September 2004 A Time to Heal cover.
A Time for War, A Time for Peace Keith R.A. DeCandido October 2004 A Time for War, A Time for Peace cover.

Novels set after the series

See also TNG relaunch
title author(s) published cover
Death in Winter Michael Jan Friedman September 2005 Death in Winter cover.
Resistance J.M. Dillard August 2007 Resistance cover.
Q & A Keith R.A. DeCandido October 2007 Q & A cover.
Before Dishonor Peter David November 2007 Before Dishonor cover.
Greater Than the Sum Christopher L. Bennett August 2008 Greater Than the Sum cover.
Losing the Peace William Leisner July 2009 Losing the Peace cover.
Typhon Pact:
Paths of Disharmony
Dayton Ward January 2011 Paths of Disharmony cover.
Indistinguishable from Magic David A. McIntee April 2011 Indistinguishable from Magic cover.
Typhon Pact:
The Struggle Within
Christopher L. Bennett October 2011 The Struggle Within cover.
Cold Equations:
The Persistence of Memory
David Mack October 2012 The Persistence of Memory cover.
Cold Equations:
Silent Weapons
David Mack November 2012 Silent Weapons cover.
Cold Equations:
The Body Electric
David Mack December 2012 The Body Electric cover.
The Stuff of Dreams James Swallow March 2013 Cover image.
The Fall:
The Crimson Shadow
Una McCormack September 2013 Cover image.
The Fall:
Peaceable Kingdoms
Dayton Ward December 2013 Cover image.
The Light Fantastic Jeffrey Lang June 2014 Cover image.
Takedown John Jackson Miller January 2015 Cover image.
Armageddon's Arrow Dayton Ward May 2015 Cover image.


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