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Star Trek: Titan is a book series chronicling the adventures of Captain William T. Riker and the crew of the USS Titan. The series continues from the canonical establishment of Riker's promotion and new command in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

Novels[edit | edit source]

Title Author(s) Published Cover
Taking Wing Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels April 2005 Taking Wing cover
The Red King Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels October 2005 The Red King cover
Orion's Hounds Christopher L. Bennett March 2006 Orion's Hounds cover
Sword of Damocles Geoffrey Thorne November 2007 Sword of Damocles cover
Destiny #1:
Gods of Night
David Mack September 2008 Destiny: Gods of Night cover
Destiny #2:
Mere Mortals
David Mack October 2008 Destiny: Mere Mortals cover
Destiny #3:
Lost Souls
David Mack November 2008 Destiny: Lost Souls cover
Over a Torrent Sea Christopher L. Bennett March 2009 Over A Torrent Sea cover
Synthesis James Swallow November 2009 Synthesis cover
Typhon Pact:
Seize the Fire
Michael A. Martin October 2010 Seize the Fire cover
Fallen Gods Michael A. Martin July 2012 Fallen Gods solicitation cover
The Fall:
The Poisoned Chalice
James Swallow November 2013 The Poisoned Chalice.jpg
Absent Enemies John Jackson Miller February 2014 Absent Enemies.jpg
Sight Unseen James Swallow September 2015 Sight Unseen.jpg
Fortune of War David Mack November 2017 Fortune of War.jpg

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