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Star Trek: The Original Series is a revised title for the series Star Trek, which originally aired as a TV series on NBC from 1966 to 1969. The series began the Star Trek franchise and has gone on to have stories in multiple formats: movies, novels, comics, short stories, video games and more.

The sub-title The Original Series is used to distinguish it from its sequel series, and from the larger Star Trek franchise. The sub-title is used on some products, such as DVDs, however novels and comics continue to title TOS publications simply as Star Trek.


Star Trek the TV series, and many of the subsequent stories, chronicled the voyages of the starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk on its Five-year mission of exploration through the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in the late 2260s. The series later spawned a movie-series, which, along with fiction in other formats, continued the adventures of Kirk and his crew through to the end of the 23rd century and onto a new ship; the Enterprise-A.

TOS movie era crew

The TOS primary cast in the 2280s era of the original series movies

Many TOS stories focus on the three figure heads of the Enterprise; Captain James T. Kirk, first officer and science officer Spock and chief medical officer Leonard McCoy. These are commonly accompanied by chief engineer Montgomery Scott, communications officer Nyota Uhura, helmsman Hikaru Sulu and navigator Pavel Chekov. Other prominent Enterprise crewpersons include nurse Christine Chapel and yeoman Janice Rand, navigator Arex Na Eth, and communications officer Shiboline M'Ress, the latter two originating from The Animated Series.

While the majority of TOS stories are based on the voyages of the Enterprise, the series also encompasses the careers of the primary and supporting characters before, after and away from the Enterprise as well as the larger interstellar politics of the era. Other prominent settings for the series include the USS Excelsior, under the command of former Enterprise crewman Hikaru Sulu, and stories set well into the 24th century with the various adventures of the TOS characters in later periods of Star Trek history. Additionally TOS stories encompass the voyages of the Enterprise preceding Kirk's command, under captains Robert April and Christopher Pike.

Alternate reality TOS crew

The new alternate reality TOS crew; Pavel Chekov, James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, and Nyota Uhura, reacting as Spock enters the bridge (out of frame).

In the most recent iteration of the series, in the film Star Trek, the original characters feature in a new timeline, which split from the prime reality in 2233 when the starship Narada traveled back in time; attacking the USS Kelvin on arrival and in the process killing James T. Kirk's father. As a result this timeline develops differently, but eventually does see James T. Kirk and the familiar crew stationed on the USS Enterprise.

See also USS Enterprise personnel, USS Enterprise-A personnel, and USS Enterprise personnel (Kelvin timeline).


Episodes and movies[]

In its original run, seventy-nine episodes of The Original Series were produced before the series was canceled at the end of its third season. The live-action episodes were followed by a twenty-two episode animated series, also called Star Trek, though commonly referred to as Star Trek: The Animated Series. In 2006 the original live-action episodes began to receive a digital face-lift, with the original footage being carefully restored, and the original special effects being replaced with new high definition CGI effects.

Following from the TV series the original cast returned for a series of six feature films set in a period after the original episodes. A seventh TOS movie, the eleventh Star Trek film in total was released in 2009; the new film sees the original characters recast, and set in an alternate timeline earlier than the original tv series.

Star Trek: The Original Series episodes and movies
Season 1 The Cage • "Where No Man Has Gone Before" • "The Corbomite Maneuver" • "Mudd's Women" • "The Enemy Within" • "The Man Trap" • "The Naked Time" • "Charlie X" • "Balance of Terror" • "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" • "Dagger of the Mind" • "Miri" • "The Conscience of the King" • "The Galileo Seven" • "Court Martial" • "The Menagerie" • "Shore Leave" • "The Squire of Gothos" • "Arena" • "The Alternative Factor" • "Tomorrow is Yesterday" • "The Return of the Archons" • "A Taste of Armageddon" • "Space Seed" • "This Side of Paradise" • "The Devil in the Dark" • "Errand of Mercy" • "The City on the Edge of Forever" • "Operation -- Annihilate!"
Season 2 "Catspaw" • "Metamorphosis" • "Friday's Child" • "Who Mourns for Adonais?" • "Amok Time" • "The Doomsday Machine" • "Wolf in the Fold" • "The Changeling" • "The Apple" • "Mirror, Mirror" • "The Deadly Years" • "I, Mudd" • "The Trouble with Tribbles" • "Bread and Circuses" • "Journey to Babel" • "A Private Little War" • "The Gamesters of Triskelion" • "Obsession" • "The Immunity Syndrome" • "A Piece of the Action" • "By Any Other Name" • "Return to Tomorrow" • "Patterns of Force" • "The Ultimate Computer" • "The Omega Glory" • "Assignment: Earth"
Season 3 "Spectre of the Gun" • "Elaan of Troyius" • "The Paradise Syndrome" • "The Enterprise Incident" • "And the Children Shall Lead" • "Spock's Brain" • "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" • "The Empath" • "The Tholian Web" • "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" • "Day of the Dove" • "Plato's Stepchildren" • "Wink of an Eye" • "That Which Survives" • "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" • "Whom Gods Destroy" • "The Mark of Gideon" • "The Lights of Zetar" • "The Cloud Minders" • "The Way to Eden" • "Requiem for Methuselah" • "The Savage Curtain" • "All Our Yesterdays" • "Turnabout Intruder"
TAS "Beyond the Farthest Star" • "Yesteryear" • "One of Our Planets Is Missing" • "The Lorelei Signal" • "More Tribbles, More Troubles" • "The Survivor" • "The Infinite Vulcan" • "The Magicks of Megas-Tu" • "Once Upon a Planet" • "Mudd's Passion" • "The Terratin Incident" • "The Time Trap" • "The Ambergris Element" • "The Slaver Weapon" • "The Eye of the Beholder" • "The Jihad" • "The Pirates of Orion" • "Bem" • "The Practical Joker" • "Albatross" • "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?" • "The Counter-Clock Incident"
Movies The Motion PictureThe Wrath of KhanThe Search for SpockThe Voyage HomeThe Final FrontierThe Undiscovered CountryStar TrekStar Trek Into DarknessStar Trek Beyond


Mission to Horatius

Mission to Horatius, the first original Star Trek prose story, published in 1968

Off the screen the first original Star Trek story was Mission to Horatius published by Whitman Publishing, following Bantam Books' first collection of novelizations, Star Trek, (later re-titled Star Trek 1 after a series of them was being released) adapted by James Blish. Bantam took on the Star Trek license, producing this series of novelization collections by Blish adapting the television episodes, a selection of "Fotonovel" adaptations of episodes, and a series of original novels by a variety of authors, starting with Spock Must Die!, also by James Blish. Bantam produced a total of thirteen volumes (Star Trek 1 through Star Trek 12 plus Mudd's Angels by Blish's wife, J.A. Lawrence, including the first two Mudd stories plus an original Mudd tale), fourteen fotonovels (twelve from the series and one each from The Motion Picture and The Wrath Of Khan), thirteen original novels and two original short story anthologies.

Meanwhile in the 1970s a separate license was awarded to Ballantine Books to produce novelizations of the episodes of The Animated Series, all were adapted by Alan Dean Foster. In 1977 Random House (the parent company of Ballantine) produced four illustrated Star Trek books aimed at a younger audience, two of which were pop-up books.


The novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first Pocket Books Star Trek novel

In 1979, coinciding with the release of the first Star Trek movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Pocket Books took over as the publisher of Star Trek prose. Pocket kicked off their line with a novelization of the movie, which was also number one in their line of numbered novels. Pocket produced novelizations of subsequent movies and continued their numbered novel line on until 2002 with In the Name of Honor at number ninety-seven. As several Star Trek mini-series of novels were starting to be released they gave up the long series of numbered novels and began utilizing straight titles.

In addition to their regular paperback numbered series Pocket produced occasional unnumbered novels in hardcover and larger-sized paperback format, starting in 1986 with Enterprise: The First Adventure. By the time Pocket wound down its numbered series they had begun to publish more stand-alone novels and miniseries in the standard paperback format, as well as shorter prose works published collectively in anthologies.

Amongst the unnumbered novels Pocket has published a series of books by William Shatner, the actor who played James T. Kirk, which bring Kirk back to life in the 24th century, and otherwise explore the life of Kirk. These novels are generally not referenced by other novels to avoid confusion.


Harbinger, the first novel in the TOS-era Vanguard series

Original Series stories have appeared in many of the crossover miniseries Pocket Books have published, including Invasion!, Day of Honor, Double Helix, The Captain's Table, The Badlands, Section 31, Gateways, The Brave and the Bold, Mirror Universe & Myriad Universes,

In 2006 Pocket celebrated the 40th Anniversary of The Original Series with a wide range of publications, including the reprinting of several classic TOS novels, and TOS's first eBook miniseries; Mere Anarchy.

Pocket Books have also created two new series based off of The Original Series; in 2001 the New Earth miniseries served as the jumping-off point for the Star Trek: Challenger which had its own novel and novella the following year as part of the Gateways crossover series (though to date those two stories remain the only publications in the Challenger series). In 2005 Pocket launched a second spin-off series; Star Trek: Vanguard, which chronicles the adventures of the crew of Starbase Vanguard, paralleling the events of The Original Series episodes to expand on history and setting of that era.

Additionally TOS characters play prominent roles in several books in The Lost Era series, which spans the period of time between the TOS and TNG eras. The character of Montgomery Scott has a recurring role in the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers series, including the Foundations miniseries set in the TOS-era, which established the USS Lovell which later appeared in other TOS-era CoE stories, including crossovers with the Vanguard series.

In 2010 Pocket Books also started to publish original stories set in the Kelvin timeline of the movie Star Trek, starting with a young adult novel series, Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek: The Original Series prose publications
Bantam Books novels Spock Must Die!Spock, Messiah!The Price of the PhoenixPlanet of JudgmentVulcan!The Starless WorldTrek to MadworldWorld Without EndThe Fate of the PhoenixDevil WorldPerry's PlanetThe Galactic WhirlpoolDeath's Angel
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Misc. short stories "Though Hell Should Bar the Way" • "Conflicting Natures" • "The Avenger" • "Night Whispers" • "Just Another Little Training Cruise" • "Safe Harbors" • "Ill Winds" • "The Greater Good"
Misc. novellas & short novels "The Business, As Usual, During Altercations" • "The Badlands, Part I" • "One Giant Leap" • "The First Artifact" • "The Sorrows of Empire" • "A Less Perfect Union" • "The Chimes at Midnight"
Star Trek: The Original Series prose omnibuses
Pocket Books OdysseyThe Janus GateWorlds in CollisionDuty, Honor, RedemptionThe Hand of KahlessSand and StarsRihannsu: The Bloodwing VoyagesVulcan's SoulMere Anarchy
Bantam Books Star Trek Logs 1-3Star Trek Logs 4-6Star Trek Logs 7-10
Star Trek Logs Del Ray Books 1993: Star Trek Log One, Log Two, Log ThreeStar Trek Log Four, Log Five, Log SixStar Trek Log Seven, Log Eight, Log NinePocket Books 1995: Star Trek Logs 1-3Star Trek Logs 4-6Star Trek Logs 7-10Del Ray Books 2006:Star Trek Logs One and TwoStar Trek Logs Three and FourStar Trek Logs Five and SixStar Trek Logs Seven and EightStar Trek Logs Nine and Ten


Planet of No Return

The Planet of No Return, the first Star Trek comic

Like prose publications The Original Series comics also began to be published shortly after the series’ debut and have been published by almost every company to obtain the Star Trek comics license since. The first Star Trek comic was The Planet of No Return, published by Gold Key Comics in 1967, Gold Key continued to publish Star Trek comics until 1979, producing sixty-one issues in total.

In the United Kingdom a separate series of Star Trek comics was produced between 1969-1973, presented as a weekly comic strip in the genre magazines Joe 90: Top Secret, TV21, and Valiant. A total of thirty-seven story arcs were released over two-hundred-and-fifty-six issues. An additional eleven one-off stories were published in issues of the Joe 90 annual, Radio Times, TV21 annual, Valiant Super Special, and the Mighty TV Comic Annual.

From 1975 to 1979, Peter Pan Records released a series of Star Trek stories on LPs. Six of these stories were also presented as comic books which accompanied some releases of the records.

In 1979 McDonald's released several short comics in their promotion of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They produced six short strips adapting scenes from the film, and five short strips telling original stories.

In 1980, following the release of The Motion Picture, Marvel Comics launched a new line of comics. Their series ran for eighteen issues over two years.

Also following from the release of The Motion Picture was a series of comic strips published in US newspapers. Over four years the series of over one-thousand-four-hundred separate strips completed twenty different story arcs.

Wormhole Connection

The Wormhole Connection, DC Comics' first Trek-comic

In 1984 the comics license moved again, this time to DC Comics. DC began with an ongoing series which ran for fifty-six issues, three annuals, a special two part Who's Who in Star Trek publication and adaptations of the latest movies, until 1988.

Following a brief pause, DC began a new regular series, which ran eighty issues, six annuals, three specials and several miniseries and one-shot issues until DC finally finished with Star Trek comics in 1995.


Flesh of My Flesh, the first issue of Marvel Comics' Early Voyages series

In 1996 Marvel Comics returned to the Star Trek license. On their second run Marvel produced several distinct series, the first TOS series being Star Trek: Early Voyages, which over seventeen issues chronicled the voyages of the Enterprise under Captain Pike. A five-part miniseries Star Trek: Untold Voyages depicted the voyages of the Enterprise between the films Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and TOS stories also appeared in most issues of the Star Trek: Unlimited series and two one-shots; Fragile Glass and Star TreX.

In 1999 WildStorm Comics took on the Star Trek license. They produced relatively few TOS comics, just two one-shots; All of Me and Enter the Wolves, and a selection of short comics in the anthology Star Trek: Special.

In 2006 TokyoPop published their first book of Star Trek manga. Their first three books made up the Star Trek: The Manga series, which told fourteen stories from the five-year mission era.

In 2007 IDW Publishing picked up the Star Trek license. Initially they chose to concentrate only on TOS and TNG comics, and as such have produced numerous TOS stories. IDW's first TOS miniseries was Klingons: Blood Will Tell, which retold several episodes of TV series from the Klingons' point-of-view. They have gone on to produce several TOS miniseries, exploring both the standard TOS setting in series such as Year Four, and more obscure angles on the series in series such as Assignment: Earth. Elements of TOS have also appeared in crossover miniseries such as Alien Spotlight and Countdown.

In 2009 a short (six-page) comic was published in an issue of Wired magazine. The story, "When Worlds Collide: Spock Confronts the Ultimate Challenge", was a tie-in with the latest Star Trek movie which was to be released shortly after, and was written by the film's writers. The issue of the magazine was edited by the film's director.

Star Trek: The Original Series comics
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Annual stories "Target: Zargot" • "A Bite of the Apple" • "Captives in Space" • "Planet of Rejects" • "Gateway to the Future" • "The Zodian Sacrifice" • "Smoke and Mirrors" • "Planet of the Dead" • "What Is This Thing Called Spock?" • "The Gods Have Come!" • "Rock and a Hard Place"
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Audio books[]

Peter Pan1

The first star Trek record set by Peter Pan Records, featuring three stories

The first Star Trek audio productions were released by Peter Pan Records between 1975 and 1979. The company produced eleven original stories which they released in varying combinations as twenty-three different records, sometime with accompanying comic book versions of the stories (which were made for six of the stories).

Following Pocket Books' holding of the Star Trek prose publication license, Simon and Schuster Audioworks have produced audio adaptations of numerous Star Trek novels. The company has also produced a limited number of original audio productions: Three stories, in the Captain Sulu Adventures series, which feature Sulu as commander of the USS Excelsior; and two released in the Alien Voices series, both featuring debate between Spock, and Q (from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series).

Star Trek: The Original Series audiobooks
Peter Pan Records "Passage to Moauv" • "In Vino Veritas" • "The Crier in Emptiness" • "The Time Stealer" • "To Starve a Fleaver" • "The Logistics of Stampede" • "A Mirror for Futility" • "The Man Who Trained Meteors" • "The Robot Masters" • "Dinosaur Planet" • "The Human Factor"
Captain Sulu Adventures CacophonyEnvoyTransformations
Alien Voices Spock vs. QSpock vs. Q: The Sequel
Adaptations Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeStrangers from the SkyEnterprise: The First AdventureWeb of the RomulansThe Entropy EffectYesterday's SonTime for YesterdayFinal FrontierSpock's WorldStar Trek V: The Final FrontierThe Lost YearsThe Kobayashi MaruPrime DirectiveStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryProbeFaces of FireBest DestinyWindows on a Lost WorldShadows on the SunSarekFederationThe Ashes of EdenThe ReturnAvengerVulcan's ForgeSpectreDark VictoryVulcan's HeartPreserverThe Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2The Last RoundupCaptain's PerilExodusCaptain's BloodCaptain's GloryExilesEpiphanyStar Trek

Video games[]

Strategic Operations Simulator

Strategic Operations Simulator, one of the earliest Star Trek video games

Unlike prose and comic products, video games were not produced as early as the 1960s beginning of TOS as the technology for video games was only in the early stages of development at that time. The first Star Trek video games began to appear in the 1980s, with releases for arcade games and home computers such as the Apple II, Commodore 64 and DOS systems. As computer technology developed TOS video games advanced, two of the major early produces of Trek games were Simon & Schuster Interactive and Interplay, primarily producing games for the PC.

The early 2000s saw the release of relatively few TOS games, as the license holder at the time, Activision, concentrated on games set in later eras of the franchise. Activision dropped their license in 2003, and several companies have since produced TOS games; including TDK, who released the mirror universe centered game Shattered Universe for the Playstation 2 and Xbox consoles; Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd who released two TOS games for mobile and PDA devices; and Bethesda Softworks who made Tactical Assault, for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Most recently TOS games have been released to tie-in with the latest Star Trek movie; several small free games have been distributed using the internet, and D-A-C was released as a downloadable game for X-box 360, Playstation 3 and PC

Elements of TOS have also appeared in a number of multi-series games: Starship Creator included several TOS starship designs and characters; the games Legacy and Encounters both feature stories spanning the entire Star Trek franchise, so include significant proportions based on The Original Series; and the game Star Trek Online, while primary set in the 25th century does include TOS elements through general references and time travel.

Star Trek: The Original Series video games
Strategic Operations SimulatorThe Kobayashi AlternativeThe Promethean ProphecyThe Rebel UniverseFirst Contact25th AnniversaryJudgment RitesStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Command Volume II: Empires at WarNew WorldsKlingon AcademyThe Cold EnemyShattered UniverseThe Birds of PreyTactical AssaultDelta Vega: Meltdown on the Ice PlanetAcademy TrainerCadet Training FacilityD-A-CRace to DestinyThe Mobile GameStar TrekRivalsDark Remnant


The Original Series also has a strong presence in Star Trek RPGs. The first company to produce Star Trek RPG books, Heritage Models, published only the core rulebook Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier and a series of miniatures to support it. A supplement and adventure were released years apart in Different Worlds magazine. FASA published numerous TOS installments though the 1980s, with just two of its later publications focusing on TNG. Eleven adventures were also released in FASA's Stardate and StarDrive magazines.

The tides changed when Last Unicorn Games took on the RPG license, releasing just three TOS books between 1998 and 2000. Decipher released no exclusively TOS books, instead publishing a series of supplements incorporating elements from the entire Star Trek franchise.

Beginning in 2017, the most recent company to publish Star Trek RPGs, Mōdiphiüs Entertainment, focused on the TNG era, but has released a TOS-specific core rulebook and a number of TOS adventures.

Star Trek: The Original Series RPG sourcebooks and adventures
Heritage Models sourcebook Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier
adventure The Slaver Ruins
Tsukuda Hobby sourcebook Enterprise: Role Play Game in Star Trek
adventure The Drifting Ring
FASA sourcebooks The Role Playing Game (Star Fleet Officer's ManualCadet's Orientation SourcebookGame Operations Manual) • The Klingons (The Klingons: Star Fleet Intelligence ManualThe Klingons: Game Operation Manual) • Star Trek II: Starship Combat SimulatorStarship Tactical Combat SimulatorThe Romulans: Starfleet Intelligence ManualThe Romulan Way: Game Operations ManualStar Trek III: Starship Combat GameStar Trek III: Starship UpdateThe TriangleThe Orions: Book of Common KnowledgeThe Orions: Book of Deep KnowledgeThe FederationStar Fleet Intelligence ManualStar Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent's Orientation SourcebookUSS Enterprise Deck PlansKlingon D-7 Deck PlansTrader Captains and Merchant Princes (2nd edition) • Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar TradeShip Construction ManualStar Trek III Sourcebook UpdateThe Four Years WarThe Romulan WarKlingon Intelligence BriefingStar Trek IV Sourcebook UpdateRegula-1 Orbital Station DeckplansShip Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire/Klingon Ship Recognition ManualShip Recognition Manual: The Federation/Federation Ship Recognition ManualShip Recognition Manual: Romulans
adventures Adventure Book (Ghosts of ConscienceAgain, Troublesome TribblesIn the Presence of My Enemies) • The VanishedWitness for the DefenseDenial of DestinyIntrusionThe Natural OrderTermination: 1456Demand of HonorOrion RuseMargin of ProfitThe OutcastsA Matter of PrioritiesA Doomsday Like Any OtherThe Mines of SelkaLost and Presumed DeadThe Triangle CampaignGraduation ExerciseWhere Has All the Glory Gone?Return to AxanarDecision at MidnightAn Imbalance of PowerOld Soldiers Never DieConflict of InterestsThe Dixie GambitThe White Flame Starship Combat Scenario PackThe Strider IncidentStardate Magazine (The Serpent FactorDeneva DeceptionSafari in VioletContinuing the LineOperation ShadowfallThe Barrier of EssaiOrion RisingThe Hottest Blood of AllOperation KingmakerOperation Starling) • StarDrive (Another Piece of the Action)
LUG sourcebooks Core Game BookNarrator's ToolkitThe Andorians: Among the Clans
adventures The Danurian FactorStopping at the Beast
Mōdiphiüs sourcebooks TOS Rules Digest
adventures These are the Voyages: Mission Compendium Vol. 1 (A World With a Bluer Sun) • RemnantsA Forest ApartHard Rock CatastropheStrange New Worlds: Mission Compendium Vol. 2 (Pluto's CaveDrawing Deeply From the WellNo Good Deed) • The BurningThe Keyhole of Eternity

Reference works[]


Star Trek Blueprints, the first Star Trek reference work

The first Star Trek in-universe reference work was Star Trek Blueprints published by Ballantine Books in 1975, following this Ballantine published a handful of other TOS references. Bantam Books also published one Star Trek reference work in 1980, Star Trek Maps. Following these early examples publication of reference books was then taken up by Pocket Books who produced a small number of TOS derived books.

Following the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, and the other subsequent spin-off series, there has only been one purely TOS reference book published, Captain Kirk's Guide to Women, in 2008. The book The Worlds of the Federation was predominantly TOS based content, but does also include information from the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Ships of the Line

Ships of the Line showing off imagery of the TOS-era and beyond

Other reference books tend to be pan-franchise; the Star Trek Chronology and The Star Trek Encyclopedia encompass the entire franchise (at the time of publication). While other reference books find a niches in the Star Trek universe to explore, such as: Q's Guide to the Continuum, The Tribble Handbook, Cookbook, Celebrations, Starship Spotter, The Starfleet Survival Guide, Star Charts and Ships of the Line.

There have also been a number of books detailing and exploring the Klingon language starting with The Klingon Dictionary in 1985, with other books following: The Klingon Way, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler & The Klingon Hamlet.

Beyond prose works another TOS reference work was published by DC Comics in a comic book sized format, illustrated throughout; Who's Who in Star Trek. TOS content can also be found in Star Trek reference magazines such as the Star Trek Fact Files and Star Trek: The Collector's Edition.

As well as in-universe reference works there have also been a number of behind-the-scenes books detailing the production of the series, starting with The Making of Star Trek, published by Ballantine Books in 1968. Pocket Books followed this with The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and a handful of other TOS books, as well as books on the whole Star Trek franchise, such as The Art of Star Trek, Aliens & Artifacts, Star Trek 101 and the guide to Star Trek prose works Voyages of Imagination.

Star Trek: The Original Series reference works
In-universe Star Trek BlueprintsStar Fleet Technical ManualStar Fleet Medical Reference ManualOfficial Star Trek Cooking ManualSpaceflight ChronologyThe Monsters of Star TrekThe Motion Picture BlueprintsStar Trek MapsStar Trek II BiographiesThe Klingon DictionaryWho's Who in Star Trek (Issue 1Issue 2) • Mr. Scott's Guide to the EnterpriseCaptain Kirk's Guide to WomenThe Autobiography of James T. KirkThe Autobiography of Mr. SpockKirk Fu ManualThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701 & 1701-A Illustrated Handbook
Real-world The Making of Star TrekThe World of Star TrekInside Star TrekThe Making of Star Trek: The Motion PictureThe Star Trek CompendiumThe Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanInside Star Trek: The Real StoryStar Trek Phase II: The Lost SeriesStar Trek: The Original Series SketchbookStar Trek: The Art of the FilmStar Trek 365 Designing Starships: The Kelvin TimelineLost ScenesThe Official Guide to The Animated SeriesThe Motion Picture: Inside the Art & Visual EffectsStar Trek: A Celebration

Other media[]

In addition to its RPG, Decipher have also produced the Star Trek Customizable Card Game since 1994, which encompasses the entire Star Trek franchise, including numerous TOS based cards.

TOS imagery can also be found in the Ships of the Line calendars. The 2006 edition of the calendar featured exclusively TOS based imagery as part of the celebrations of the series' 40th anniversary.

As part of the promotional campaign for the 2009 Star Trek movie several websites were created, both by Paramount and by promotional partners with the film. These include Intel's Starfleet Shipyard and Paramount’s Dossiers section on the movie's official website and Experience The Enterprise.


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