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Six Star Trek: The Next Generation annuals were published by DC Comics between 1990 and 1996, as part of the monthly run of comics.


All of the stories are set between 2366 and 2371 and take place aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

The first annual, written by John "Q" de Lancie, was a special story which saw Q take Captain Jean-Luc Picard back and visit his family in Paris, and how a different decision in Picard's could have altered the fate of the entire Federation. Unfortunately, this version of Picard's family was later contradicted by the TNG episode, "Family".


  • DC TNG characters


No. Title Stardate Writer Penciller Inker Published Cover
1 "The Gift" 43738.8 John de Lancie Gordon Purcell Pablo Marcos 1990 TNG Annual 1.jpg
2 "Thin Ice" 44612.3 Michael Jan Friedman Matt Haley Carlos Garzon 1991 TNG Annual 2.jpg
3 "The Broken Moon" 45968.8 Michael Jan Friedman Brandon Peterson Pablo Marcos 1992 TNG Annual 3.jpg
4 "A House Divided" 46759.2 Mike W. Barr Jim Key, Aaron McClellan & Bob Smith Jim Key, Aaron McClellan & Bob Smith 1993 A House Divided.jpg
5 "Brother's Keeper" 47512.3 Howard Weinstein Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith & Charles Barnett Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith & Charles Barnett 1994 Brother's keeper comic.jpg
6 "Future Imperiled" 48015.1 Michael Jan Friedman & Howard Weinstein Ken Save Sam de la Rosa February 1996 Future Imperiled.jpg