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Star Trek: Voyager was the fourth live action Star Trek television series created which first aired from 1995 to 2001.


"Voyager" chronicled the voyages of the starship Voyager, with its combined crew of Starfleet and Maquis under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway as she tried to make her way home 70,000 light-years from the far side of the Delta Quadrant. Voyager encountered many friends and foes making first contact with more species than any other federation starship. Voyager also had several encounters with the Borg and even gaining a former Borg Drone as a member of crew three years into the Voyage. Despite the obvious series-long story arc, Voyager was often criticized for having too many "alien of the week" stand-alone episodes and not capitalizing on the fact that Voyager was so far away from home and that the crew would have to put up with a certain lacking in resources or the built-in conflicts of a Maquis/Starfleet crew.

Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant in the final episode of the series, "Endgame." A series of novels (the Voyager "Relaunch") depicts the adventures of the crew after their return to the Federation.



There were 172 episodes produced over seven seasons.

Star Trek: Voyager episodes
Season 1 "Caretaker" • "Parallax" • "Time and Again" • "Phage" • "The Cloud" • "Eye of the Needle" • "Ex Post Facto" • "Emanations" • "Prime Factors" • "State of Flux" • "Heroes and Demons" • "Cathexis" • "Faces" • "Jetrel" • "Learning Curve"
Season 2 "The 37's" • "Initiations" • "Projections" • "Elogium" • "Non Sequitur" • "Twisted" • "Parturition" • "Persistence of Vision" • "Tattoo" • "Cold Fire" • "Maneuvers" • "Resistance" • "Prototype" • "Alliances" • "Threshold" • "Meld" • "Dreadnought" • "Death Wish" • "Lifesigns" • "Investigations" • "Deadlock" • "Innocence" • "The Thaw" • "Tuvix" • "Resolutions" • "Basics"
Season 3 "Basics" • "Flashback" • "The Chute" • "The Swarm" • "False Profits" • "Remember" • "Sacred Ground" • "Future's End" • "Warlord" • "The Q and the Grey" • "Macrocosm" • "Fair Trade" • "Alter Ego" • "Coda" • "Blood Fever" • "Unity" • "Darkling" • "Rise" • "Favorite Son" • "Before and After" • "Real Life" • "Distant Origin" • "Displaced" • "Worst Case Scenario" • "Scorpion"
Season 4 "Scorpion" • "The Gift" • "Day of Honor" • "Nemesis" • "Revulsion" • "The Raven" • "Scientific Method" • "Year of Hell" • "Random Thoughts" • "Concerning Flight" • "Mortal Coil" • "Waking Moments" • "Message in a Bottle" • "Hunters" • "Prey" • "Retrospect" • "The Killing Game" • "Vis à Vis" • "The Omega Directive" • "Unforgettable" • "Living Witness" • "Demon" • "One" • "Hope and Fear"
Season 5 "Night" • "Drone" • "Extreme Risk" • "In the Flesh" • "Once Upon a Time" • "Timeless" • "Infinite Regress" • "Nothing Human" • "Thirty Days" • "Counterpoint" • "Latent Image" • "Bride of Chaotica!" • "Gravity" • "Bliss" • "Dark Frontier" • "The Disease" • "Course: Oblivion" • "The Fight" • "Think Tank" • "Juggernaut" • "Someone to Watch Over Me" • "11:59" • "Relativity" • "Warhead" • "Equinox"
Season 6 "Equinox" • "Survival Instinct" • "Barge of the Dead" • "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" • "Alice" • "Riddles" • "Dragon's Teeth" • "One Small Step" • "The Voyager Conspiracy" • "Pathfinder" • "Fair Haven" • "Blink of an Eye" • "Virtuoso" • "Memorial" • "Tsunkatse" • "Collective" • "Spirit Folk" • "Ashes to Ashes" • "Child's Play" • "Good Shepherd" • "Live Fast and Prosper" • "Muse" • "Fury" • "Life Line" • "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" • "Unimatrix Zero"
Season 7 "Unimatrix Zero" • "Imperfection" • "Drive" • "Repression" • "Critical Care" • "Inside Man" • "Body and Soul" • "Nightingale" • "Flesh and Blood" • "Shattered" • "Lineage" • "Repentance" • "Prophecy" • "The Void" • "Workforce" • "Human Error" • "Q2" • "Author, Author" • "Friendship One" • "Natural Law" • "Homestead" • "Renaissance Man" • "Endgame"


Pocket Books developed a line of Voyager novels during the run of the show, as well as the Voyager relaunch.

Star Trek: Voyager prose publications
Pocket Books numbered novels CaretakerThe EscapeRagnarokViolationsIncident at ArbukThe Murdered SunGhost of a ChanceCybersongThe Final FuryBless the BeastsThe GardenChrysalisThe Black ShoreMaroonedEchoesSeven of NineDeath of a Neutron StarBattle LinesCloak and DaggerGhost DanceShadow of Heaven
Pocket Books unnumbered novels MosaicPathwaysHer Klingon SoulFire ShipShadowCaptain Proton: Defender of the EarthNo Man's LandThe Nanotech WarHomecomingThe Farther ShoreFull CircleUnworthyChildren of the StormThe Eternal TideProtectorsActs of ContritionAtonementA Pocket Full of LiesArchitects of InfinityTo Lose the Earth
String Theory (CohesionFusionEvolution) • Spirit Walk (Old WoundsEnemy of My Enemy)
Young adult novels LifelineThe Chance FactorQuarantine
Novelizations CaretakerFlashbackDay of HonorEquinoxEndgame
Anthology Distant Shores
Star Trek: Voyager collected short stories, novellas and short novels
The Amazing Stories "A Night at Sandrine's" • "When Push Comes to Shove" • "The Space Vortex of Doom"
Distant Shores "Da Capo al Fine" • "Command Code" • "Winds of Change" • "Talent Night" • "Letting Go" • "Closure" • "The Secret Heart of Zolaluz" • "Isabo's Shirt" • "Brief Candle" • "Eighteen Minutes" • "Or the Tiger" • "Bottomless"
Strange New Worlds I ("Good Night, Voyager" • "Ambassador at Large" • "Fiction" • "I, Voyager" • "Monthuglu") • II ("A Ribbon for Rosie" • "Touched" • "Almost... But Not Quite" • "The Healing Arts" • "Seventh Heaven") • III ("The Ones Left Behind" • "The Second Star" • "The Monster Hunters" • "Gift of the Mourners") • IV ("Iridium-7-Tetrahydroxate Crystals Are a Girl's Best Friend" • "Uninvited Admirals" • "Return" • "Black Hats" • "Personal Log" • "Welcome Home" • "Shadows, in the Dark") • V ("Final Entry" • "The Difficulties of Being Evil" • "Restoration" • "On the Rocks" • "Witness" • "Fragment" • "Who Cries for Prometheus?") • VI ("Homemade" • "Seven and Seven" • "The End of Night" • "Hidden" • "Widow's Walk") • VII ("Redux" • "The Little Captain" • "I Have Broken the Prime Directive" • "Don't Cry") • 8 ("Transfiguration" • "This Drone" • "Once Upon a Tribble" • "You May Kiss the Bride" • "Coffee with a Friend") • 9 ("Choices" • "Unconventional Cures" • "Maturation") • 10 ("The Fate of Captain Ransom" • "A Taste of Spam" • "Adjustments" • "The Day the Borg Came") • 2016 ("The Last Refuge" • "Life Among the Post-Industrial Barbarians" • "Upon the Brink of Remembrance")
Misc. short stories "Seduced" • "Bitter Fruit" • "Seven v Seven" • "Retribution" • "Kill Captain Proton!" • "Summer Days Can Last Forever" • "The Kellidian Kidnapping" • "See and Seen"
Misc. novellas & short novels "In the Queue" • "The Mirror-Scaled Serpent" • "Places of Exile"


Malibu Comics was originally slated to produce a series of Voyager comics, but they were bought by Marvel before the series began. Marvel Comics then produced a monthly series alongside other Star Trek titles.

WildStorm Comics produced one mini-series and a series of one-shots based on Voyager. These were later collected in the omnibus Encounters with the Unknown.

Star Trek: Voyager comics
Marvel-Paramount Comics "The Storm" • "Under Ion Skies" • "Repercussions" • "Homeostasis, Part One" • "Homeostasis, The Conclusion" • "Relicquest, Part One" • "Relicquest, Part Two" • "Relicquest, Conclusion" • "Dead Zone" • "Ghosts" • "Leviathan" • "Cloud Walkers" • "Survival of the Fittest, Part One" and "Part Two" • "Splashdown"
WildStorm Comics "False Colors" • "Elite Force" • "Avalon Rising" • Planet KillerStar Trek: Special ("Exercises in Futility")
IDW Publishing "The Wildman Maneuver" • "Mirrors & Smoke" • "Seven's Reckoning"

Other media[]

Voyager has not had any original audiobook productions, but three novels (Caretaker, Mosaic, and Pathways) were adapted into audio form.

Only one video game (Elite Force) has been set within the Voyager series. The sequel to Elite Force had a TNG setting. The USS Voyager appears in franchise-spanning games such as Legacy and Encounters.

Four reference works have been made for Voyager (Delta Quadrant, A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek Cookbook and Star Trek: Voyager Companion).

Decipher has released numerous RPG books, which feature VOY elements, but they are franchise-spanning works. In addition to its RPG, Decipher has also produced the Star Trek Customizable Card Game since 1994, which encompasses the entire Star Trek franchise, including numerous VOY based cards.

VOY imagery can also be found in the Ships of the Line calendars.



  • Commander/Captain Chakotay: Executive Officer/Commanding Officer (2371-onward). Replaced Lieutenant Commander Cavit as Executive Officer in 2371 after his death; later promoted and became Commanding Officer in 2378.
  • Ensign/Lieutenant j.g. Harry Kim: Senior Operations Officer/Senior Tactical Officer/Chief Security Officer (2371-onward). Finally promoted in 2377 after returning from the Delta Quadrant. Replaced Lieutenant Commander Tuvok as Senior Tactical Officer and Chief Security Officer.

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