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Six Star Trek: The Next Generation annuals were published by DC Comics between 1990 and 1996, as part of the monthly run of comics.

Summary[edit | edit source]

All of the stories are set between 2366 and 2371 and take place aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

The first annual, written by John "Q" de Lancie, was a special story which saw Q take Captain Jean-Luc Picard back and visit his family in Paris, and how a different decision in Picard's could have altered the fate of the entire Federation. Unfortunately, this version of Picard's family was later contradicted by the TNG episode, "Family".

Characters[edit | edit source]

Issues[edit | edit source]

No. Title Stardate Writer Penciller Inker Published Cover
1 "The Gift" 43738.8 John de Lancie Gordon Purcell Pablo Marcos 1990 TNG Annual 1.jpg
2 "Thin Ice" 44612.3 Michael Jan Friedman Matt Haley Carlos Garzon 1991 TNG Annual 2.jpg
3 "The Broken Moon" 45968.8 Michael Jan Friedman Brandon Peterson Pablo Marcos 1992 TNG Annual 3.jpg
4 "A House Divided" 46759.2 Mike W. Barr Jim Key, Aaron McClellan & Bob Smith Jim Key, Aaron McClellan & Bob Smith 1993 A House Divided.jpg
5 "Brother's Keeper" 47512.3 Howard Weinstein Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith & Charles Barnett Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith & Charles Barnett 1994 Brother's keeper comic.jpg
6 "Future Imperiled" 48015.1 Michael Jan Friedman & Howard Weinstein Ken Save Sam de la Rosa February 1996 Future Imperiled.jpg

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