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Star Trek is an ongoing comic series from IDW Publishing, the second ongoing series from that publisher to simply bear the name "Star Trek". While IDW's first Star Trek series was centered around the TOS cast of the Kelvin timeline, this new series consists of a crossover of characters from across the galaxy, exploring the late 2370s.[1]


  1. Godshock, Part 1 (October 2022)
  2. Godshock, Part 2 (November 2022)
  3. Godshock, Part 3 (January 2023)
  4. Godshock, Part 4 (February 2023)
  5. Godshock, Part 5 (March 2023)
  6. Godshock, Part 6 (April 2023)
  7. The Red Path, Part 1 (April 2023)
  8. The Red Path, Part 2 (May 2023)
  9. The Red Path, Part 3 (June 2023)
  10. The Red Path, Part 4 (July 2023)
  11. Day of Blood, Part 3 (August 2023)
  12. Day of Blood, Part 5 (September 2023)
  13. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 1 (October 2023)
  14. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 2 (November 2023)
  15. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 3 (December 2023)
  16. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 4 (January 2024)
  17. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 5 (February 2024)
  18. A Savage World of Glass and Bone, Part 6 (March 2024)
  19. Pleroma, Part 1 (April 2024)
  20. Pleroma, Part 2 (May 2024)


  1. Godshock
  2. The Red Path
  3. Day of Blood
  4. Glass and Bone



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