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The essential resource for Star Trek narrators

Energize your adventures with this toolkit full of advice, tips and instructions on narrating Star Trek adventures. Creating and controlling adventures in the Star Trek universe becomes easier with the discussions of storytelling and narration found here, along with key charts and tables from the rules in a handy reference screen. Experience the added thrills of creating and directing your very own Star Trek roleplaying adventures.

The Narrator's Toolkit includes:

  • Storytelling fundamentals
  • The art of description
  • The supporting cast
  • Damage control
  • Eight episode design techniques
  • Constructing a series
  • A complete, ready-to-play episode.



Stopping at the Beast characters

James BorleyAngela DeaconIan DeaconKlagethSean Lochard
Referenced only

Other characters

Referenced only
Raymond ChandlerDoroth GaleJogathKollosHarry MuddNomadBela OxmyxRichardsKhan Noonien SinghV'GerYuvar

Starships and vehicles

USS Karl Braun
Referenced only
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class)


Ceti Alpha VDeep Space Station K-3EquilaFederation-Klingon Neutral ZoneGalakor IIGamma Naturalis IIGochoran IVLestiliis PrimeLyricon IVPsi 2000Ral-KavaSigma Iotia IIStarbase 4Vanaris Sector

Races and cultures

AndorianBahn VorthCentauranGornKlingonMedusanOrionTellariteVulcan

Other references

disruptord'k tahgEquilan tukuru flowerKlingon defense probemek'lethOrganian Peace Treatyphaser